Wine,Tobacco,Prozac. Consciousness Raising/Mind Control?

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Wine,Tobacco,Prozac. Consciousness Raising/Mind Control?

Unread post by Caterpillar » Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:15 pm

Article: Ramtha?s School of ?Enlightenment?? Wine, Tobacco & Prozac
Consciousness Raising or Mind Control? By Rick Martin. 7/27/2000

Taken from The Spectrum, Volume 2, Number 3, August 1, 2000 (Pages 1, 17 to 33) ... 080100.PDF (DEAD LINK)

Excellent article on the recent history of RSE.

Copied from Page 18:

?One would think that it doesn?t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the likelihood of a 35,000-year-old Cro-Magnon ghost suddenly
appearing in a Tacoma kitchen to a homemaker to reveal profundities about centers and voids, self-love and guilt-free living, or love and peace, is close to zero. Yet, the will to believe is so strong in many people that even such an obvious absurdity seems reasonable.

?Plus, for many followers, believing in Ramtha ?works?. As one follower put it, ?I watched great changes come over people around me?people who lacked hope came alive again.? The fact is that many people?s lives are so void of meaning and significance that even the ridiculous?if it offers meaning and direction?appears reasonable, if not profound. Their lives are made better, at least for a while, by their newfound beliefs.

?One might say, then, that is would be good to leave the Ramthas of the world alone. After all, they?re helping people, even if they are frauds. As long as they?re not hurting anyone, let them be. Even if they are hurting people, the victims are adults who freely choose to be exploited and abused. Don?t we have the right to be victims if we so choose?

?Sometimes. But sometimes those adults bring their children. Sometimes those adults are not as free as the rest of us. Sometimes a Ramtha takes more than your money. No one should ever forget the reverend Jim Jones and the mass suicide in 1978 of more than 900 cultists in Jonestown, Guyana??

Copied from Pages 22 to 23:

?JZ has had a habit of smoking cigarettes, and sometimes would take breaks during hikes with students who believed that ?Ramtha? was
leading them. One of her business managers testified that he saw her go in and out of the Ramtha personality without the ?trance? exercise she used on stage. This shocked him, and it dawned on him that it was all an incredible act. He left the movement.?

Joe Szimhart was interviewed for this article on Pages 24 to 26.

On Pages 29 to 30, from The Two Paths video, the reasons for red wine and pipe tobacco are explained.

On Page 30, use of Prozac by JZ and students are mentioned.

Copied from Page 30:

?It is a safe statement, journalistically, to say that it is common knowledge among the residents of Yelm, that Prozac use among the students at Ramtha?s School of Enlightenment is significant. It is also common knowledge that there has been a significant increase in pregnancies among those women attending Ramtha?s School.

Is this increase in pregnancies the result of Prozac use? Is it the result of the drunken binge sessions at the School? No one knows for sure. But it certainly is worth mentioning because many lives are affected.

There has, in addition, been a sudden change in the drinking volume at the School. In the Spring of this year, when 500 people did NOT show up for one of the major ?required? events, Ramtha ?suddenly? announced that his followers were to only drink 3 glasses of wine per day and no more. (This after months of sessions with virtually unlimited drinking.)

What about the Prozac connection to all this? Are the alarm bells going off yet for you??

Copied from Page 33:

?There are always clues, signs along the way. Watch for those signs?in this case alcohol, tobacco and Prozac?and they will tell you what you need to know.?

?My only intent with this story is to put forth some observations based upon many hours of research on this subject. This is a story about
people giving their power away into the hands of a guru.?

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Unread post by California Dreamin' » Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:48 pm

Is this increase in pregnancies the result of Prozac use? Is it the result of the drunken binge sessions at the School? No one knows for sure. But it certainly is worth mentioning because many lives are affected.
I remember the early wine drinking ceremonies. People were deliriously drunk and all social rules seemed to be put on hold, as if "what happens at RSE stays in RSE. (wink wink). Those ceremonies were virtually a free for all."

Women and girls who conceived in the bushes at the ceremonies would later proudly show their pregnant bellies and boast that they conceived at a ceremony -- as if they were the ones' chosen by the great ram to bear a child who would carry ramtha's frequency since it was conceived at a sacred event.
This is a story about people giving their power away into the hands of a guru.
Many years later I am still working on getting my power back. Some people might think that I would surely have my life under control so many years after leaving the school in late 2000, but in my experience as soon as I feel my life begin to move forward I take a big swing in the other direction. For me, in addition to the wasted time I dedicated to RSE, I feel I have financially sabotaged my future, and sometimes I even admit that I fear what my future has to bring. I don't want sympathy, i merely WANT MY PERSONAL POWER BACK. I know it's up to me, but I have such mixed messages imbedded in me from RSE.

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Unread post by Caterpillar » Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:46 am

My husband & I were both non-drinkers and non-smokers before RSE. In hindsight, the ?wine & pipe smoking ceremony? is such a red flag. I used to dread those wine ceremonies. It depended on who your partner was and sometimes their behavior got worse as more wine was consumed. It would be helpful to know some self-defense techniques.

The binge drinking taught by JZ as Ramtha seems to continue with many students after they leave the events. It seems to be the theme of many gatherings with RSE friends. I was so na?ve in the first few years when I used to hang out with a bunch of ?enlightened? binge drinkers (from the Truth teaching days), and they used to force me to drink to ?drop the veil? as per Ramtha?s teachings. It was alcoholic poisoning in the name of enlightenment.

Ramtha often made derogatory remarks about people in social consciousness in the Prancing Pony Inn with the infrared beings. I didn?t notice much difference in behavior between the former and students during the wine ceremonies. Same with the drunken behavior of some teachers and staff.

Women that fell pregnant were ?brainwashed? into thinking it was a sacred ceremony (like in the book, Nine Faces of Christ), and probably also asked Ramtha to name their babies. Ramtha has mentioned about the importance of having children so one has a genetic line to come back to. He also praised Ramster families with 3 generations in the school. However, he has said at the light review (with knowledge), one can choose not to reincarnate back here. More contradictions and it?s all crap?

The last wine ceremony I attended was in Dec 2008 but it was quite subdued.

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Unread post by voidgate » Fri Jul 03, 2009 11:01 pm

I would not believe anything Ramtha ever said in the arena. He has lied so many times it is hard to sort out fact from fiction. He has an appalling track record with prophecy. He has contradicted himself times beyond count and number.

Ramtha was the magnet to get people in the door. I presume that is still the case even though the whole show has been debased and abusive in the later years.

Ramtha has filled the wallet of Knight over the years without standing up for the suffering people in his audience. He has never corrected the flaws in Knight's character ever. He has misled the people to their destruction.

The sexually debilitated acts witnessed have nothing to do with enlightenment but everything to do with the destruction of human consciousness into a downward spiral.

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