The Days to Come

The 180 degree change in the teachings from the start of RSE until current times; in the corporation, the teachings and the teacher. Share your experiences.

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The Days to Come

Unread post by ExOmAkad » Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:23 am

I was involved in the Ramtha teachings for a short time in 1988-1989. There was a lot of talk about earth changes and impending doom at the time. I might still have the videos boxed up somewhere, but as I recall the economy should have been long collapsed by now. One of the instructions was that you could buy your freedom with five ounces of gold. I also believe that the coastal waters should have risen by now (like 15 years ago), and many coastal cities should be under water.


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Unread post by Dove » Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:47 pm

Hello ExOmAkad

I am a recent ex-Ramster. For 3 years I was completely convinced that Ramtha was an ascended master channeling through JZ until I attended an event earlier this year and witnessed disturbing irrational behavior from Ramtha

Every time Ramtha appeared we had a wine ceremony, but on several occasions even though I skulled the mandatory glasses of wine, I didn?t get drunk so therefore was viewing Ramtha from a sober perspective. What I observed on a few occasions was so ugly, and contempt was literally oozing from this person towards the audience that I had to keep asking myself ?how could this be an enlightened being?? I looked around the audience wondering if others were thinking the same thing, yet all I saw were drunken, vague dreamy faces ? what a scary observation, it was like looking into the faces of brainwashed zombies, and I realized this had been me for 3 years! :shock:

When I got home I decided it was about time I started doing some overdue research on Ramtha. I was about to make some huge financial decisions based on Ramtha?s predictions of the days to come, so I decided to see what Ramtha had been predicting over the past 30 years and what had actually happened.

I was so shocked to see virtually nothing he/she had predicted had happened, anything that perhaps was a very near hit prediction was trumpeted by RSE as ?look, look Ramtha said this, and wow it?s happened, yet the majority of ridiculous predictions never happened, and RSE conveniently brushed them under the carpet, never to be mentioned again.

Upon viewing the Glen Cunningham interview and researching Ramtha?s previous predictions, watching the Merv Griffin Utube clip, and finding this site, and now recalling what I personally experienced and witnessed in RSE from a balanced perspective, I know without a doubt there never was an enlightened being called Ramtha.

If you would like to share your red flag experiences I and I?m sure other?s would love to hear from you. Thanks for posting. I particularly love reading first hand experiences from ex-Ramsters.


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Changed timelines?

Unread post by Caterpillar » Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:43 am

Hello everyone

I was aware of JZ/Ramtha?s false predictions but I was led to believe that we had focused, sometimes gone into ?lockdown? and changed the timelines as per the ?quantum physics? teachings from JZ/R. I used this teaching to justify the money that was lost in unwise financial decisions made from following God Ramtha?s recommendations and for staying current in RSE for so long.

RSE?s teaching is about focusing and changing the timelines as per the concept of parallel universes. It is a great cop-out excuse from JZ when questioned about her false predictions although there is NO proof of the alternate reality happening simultaneously.

I was also influenced by JZ/R and the marketing director, Greg Simmons that Ramtha is ?genuine? because when JZ/R teaches on the days to come, many students leave the school. They claim the days to come teachings are NOT beneficial to RSE as they have fewer students. Perhaps it is a strategy to eliminate students with any critical thinking that may be disruptive to the group. It would be easier to control a group that would accept JZ/R?s teachings and predictions without any questions.

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Unread post by G2G » Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:30 pm

Dove wrote:Hello ExOmAkad

What I observed on a few occasions was so ugly, and contempt was literally oozing from this person towards the audience that I had to keep asking myself ?how could this be an enlightened being??

I remember hearing "you're so small--you're so afraid--(with contempt): YOUR COMPASSION -- lots more, too. My feeling was the same as yours. How enlightened could this whatever it is be? It wasn't for me. I don't need someone to knock me down because I've already picked myself up many times this life. Then some of the teachers were outright cruel, too. Some school, I thought. It's taken a long time to trust that which "IS" and I know a most important item is to trust myself and the inner voice I trusted for years before I heard of jzrk. The school's ads were very misleading. :roll: :roll: :roll:
"I never really understood religion - it just seemed a good excuse to give" - Ten Years After circa 1972

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