Ramtha: A Negative ET

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Ramtha: A Negative ET

Unread post by Whatchamacallit » Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:07 pm

Not sure if this is the best place to put this information, but since it directly speaks to CURRENT RSE students as well as those of us who have left, I figured I'd post it here instead of the "Is RSE A Cult" forum. Below is a private email that I received and was asked to share.

Now, this also has "debatable" material within it. The author is an EX-student who believes Ramtha may be a negative alien. Perhaps another word for devil. (my words) In any case, the deeper message, for those who might get their buttons pressed at the inclusion of "alien talk", is that RSE isn't the place to be and students are brainwashed by a dangerous entity. This reminds me of years ago, when a group of students left (in the Jeff Knight era), and they cited the teachings on RAiders From Above and similar teachings, to "prove" their theory (belief) that Ramtha is actually Jehovah. For those of you who were students, (or are), you understand what I'm referring to. This isn't offering an opinion, it's sharing information WITHOUT my opinion, to give another person their voice.

See below...
"I had been a keen student of RSE for many years, but in the halfway I felt that I was going "against evolution" at a school that was supposed to be designed for evolution.
I would like to share a book that contains "incredible information", which supports what I felt at the school, with you.
Some of you shall find many descriptions with which you feel dismayed and at the same time convinced in the content of this book if you are students of RSE for many years
In particular, please make sure to read page 65 to 70 of the attached documents for several times.

According to the documents, Ramtha being an ascend master is totally a lie, and he seems to have practiced tricks to fool others on different planets.
There is a high possibility that he is a negative ET who only thinks of his own benefits, whose action is Service to Self.
Among positive ETs, whose action is Service to Others, he is a famous ultimate imposter.

Right from the start, the name "Ramtha" itself must have been stolen from a god of ancient Hinduism.
To create that level of fictions is an easy job for him.
It is easy for defenseless human beings to believe them.
The profile of the author: Gina Lake, an astrologer


      A talk by Gina Lake on You tube


I have attached some parts of "ET Vision," a book on channeling.

      http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/10 ... &x=18&y=21

First, please read page 65 to 70 of the attached documents at least three times.

Methodology that those with Service to Self (negative ETs) prefer to use are as follows:

To create global conspiracy theories, which are repeatedly told

To suggest protecting oneself instead of encouraging what he/she can do to help others (ex. Create a shelter, secure income, store food and water, etc.)

From this description, it is easy to imagine a scene where there is a contact between a negative ET and human beings at the physical level on the three dimension.
If you are a student of RSE, you will realize, "This is RAMTHA!"

P123~136: In particular on page 133, the author questions whether the story that the USA and Soviet have secret bases on the other side of the moon is reasonable, which is repeatedly told by negative ETs.
This clearly differs from a message that Ramtha repeatedly teaches students.

For your information, a satellite camera for high-vision, which had been developed by Japan recently, successfully captured the other side of the moon on a high-vision film, and it does not show any kind of bases at all.
P17~30: The meanings of Service to Self (negativity/dark power) and Service to Other (positivity/light power))
P142~149: How to distinguish negative ETs and positive ETs!

P151~181: What lies in our future
What negative ETs are afraid the most is for human beings to progress towards solutions by cooperating and sharing constructive ideas for global issues.
As an actual example, there was an incident like this. Ramtha did not recommend students to see an environmental documentary film by a Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio, even though it was shown at a theater in YELM.

"An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore did not contain many solutions.

And He actively shows students documentaries and films by Michael Moore on government conspiracy theories.
By penetrating "conspiracy theories" to people, it amplifies fears, powerlessness, and suspicions toward the government, and those who feel unhappy find some kind of comfort in believing that the world is pervaded with evils.

Ramtha wants people to give up by making them think "everything is a game set by devious ones!"
In regard to the speech on the theme of the environment by Mr. Kennedy, he uses "good celebrities as a cover skillfully."
Ramtha is truly "pretending good skillfully."
His ultimate deceiving tricks make people lose their power by having them isolate and lose connection with each other
He makes people confused by intentionally mix truths and lies.

He does not want people to work on social issues with a sense of obligation and responsibility.
In summary, his characteristics are as follows:
Have no compassion for others.
Make people not have obligations and responsibilities toward the society.
(Make people disregard social issues.)
Make people not cooperate to solve problems.

Make people disregard considerations for others.

(For example, any male-female relationships have positive parts and negative parts, and he skillfully amplifies the negative.
Because the wine ceremony counts on this, it also aims to complexify male-female relationship under the influence of wine.)
Because he has no sense of guilt, he is comfortable in doing anything.
In other words, he does not take responsibility.
An apocalyptic theory for the earth told since 30 years ago (although people could make it in time when working together, no solution is indicated.)
Make people give up that "everything is a game set up" with government conspiracy theories repeatedly told.
Have no constructive idea on solutions for problems.
Present himself skillfully with the use fancy performances and film music.

He is extremely good at acting like a Hollywood star.
Make people confused by intentionally mixing truths and lies for his own benefits.

(It is a technique of an imposter, which makes people believe because it contains some truths.)
Skillfully present good people in the front.
He cannot organize other ETs because he only thinks of his own benefits, which is Service to Self.

In other words, he does not have fellows. And many others.
Moreover, there is no evidence that Ramtha is an ascend master. If there is, it is a deception.
Is JZ Knight an accomplice? Does she not know this at all?
If she is deceived, she still can be helped?
I suggest that you team up to make a victim association and lay an accusation against RSE for fraud.
As we speak, various people are becoming his puppets without knowing (ex. Volunteer translators, staffs, etc.)
And, it is spreading to people all around the world.

Please obtain a copy of this book and check the authenticity of the information by deepening your understanding.
I sincerely pray that many people will be awaken to the truth, including RSE staffs.

I welcome you to forward and reprint this information."

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Re: Ramtha: A Negative ET

Unread post by Alpha » Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:22 am

Whatchamacallit wrote:
Now, this also has "debatable" material within it. The author is an EX-student who believes Ramtha may be a negative alien. "
I am just beginning to get acquainted with the Forums and it posts. I had written a reply to this EX-student, and now I can't seem to find his/her post at this very moment. Fortunately, all what I had written was saved in the buffer. I'll attempt to look for his/her post again.

The root matters.

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Re: Ramtha: A Negative ET

Unread post by seriously » Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:01 am

A negative ET? Uhhhh no. Ramtha is the character played by an old woman named JZ.

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Re: Ramtha: A Negative ET

Unread post by Ockham » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:06 am

Ms. Knight an extraterrestrial being? Even though Ms. Knight comes from the ET-friendly locale of Roswell, New Mexico, personally don't think so. I'd be inclined to describe Judy Knight was a pretty compelling story teller with the gift of gab, and one who doesn't worry about the facts get in the way of a good tale. I think Ramth's star is fading as Judy Knight inevitably becomes an old woman.

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Re: Ramtha: A Negative ET

Unread post by Robair » Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:39 pm

Hello Everyone

Let not water down what JZ is .. JZ is not a Negative ET. She is a Positive Charlatan Rapist of Minds and Souls

I Value Things Not For What They Worth But For What They Represent

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