Discrepancies and redflags

The 180 degree change in the teachings from the start of RSE until current times; in the corporation, the teachings and the teacher. Share your experiences.

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Discrepancies and redflags

Unread post by Justtruth » Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:11 am

At the first Estes Park, Ramtha told us JZ did NOT want us to move to Yelm, hmmmmm

Yucca Valley, Ramtha told us that the lord God of your being would never tell you to sue anyone, hmmmmm

Yucca Valley, Ramtha told us a beautiful story and a year later I read the book it came from, not sure of the exact title but it was from Taylor Caldwell something like In the Dark Night of the Soul, Bright Flows the river of God, the story he told was almost word for word

I heard the tape where JZ channeled Jesus, I think it was called Jesus Speaks, I read here she says she did not do it

At first it was a great thing to draw your soul mate and later he said if you want your soul mate, you are in your image, instead you should be drawing a person that is your magnetized seed of love, that was after Jeff, when Alt came into the picture, hmmmm

Why would we be taught that God is all loving and does not judge us, but we have a master teacher that threatens ''TO BRING YOU DOWN'', plus cannot remember which streaming, but I heard him say, '' YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF ME''

In the 80's Beautiful teachings on what words and cuss words mean and he told us NEVER to damn God, which I have heard him do plus his favorite F........ you

Yucca Valley, barbarian feast, we got crazy, danced on the ceiling of the cafeteria ( Lionel Richie was signing that song) we got drunk and have food fights, he gave a beautiful teaching the next morning about respect, etc..................WHERE IS THE RESPECT IN ALL THE SNOT AND SPITTING

How many times did we hear THIS IS THE LAST BEGINNERS RETREAT?????????????????????

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Re: Discrepancies and redflags

Unread post by Another Dimension60 » Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:03 pm

welcome justtruth - sounds like you experienced the jzk inc ramtha phenomena in the early/mid 80s. All the 'teachings' changed 180 degrees in '88/'89 with the explanation by ramtha = "I lied". two of the, (of many) such discrepancies - in the Dialogue days we were warned re belonging to 'groups' of any kind - 'cause that meant being hooked into a limiting 'group consciousness' - then, in '88, 'groups' were formed;;;; and, we were repeatedly warned/told/advised that 'disciplines' were ridiculous and unnecessary - 'cause all they did was teach 'discipline' and had nothing to do with enlightenment --- remember that?
The most significant 180 degree change - pre '88 ramtha was all about "the power OF" presented as greater than what it later became about -"the power OVER", as in mind over matter.

I'm also impressed that you recognized the Taylor Caldwell source -do you remember the story she told?. The term 'gray men' and the corporate political control stuff also comes directly from Caldwell.

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Re: Discrepancies and redflags

Unread post by Justtruth » Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:46 pm

http://www.amazon.com/Bright-Flows-Rive ... 89&sr=1-23

That is the book, it was alot about the dark night of the soul

He told the entire book, including the fact they do not want to have a cure for cancer because it is a money maker

Really great read

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Re: Discrepancies and redflags

Unread post by Vanilla » Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:29 am

Just truth. WOW I read your post and I feel you. I feel the truth coming out that you heard something beautiful then found out it was plagiarized. How shocking to the system it is to find out you have been fooled, after thinking you found a miracle.

Jz is just a human. Copying things that sound wise and enlightening from other books. Fooling people. Thinking she is helping them but she is really hurting people en masse. Stunting them. And lying and charging them for it.

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Re: Discrepancies and redflags

Unread post by FreeNow » Sat May 03, 2014 6:11 pm

An alcohol poisoned brain is what it sounds like. I have a sister who had drank for 30 years. She can't remember anything anymore. She has dementia from drinking .
Keep the greater good at heart.

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