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Reptilians, Greg's memory loss....the Truth!

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:57 am
by As I Recall It
WOW - it's great to see all the new activity on site....things must be heating up again?

DAVID....many thanks to yourself and Glen Cunningham for the wonderful interview, please let Glen know that the interview allowed my wife (an Omakadian) to finally let go of the faint possibility that all of the RSE nonsense was real - well done - no past Ramster could accuse either of you of presenting anything other than an honest interpretation of what RSE was/is all about....I wish I had discovered it earlier.

Our friend Greg...

I don't have an axe to grind with Greg however I thought impeccability was meant to be one of the hallmarks of the teachings and if that is still the case then there needs to be a few reality checks for him to consider
1. his lack of recall of any mention by the Big R of a reptilian alien race is shameful and I will get to that
2. his claim of levitation and that the school is not about 'proving' anything to anyone is laughable - at every event that I ever went to all the 'achievers' were applauded and held up as an example of what can be achieved by those at the school - other than the Big R actually appearing to the masses what better example could there be than the most prized student demonstrate that he can levitate (?), and then some of the 64,000 or more disillusined people who have left the school might reconsider and return to swell Judith's coffers even more?
3. the claim in his book (yes I read it) that he has revisited all of the Big R's past predictions and found that most were true is an astounding claim - most of the big ones just never happened as those of us who attended the old Elohim/Akmenra/Omakad days can attest and many others were simply so vague that anything that happened in Outer West Mongolia could be attributed to the predictions....despite what Greg claims they just didn't happen

But back to the Big R and the reptilians...

Like David, my wife and I were fledgling Omakadians from down under at a time when the members of Elohim and Akmenra seemed 'so advanced' to all of us newbodies - boy we had them on a pedestal - as a consequence of sitting next to Lorranine (Greg's lady at the time) we befriended Greg and Lorraine (well sort of) and visited them at their little cottage just off Bald Hills Road on a couple of occasions....they were gracious and quite friendly.

I agree with Greg that I can't actually recall the Big R ever referring to a lizard race but he most certainly did refer to the reptilians - maybe Greg is simply hiding behind that fact that he wasn't asked the correct question - I.E. reptilians and not lizards

Now this was the time when those of us who were there had the crap scared out of us but revelations about massive underground alien bases; about little greys who were impregnating our women then removing the foetuses and taking the hybrids home, they had big blue almond shaped eyes instead of the normal black ones (some of your children now exist on another planet); about the aliens who feed on us (eat us) and our Governments who consented to the practice; about the Lord God Jehovah sitting out there in space on a craft bigger than our moon waiting to come back and take out his vengeance on us, and on top of all that we now had to contend with these nasty reptilian buggers who wanted to exterminate us due to a failed experiment.

Then just as we were getting used to all that the Big R rolls in one fine morn and tells us to 'wake up' and that we better get ready as...."your Government is about to wage war against a superior entity and all hell is going to break loose, you are going to see many strange things on the serface, so get ready".

The only conclusion is that we must have won that war (?) but how we achieved that without there being any mention in the papers or on TV is a mystery, and how good are we - we couldn't beat the Vietnamese, can't get out of Iraq and can't scare off the Taliban but we can beat the crap out of a superior alien race without anyone noticing....or maybe we blew them away with C & E?

Or maybe it was 'Ramtha's people' who often used to park their massive spacecraft above the arena at certain events to watch our progress - Mirriamoon (spelling ?) I think the craft was called.

Anyway I have digressed - about this time Greg was involved in a little clique of about 5 or 6 'advanced' students of which one was allegedly channelling a reptilian race and transcripts were made and were handed out to those 'in the know' and as we were sitting with Lorraine we got to see them - it was causing quite a stir and there was a lot of excitement in this group about the knowledge they were receiving - whilst I never personally discussed it with Greg or his friends it was his little group that was spreading the infomation and it wasn't long after that the Big R also began referring to the reptilian race.

For our Greg to not to have any recall is very convenient for him and for those in the school who no longer want to admit that all this information was being disgourged by the Big R at that time at what seemed like every second event.

Ah yes....I remember it well and despite what the robed one was telling us, we all lived to survive it!

JZ/R's reptilian/lizard people teachings in court

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:50 pm
by Caterpillar
Hello everyone

I was not in RSE in the early years but I was informed that RSE used to sell books by David Icke and Val Valerian (former student, author of Matrix series) that also promote the ?reptilian? conspiracy.

Here are some articles that mention RSE?s teachings on ?reptilian/lizard people? in a court case involving RSE students in 1990. According to the reporter, JZ/Ramtha revealed about the ?alien invasion? in Nov 1989. Greg Simmons appears to have memory loss when it is convenient.

Don't Belittle Space Aliens, Judge Warns At Theft Trial -- Millionaire Presses Odd Case Of Missing Gold, Sep 6, 1990.

An excerpt:

A millionaire devotee of JZ Knight - the Yelm woman who claims to be in touch with a 35,000-year-old-spirit named Ramtha - has testified she never gave permission to her former companion to sell her gold bars to build an underground shelter.

Yesterday's testimony by Gabrielle Copen came in the stolen-property trial of Peter Westberg. He is accused of stealing several 1-kilogram gold bars, worth an estimated $12,000 each. The two had buried the gold on a farm Copen bought for $1 million in Tenino, Thurston County.

The trial has become a window on the teachings of Ramtha, a warrior spirit.

Defense attorney Michael Martin admits Westberg took the gold. But he insists Copen knew he was using the proceeds to build a shelter in which the two, and other Ramtha followers, could live when the earth is invaded by aliens.

In rulings outside the presence of jurors, U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein has severely limited what lines of inquiry Martin may pursue, saying she doesn't wish to make Copen's beliefs, and those of other government witnesses who follow Ramtha teachings, the subject of ridicule.

The judge said she would not allow Martin to get into details contained a brief describing the expected invasion, the nature of the aliens who are supposed to be half-human and half-lizard, how they plan to arrive, and ?where the spaceship is parked.''

However, Martin was free to question Copen about Ramtha teachings to build the shelters, or ?dig in,'' in case of catastrophe.

Copen admitted she had authorized spending about $63,000 to build such a shelter but bagged the project ?because the secrecy of it was revealed to the press.''

Copen also denied that she ever had direct or indirect messages from Ramtha that Westberg ?had to be in jail'' because he had rejected the teachings or disclosed secret details revealed at Ramtha seminars.

http://community.seattletimes.nwsource. ... ug=1091675

Jury Deadlocks In Favor Of Acquittal In Sale Of Gold, Sep 8, 1990.

An excerpt:

A federal-court jury deadlocked 11-1 in favor of acquittal, in the case of a man accused of stealing six gold bars from his former lover - a wealthy devotee of JZ Knight, the Yelm woman who claims to be in touch with a 35,000 year-old-warrior spirit, Ramtha.

He said jurors didn't necessarily buy Westberg's testimony that he converted the gold to cash for a purpose Copen had agreed to: the construction of secret underground bunkers in which he, Copen and other Ramtha followers could live when reptilian-type creatures invade the Earth. The project was later abandoned when the media and Thurston County officials found out about it.

Westberg and Copen, who lived as husband and wife, moved to a farm in Tenino that Copen purchased for about $1 million. In part, Copen acknowledged, she chose to move there to be close to JZ Knight.

Westberg testified he took the bars, worth about $12,000 each, after a JZKnight/Ramtha seminar last November when it was revealed an invasion was imminent, and only believers with at least two years' provisions would survive.

Westberg testified he started souring on JZKnight/Ramtha after a seminar last November when ?he/she'' (JZ/Ramtha) threatened anyone who disclosed information about the digging-in would ?burn like an ember.''

http://community.seattletimes.nwsource. ... ug=1091977

Couple Marry After Court Battle Over Gold, Jan 25, 1991.

An excerpt:

A wealthy devotee of JZ Knight - the Yelm woman who claims to be in touch with a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit named Ramtha - has married the man she once accused of stealing her gold.

King County records show the couple - Gabriele Copen, 50, and Peter Westberg, 44, who in September traded insults from the witness box in Seattle federal court - tied the knot last month.

Westberg, a native of New Jersey, and Copen, who was born in Switzerland, each has been married before, records show. They were married Dec. 21 by an ordained minister.

http://community.seattletimes.nwsource. ... ug=1262651

V pilot

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:38 pm
by joe sz
You can see the new V pilot here:

great reptilian alien invasion flick remake of 1983 series. very good.


Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:19 am
by Caterpillar
Joe, sounds like ?V? could be a RSE recommended viewing for the ?facts?? :D

When I was in RSE, JZ/R highly recommended students watch the miniseries ?Taken?.

As I Recall It, thank you for the info. My husband was in the ?Akmenra? group and he also recalls Ramtha often teaching about the reptilian/lizard humans. We have a book based on Ramtha?s teachings called ?UFOs and the Nature of Reality ? Understanding Alien Consciousness and Interdimensional Mind? edited by Judi Pope Koteen (1991) and similar RSE teachings in cassette tapes that detail the UFO/ET conspiracy.

In recent years, I ?don?t recall? JZ/R mentioning about the reptilian/lizard humans specifically but she still teaches about the UFO/ET/Jehovah conspiracy and promotes/sells Zecharia Sitchin?s books and similar authors.

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:07 am
by As I Recall It
Hi Caterpiller and Joe sz....many thanks for your responses.

Yes I'm afraid that 'our Greg' is having a lot of very convenient memory losses of late and he clearly can no longer read otherwise he would need to acknowledge that almost all of the big R's early predictions were nothing but nonsense.

An interesting sidelight that never gets mentioned is that of a reputed 70,000 people who have attended the school and donated to Judith's fabulous wealth at least 64,000 have left one reason or another....with a retention rate like that one can only conclude that Judith has a lousy lot of teachers and that of course must include Greg, Judith, and the Big R himself - if they were such brilliant teachers then there wouldn't be any room to accommodate new students.

I note with interest that you said David Icke's books/s were being sold at the school - I attended a small David Icke lecture group in the Land of Oz many years ago and whilst he is a nice enough and likeable chap his stuff is clearly crazy - he is just an ordinary guy with a silly story to tell...I guess that reminds us all of someone called Judith?

That's not really fair - Judith had all of us convinced for quite some time whereas only the lunatic fringe could accept David's stuff.

I have enjoyed reading many of the posts you guys have placed - keep it up - I sense it's all beginning to crumble and Judith knows that and that's the reason behind the most recent attempts to raise money by any means she can and as quickly as she can.

We need more people like Glen Cunningham to step forward and to tell of their experiences around JZ and the Big R and if they did then it will hasten the demise of this charade.

Keep smiling!

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:59 pm
by Another Dimension60
a related but off topic side note to the above court case story - the couple opened a coffee shop called: the Gold Bar in what had been the local bank building- staffed and frequented by Ramsters - it's gone through several transformations and is now the Roadrunner....

Another interesting, to me, side note is that where some folks heard that undergrounds were needed to protect from reptilian aliens, I heard that because of economic/social collapse, people from the cities would be storming the country side looking for food so we must bury food, and then bury ourselves underground.

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:01 pm
by joe sz
V brings up a host of popular concerns if Earth were invaded by an alien force disguised as a friendly advanced race.
Liz Prophet of CUT and other Newage groups in the 60s--70s taught that humans were divided into types that had different types of heart-flame. A true "keeper of the flame" in CUT had to have a "3 fold flame" of love-wisdom-will or something to that effect. CUt taught that many beings [including Pres. Jimmy Carter] had only "2 fold flames" and that they were part of the "robot creation" or "mechanization man." Mark Prophet, early in the days of Summit Lighthouse/CUT taught that African blacks were a result of aliens mating with great apes! This creepy teaching comes from earlier 19th century occultism that interpreted the Bible Genesis reference to Nephilim, or "giants" that were like superhuman creatures that mated with the "daughters of men." M Prophet taught that Nephilim were really space aliens or "gods"--similar to the Kurt van Daniken [sp?] Chariots of the Gods myths.

Blavatsky introduced a popular occult vesion of racism called "root races" in her attempt to outdo Darwin's recently popular Origin of Species and natural selection theory. HPB's idea was that several "root races" could be in varying degrees of incarnation and that the most advnced one [6th or 7th] were coming in or reincarnating now. Guess who counts themselves among the "most advanced"? Answer: Any kooky fringe cult like Indigo kids, CUT, etc.

This kind of racial elitism has its roots in ancient history but more specifically in Newage teachings it stems from Gnosticism. J G Melton tagged RSE as a neo-Gnostic school, if you recall. Gnostics tended to view every living thing in physical embodiment as "light" trapped by an alien God or demiurge. They identified this fallen demiurge with the Old Testament creator or YHWH of the Jews. Gnostics divided people into 3 categories: Pneumatics, psychics and hylics [theses are Greek terms and not to be confused in definition with our modern use of psychic, eg]. Pneumatics are "enlightened" already and are true Gnostics by inheritance. Psychics have enough light to be saved by initiation into the Gnostic cult. Hylics are lost and remain part of the creator God's physical, fallen universe.
The God of the Jews is thus a bad god. This Gnostic feature has contributed to anti-semitism from the start of the Christian religion despite efforts to root it out by combining the New and Old testaments as One Bible in the 4th century.

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:41 pm
by Marie
From what I recall, Cayce also taught that the human race was a "blend" of apes and "our enlightened spirit"....I remember my mother telling me this was in one of his books when I was little, back in the 60s.... something about "our spirits wanted to experience all the senses so we hovered around apes trying to experience what they did in the physical world until we finally "became" human and then alas, forgot from whence we came....sigh.... :lol:

Joe -- I think one thing that "saved" me from ever joining any of new age groups or taking them too seriously is that it all just got too complicated!! Who can follow all that???...

My sister got into rse around 1987 - 88 so this explains perfectly to me her preoccupation at that time with aliens and gray men and government conspiracies. Of course, the conspiracy theories continue... and if it's not the government, it's household products that will kill you and your pets, or common medicines that will render you stupid instead of helping you, I mean, the list GOES ON...

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:57 pm
by Sad Grandfather
Why do people NEED a "teacher" to tell them what to believe? Do they not have a mind of their own? Are they incapable of rational thought?

Does this mean I am one of the few rational people left - - -

OR am I one of the crazy ones?

I guess it all boils down to - define "rational" and define "crazy"!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:27 pm
by joe sz
It is not so much an individual reponsibility to remain rational because no way can any one person no matter how smart he or she envisions the self, can be rational about all things in one lifetime. Its a relational thing and about the quailtiy of the relationships. That begins with the family system and extends into education, universities, and beyond---even to LARSE :lol:

We are only as objective or rational as our information allows us to be and as that information corresponds to objective reality. iow, the better our informational community and sources the more reasonable and rational we can be.

Cult leaders and cults strive to restrict and constrict that informational base with attractive [resonating :roll: ] and dogmatic biases.

recall that Madame Blavatsky called science a "strutting game cock" that would examine and could exclude her "pure knowledge" or gnosis of the occult worlds.

If we believe that an objective reality exists beyond the self or self awareness, then there are systems of thought that strive for that objectivity out there and some great thinkers that can guide us. I have my favorites...

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:58 pm
by Sad Grandfather
joe sz wrote:SG If we believe that an objective reality exists beyond the self or self awareness, ...
Perhaps that is where I come up short. I don't think I actually believe there IS a reality beyond my own self awareness.

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:01 am
by David McCarthy
As I Recall It,

Welcome to EMF,
Just a quick note to say..
Thank you for your encouragement, and all your informative and poignant posts on EMF...:idea:
Glen has finally arrived in the 21st century... he bought himself a computer last week, he can now visit EMF.
I am thinking of recording a collection video interviews with former RSE members dating from the eighties till present day.
This will make public record the corrupt and destructive history of RSE.... spoken from first hand experiences.
If anyone knows of possible candidates for this venture?
please refer them to my contact Email:

with much appreciation to all our EMF posters....


Gods of Eden

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:12 am
by Caterpillar
Ramtha?s history of human origin is summarized in this 2006 CD set:

Ramtha talks about the Gods of Eden 455,000 years ago. It seems that J.Zerox could have got the info from Zecharia Sitchin, and ?Ramtha? does reference his books.

There is an old saying amongst RSE students: From Ramtha?s teachings, one can tell the sort of books JZ has been reading.

This should have been a ?red flag? :idea:

Greg Simmons is SO busted here!!!

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:11 pm
by Caterpillar
Just wondering if anyone attended Alex Collier?s lecture at the ranch in Nov 16, 1996 or follow up lecture in June 7, 1997?

Alex Collier claims to be a contactee with ETs from the constellation of Andromeda and also promotes the ?human-reptilian? conspiracy. JZK was a fan of his conspiracies.

Here is some of Alex Collier?s talk at RSE in Nov, 1996 (19 parts on YouTube). I did not watch all but they could make science fiction movies. There were also comments in YouTube that Alex could have been a stand up comedian. His BS stories were so ludicrous that even he could not keep a straight face. JZ/R seems to have zeroxed some of his stories. Furthermore, Greg Simmons who has a distinctive recognizable voice can be heard making an announcement in Part 19. Greg seems to have ?Liar Liar? syndrome? You may even know some of the students that were asking questions in the Q & A (from Part 14 onwards).

In Part 1, JZ said she was introduced to Alex Collier?s video tape by her friend, Anne Marie. JZ reminded students that Ramtha ?pioneered? the changes of the days to come and predictions. (Liar) Also the blue webs, blue body, different planes and spiritual self. (Liar) The Andromedans know who Ramtha is and call him the ?Commander?. (This reminds me of ?The Psychic Mafia? where other fraudsters in the business cooperate and continue the deception.) (Part 1 with JZK)

Scroll down to an ?off-topic? comment from ?vctrfs? about JZK. Puke?

In Part 2, Alex is a friend of Val Valerian who also attended this talk. ... re=related (Part 2)

In Part 10, Alex discloses about children being ?eaten and taken? by ETs in a deal with our world Governments. ... re=related (Part 10)

In Part 14, Alex lectures on the Draconian Reptilians. ... re=related (Part 14)

In Part 15, implants, alien abduction, the Greys/Govt conspiracy and earth changes are discussed. Alex warns: ?Keep an eye on Prince Charles. Just watch?? ... re=related (Part 15)

In Part 19, an RSE staff member (i.e. GREG SIMMONS!!!) announced that Alex?s newsletters will be available in the bookstore and RSE will post the address for the newsletter. ... re=related (Part 19)

Val Valerian?s transcript of the above lecture by Alex Collier.

The American Gnostic School
A Lecture by Alex Collier
The American Gnostic School, Yelm, Washington
November 16, 1996 3:00 - 7:00 pm
Transcript November 1996, Val Valerian
Audience: 1,300 people

RSE was called ?The American Gnostic School?.

(May 1988)

Extracts from Alex Collier?s Follow up Lecture at the American Gnostic School, June 7, 1997 by Val Valerian

These extracts are taken primarily from the second half of Alex Collier?s lecture, wherein he presents relatively new material not previously discussed in prior lectures. ... acom_9.htm

RSE?s ?The Golden Thread? magazine (June 1997) interviews Alex Collier:

ALEX COLLIER ? Andromedan Contactee

"I know that it is easier not to believe than it is to believe. But in the concept of believing, one creates. And we need to stay focused in the space of always creating because I know how desperately the regressive extra-terrestrial races are trying to stamp out our imagination. Because if that happens, we no longer can create and we eventually would die off. We have not even reached five percent of out own potential and I am trying to share with people how important imagination is, how important it is to have a dream, and how important it is to realize that there is absolutely more to us than we have been told." ... index.html

(I think Alex has a fantastic imagination about his ET friends?)

From Val Valerian?s Leading Edge Journal 1996:

Dec 1996:

2. The Alex Collier Lecture at the American Gnostic School ? Nov 16, 1996: This is one of the most advanced groups Alex Collier has ever addressed ? and the most numerous ? over 1300 people at one of the most advanced learning centers in the world, the American Gnostic School, enjoyed four hours of dialogue. I was fortunate enough to personally attend. On Thanksgiving day I spent 12.5 hours transcribing the material, adding emphasis where indicated, in order to bring this superlative lecture to Leading Edge readers worldwide. I know you will find it rewarding reading.

Alex Collier - On Reptilians

A Leading Edge Interview by Val Valerian

The Draconians and the Paa Tal: ... erview.htm

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:19 pm
by barkwood
I first met Greg at Burklyn in 1979. He was in charge of marketing for the Burklyn Business School. The Firm went onto lose millions of dollars in one fail swoop in the Chicago stock options unbeknown st to the majority of investors. This action killed the school and caused the company to go under. The BBS elite were all former EST folks who took prosperity philosophy to heart. Unfortunately, there were serious breaches in ethical conduct throughout the top ranks. I was neither surprised nor amused to find Greg resurface as part of the RSE. These people have a long history beginning with Werner in victimizing others in the name of spiritual development. The truth is that personal responsibility begins and ends with us. If we are gullible, one might say we got what we deserved. And who is not to say that the karma is justified. This is the logic employed by any spiritualist who takes money in exchange for either "enlightenment" or "alleviation from suffering".

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:29 pm
by Sad Grandfather
I read some of the link above about "The Draconians and the Paa Tal:"

Are there really people who believe that crap?? That stuff makes ramtha look like pure logic!

Required Reading Books

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:06 am
by See&E

J.Zerox indeed used to send out letters this time of year with the required or top books of the year.
The Gods of Eden and all of the many other books by same, were available and sold at the 'annex'. Along with
new age music on the list.

Greg Simmons LIED

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:36 am
by Caterpillar
Hi everyone

Sad Grandfather, ?ramtha may look like pure logic? now in comparison but JZ/Ramtha was promoting all that Reptilian/Lizard people crap then. RSE was into Alex Collier, Val Valerian and other Reptilian promoters. Evidence as per previous posts above.

However, Greg Simmons as the marketing director/spokesperson PRETENDED to forget that the Reptilian/Lizard people were included in RSE?s teachings. The more recent students such as your family may not be aware of these ridiculous past teachings.

Greg Simmons LIED here, in 2008:


Yelm resident David McCarthy, who calls Knight a "spiritual predator," claims he was ensnared in a web of intimidation and mind control at the school while a student there from 1989 to 1996.

"At one point I was running around scared I was going to get eaten by the lizard people," he said.

He said that in the early 1990s, he was "brainwashed" by the school's teachings into believing that the ancient figure Jehovah would return to earth in a spaceship, accompanied by a reptilian entourage.

The "lizard people" were said to feast on human prey who did not fall under Ramtha's protection, he said.

"A lot of people deny that these things happened," McCarthy said, noting that the most esoteric Ramtha pronouncements were only revealed to a small inner circle.

"They say these are sacred teachings and that you (outsiders) wouldn't understand."

School spokesman Greg Simmons said the school's teachings included no reference to "lizard people."

"I don't recall that ever coming up," Simmons said.

The longer one stays in RSE, the more obvious the discrepancies in the teachings as JZ zeroxes from different sources that contradict each other.

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:29 pm
by Sad Grandfather
Thanks for the info. Things get wierder all the time. The last I he4ard from my daughter was a brief call on Thanksgiving day.

In a sense, it was good that it was short, so I was able not to say something that would have gotten me called "ignorant" and precipitated an argument.

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:38 pm
by California Dreamin'
School spokesman Greg Simmons said the school's teachings included no reference to "lizard people."
"I don't recall that ever coming up," Simmons said.

To the best of my recollection, Ramtha never actually used the phrase "lizard people," it was the RSE students who gave them that label. Ramtha always referred to them as "Reptillians," so Greg Simmons was able to mis-state the truth/lie based on a technicality.

"lizard people Reptilians"

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:23 pm
by David McCarthy
To the best of my recollection, Ramtha never actually used the phrase "lizard people," it was the RSE students who gave them that label. Ramtha always referred to them as "Reptilians," so Greg Simmons was able to mis-state the truth/lie based on a technicality.
This is true California Dreaming, I have heard this form of "defense" from RSE supporters.
The fact remains ...
Greg Simmons is on record at our LARSE meeting held at the Yelm Middle School" stating.....
"I don?t recall that ever coming up," in response when I questioned him directly regarding "Ramtha's" teaching (circa RSE 1990-91) claiming that a UFO reptilian army led by Jehovah was on its way to invade Earth and enslave mankind...:oops:
RSE supporters will often play the semantics card to avoid the truth in order to keep their "Ramtha/RSE" delusion intact.
But in Greg's case he is a liar...It is as "barkwood" posted....
These people have a long history beginning with Werner in victimizing others in the name of spiritual development.
I believe Greg is a professional conman who found his calling in Judith's RSE "spiritual development" corporation :cry: .

Welcome to EMF "barkwood"
thank you for posting.