It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

The 180 degree change in the teachings from the start of RSE until current times; in the corporation, the teachings and the teacher. Share your experiences.

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It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by Maroni » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:07 am

I only found hits site yesterday, and I have not been able to think about much else since then; even dreamed about this stuff last night. This post is about my thoughts on Ramthas teachings and how I tried to verify things, but wasn’t able to find hard evidence. If you feel that it fits better in some other category, please feel free to move it.

About me: I am a middle European woman and have read Ramtha (and heard most of the audiobooks) for 15 years. I had found a Ramtha book on the flee market by chance when I was about 16 and I bought it, because it struck me funny that it said “This book is for you” on the first page. Naturally, my native language is not English, but I think the translations are quite good, especially since I have read a lot of Ramtha’s teachings in both languages.

I never went to RSE, and I can explain that with the facts that 1) I did not have much money to go there when I was a student and therefore never seriously thought about it; 2) read the White Book first and Ramtha says there that you don’t need any special discipline, and I was opposed to the idea to engage in copyrighted techniques; 3) the marketing of all that stuff repelled me (you know, I am European, and we are not so much about copyrighting everything and flashy marketing stuff); 4) I have a problem with being among “flowery spiritual people” who don’t apply logic to their lives and have a dreamy look on their face – I am NOT saying that RSE people are like that, but I know a bunch of other esoteric people and they mostly are, so I was not sure if I would have been comfortable; 5) I have been part of a “cult” before, which was not labeled as such and I hated the experience to have other people making decisions for me and treating me in a way I did not like and paying money for it, supposedly for my own good (that’s another story, but easy enough for me to get out because I left before I got into that “inner circle”); and 6), possibly most important, it did not feel right.

I never researched much of it on the internet – until yesterday, when I had finished some audiobooks of Ramtha that were so weak and inconsistent I got interested in other’s ideas of the truth. As of Ramtha’s teachings, I cannot at this point judge what is exactly true and what is not. However, what struck me odd is:

a. Ramtha’s/JZ’s focus on the US. Especially in the audiobooks, it is presented like the “promised land”, and other parts of the world are either neglected or just mentioned briefly (somehow as if they would be Lemurians :roll: – not worth talking about). This is a behavior that is classic for US Americans, but WHY on earth would a spiritual being engage in national pride in a nation he was not not even born in 35,000 years ago? Might be that this mindset was so natural to JZ that she never thought about it.

b. The predictions. As many of you have pointed out, so far nothing has really happened that was an exact prediction of Ramtha. More as “something bad will happen somewhere sometime soon and you will see it is a runner”.

c. Europe’s place in the preditions. Naturally, since I live in middle Europe, and have bought a plot and built a house there (all because of my intuition, it was opposed to Ramtha’s ideas, but then again Ramtha has been wrong many many times, and I have so say I have never made a decision in my live based on intuition and then regretted it). So I am adverse to the idea to have it turn into “a land of the ice” ;-), as Ramtha predicted in Change – The Days That Are Here. I took a worldmap and looked at it, and could not find a way how the US would not be adversely affected by a supposed shifting of the pole if the position of the continents remained stable. And even without the golf influence, we would have a climate like Mongolia, which surely cannot be called “land of ice”. I reckon this is part of (a), where the US is most important and Europe can take the bad stuff, no one cares ;-) .

d. Ramtha’s teaching style in some audiobooks. I started to skip chapter one on those, because it usually contained a prayer done in robot-like manner, the audience had to repeat obiediently some things that Ramtha said. I got embarrassed just listening to it. Why would an enlightened being do that? Those people chanting the prayer – they did not sound like masters or individuals, more like sheep.

e. The quality of the material. While the first books I read were consistent, more and more audiobooks were released, always missing maps or drawing Ramtha was referring to. Seemed like a good money-making strategy, just record something and get EUR 20 – EUR 30 for each CD (wow, what margins!). No paper, no proof-reading, nothing. Moreover, less content each time. For some of these books, I could sum up the contents in two sentences.

f. What I only found out lately, but was disturbing nevertheless: JZ’s appearance. I was shocked to read about her cosmetic surgery and many divorces, big mansion, expensive cars: Materialism par excellence.

So I feel sad that obviously there is no Ramtha now, and it is not known if there was one to begin with. However, I would say it does not mean that the teachings are all incorrect, especially if they are combined from different other sources and religions. Still, what JZ seems to do is deceiving and it hurts. Though I am glad that Ramtha’s teachings as can be found in the books obviously don’t work for others as well (it’s not me who is stupid :mrgreen: ), and I feel some kind of relief to think more freely and for myself again now (that’s a bad sign, really, I did not realize before how much I was relying on Ramtha). And most of all, I am happy that my house, family and friends will not turn into a land of ice :shock: . THAT is good news :D .

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by joe sz » Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:05 pm

welcome maroni.

Good apple juice with too much arsenic in it is still bad for you.

glad to hear that your 'monkey mind' is working well. You figured Ramtha out before severe damage was done to your life :!:

I continue to monkey around with esoteric teachings, taking them apart to see what makes them tick, or not.
The Monkey King is a famous fable in Chinese culture as Sun Wukong [Hanuman in Hinduism]. Monkey has a habit of toying with the fickle gods in 'heaven' and pissing them off.
I read the Monkey King story to my eldest daughter hundreds of times when she was pre-school

joe sz

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by Ockham » Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:07 pm

Hello and thank you Maroni,

Thanks for the excellent article. You've done a great job at summarizing the shortcomings of the RSE program.

I agree that it JZ Knight's curriculum is very US-centric. I live in the United States, and I even found it off putting that there is a lot of accidental, if not intentional, nationalism centered on the US in the RSE material. I can only imagine if that fact sticks out for me, it must really be obvious to anybody in the rest of the world. I'm glad you brought the point up, because I've mentioned it a few times in things I've posted, but never focused on it. That a huge red warning flag: truly transcendent philosophy should be universal for all souls regardless of place and time.

Indeed, the printed matter, audio recordings and video marketed by RSE are very short on substantive information. I really dislike having to wade through all the filler. The grammar is awful, full of unnecessary words. Why would a transcendental being waste time and write poorly? Of course the filler and tortuous grammar are there to keep the readers hooked, thinking they must be somehow unenlightened because they aren't getting the message that RSE says is there. It fuels the need to come back to RSE for more material and training in hopes that the instruction will gel into something coherent. The teaching never gels because RSE needs its devotees to continuously bring in more money to fuel to opulent lifestyles of its financial stake holders. The original books: Love Yourself Into Life, Ramtha (now known as the white book), and several of the Ramtha Intensive series were in whole or largely written by Steven L. Weinberg, and thus the modern , 'Ramtha,' character's personality was born, condensed out of Weinberg's imagination. Love Yourself Into Life is hard to find in print, but may be found as a free downloadable PDF file with a little Internet searching.

The disaster planning, underground shelters, food storage and needing to build a certain distance above sea level seem like very worldly physical non spiritual considerations. It seems to me the focus should be on becoming transcendent and not to need the physical. To me, this point is the greatest shortcoming of the RSE curriculum. Far too much effort is centered on trying to hang on to what would probably be at best an extremely difficult existence on a post apocalyptic planet. It seems that teaching is focusing on the wrong thing and more effort should go to making spirit thoroughly independent of the physical. 'Ramtha,' had originally said it would be a ten year school and the masters were essentially all already chosen. It seems all too obvious that the money was too free flowing to stop after only ten years and a limited number of devotees.

JZ Knight's appearance is a huge give-away that everlasting youthfulness is unobtainable. It does not take long to see that Knight has had a lot of cosmetic surgery. Knight as much as said that the money she made with RSE bought her physical appearance. The cosmetic surgery has not completely concealed the fact that Knight's abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs has been tough on her body.

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by Robair » Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:00 pm

Hello Everyone

Hello Maroni Welcome

Yes RSE is US Driven, Perhaps it is because the Buffoon Speak English only

Ockham I am sorry to do that to you, but the School was to be a 7 years affair not 10.

I wish I could write like you do

I Value Things Not For What They Worth But For What They Represent

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by ex » Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:36 pm

hi maroni. everything you pointed out is right to the point. one point i might add is that ramtha is a turncoat and clearly favors jzs situation. i too assumed that a 35000 year enlightened 'now it all' should be more consistent. very admirable to find this out from rse published materials. i guess they get more desperate in making money and jz can't keep up with the quality. my explanation for the making 'two sentence sentence' for several hours teachings is that the whole purpose of her speeches is to manipulate [or hypnotize]. ramtha has proofen very often to have no understanding of a asian or european culture which is typical for average americans. the main difference of the climate in europe and america: the north south and east west mountains are not clear to jzr either.

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by Maroni » Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:41 pm

joe sz,

you are right, I think there is no serious damage done to my life. If there is a lesson here, I think it is that you should not trust anyone blindly, especially when they charge you money in exchange for information. I am not sure, didn’t Ramtha/JZ say in one of the books that you should not follow a teacher that wants to charge you? I will have to look that up at some point.

I am grateful for not having experienced what some of you did at Yelm, but as I said I have had my share of experiences with a cult, and I can absolutely relate to the feeling of being lost, not being in control, and that your sudden dependence on others is not treated with the care it deserves. Care YOU deserve. Talk about pride. And the answer to the question “What can this teacher do that I can’t?” is answered with “He has powers and abilities you cannot see or comprehend”. Mmmmhm. :shock:

As a result, there is no way I would ever give anyone the right to treat me in a way I don’t want them to. I’d say it leaves some kind of fire behind … a rage that can break out quite strongly. Such experiences leave marks.

I have read a lot of esoteric teachings, but try to avoid the superficial ones (from people who know less than me, that is ;-) ). Do you have any recommendation what you find interesting or thought-provoking? I’d love to hear it. E.g. one source I find quite credible is Franz Bardon.


I agree, scanning the audio recordings and books for substantial information was tedious at times. And yes, the focus on how to deal with a possible disaster was way too strong. I got gloomy listening to some of those teachings. That’s not what they are supposed to do, I’d say.

I own “Love Yourself into Life” in a translated version. I remember I liked it, but don’t recall the content. This forum opened my mind to the fact that there was a change in the teachings, and that his is the main reason for the inconsistencies. So if there is truth to be found there, it should be in the old books.

A little off-topic: I would like to believe that the body can live for a longer time than our average 70-100 years. But how to get there is a mystery to me – one I would love to solve :D.

However, I don’t get it why JZ needs more money, she has everything material, doesn’t she?

Robair and ex,

Thank you for the warm welcome.

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by Ockham » Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:58 pm

Thank you Robair for making the correction that originally, 'Ramtha's,' school was supposed to only last seven years.

Interestingly, JZ Knight was tried the spiritual channeling business three times, and it is only the third try with, 'Ramttha,' that has gained substantial popularity. Knight's first channeling was Jesus 'Yeshua Ben Joseph'. The Jesus channeling has been downplayed, but evidence of it still exists on the RSE web site: There are a lot of charismatic Christian leaders around, so Knight would have really had to stand out to get market attention.

The next to be channeled was, 'Charles,' a being who gave out advice to wealthy investors in Knight's horse business. 'Charles,' apparently did not actually know much about race horses and the Knight's horse business turned out to be a financial disaster for the investors when Knight's horses brought very low prices at auction. Here is a 2009 conversation Arabian horse owners were having about Knight. ... 24027.html

The third attempt was, 'Ramtha.' The latter really sparked a lot public curiosity and many seekers on enlightenment piled on in the mid 1980s when well known celebrities such as Linda Evans and Shirley MacLaine associated with Knight.

I think Joe Sz's 1998 critique of Gordon Melton's book, Finding Enlightenment, is a great place to start:

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by ex » Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:09 pm

hi okham. as i understood it: its not one after the other. ramtha always was her main gig. charls and jesus were kind of side jobs during her main channeling. there is a report that she channeled in her teenage years at a sleepover someone [forgot this name]. charls did play into her horse business & jesus is definitely not to copywrite.

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by ex » Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:19 pm

the segment of the board is hilarious. thanks

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by Kelku » Mon May 21, 2012 7:37 am

A warm welcome to you, Maroni,

glad you got it without greater damage to be done to your life. :-)

As a European I agree with your description of the differences in culture that makes it harder to swallow RSE marketing strategies.
I spent some time telling some teachers that the marketing they put out for Europe is not meeting the aim. Today I am glad, noone listened. 8)

About the audioteachings .... spending sometimes weeks to translate one, just to find that I cannot even summarize it in a meaningful way.
It was astounding to me when a new CD was released how people told me how much they gained from it ... just me, having worked on the thing for weeks failed to even remember what it was about.
I figured that the given titles of the teachings also suggest to people what they are supposed to hear ... maybe it's more like an order for the brain to look for meaning in the proposed direction of the title. A trick to make people hear what is desired because rarely the promised 'revelation' is really part of the content.

About how long the school is supposed to last the most consistent information I heard is 7 years, but I also heard the '10 years school'-version... (also one time 3 years, I guess)... oups...maybe the wine..... How to keep track of everything that ever left her mouth?
Also hard for us.... good means to enhance the confusion which seems to be part and parcel.

Much love for your journey where Europe is not 'frozen' over and doom and gloom is not a prevalent thing. ;-)
“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”
- Sophocles

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Re: It’s not all bad that it’s not all true

Unread post by Vanilla » Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:38 am

Welcome Maroni. ALSO< Jz's body, her front, is padded, around her stomach. Why would you pad your stomach. Video doesnt lie. The school is getting so much weirder by the hour. I would expect Jz, as "Ramtha's daughter" would be so beautiful she would be proof he is real. But its all a fraud. Obvious. I just hope all the students, all of them will at the same time, wake up and see what Jz has done to their lives. In that minute I wish them all clarity. Most people are positive and say it was learning experience. Others will be angry. Most students do think Ramtha has left the body. I guess at this last event, Ramtha said " I have been gone a long time but now I am back" and all these students quote that as proof that Jz has been faking his whole time, that Ramtha himself said that. ( CHUCKLE) Whatever it takes for them to figure it out, in baby steps I guess. Students think he is full of it. It makes more sense to them that Ramtha has left Jz's body a long time ago...than JZ has been lying this whole time. They say Ram left. Even teachers are known to have said, " I know when Ram is really in the body, and most of the time, its JZ"....... Knowing that raises red flags. You work for corrupt business, you become corrupt. I don't get it. Scams scams scams and now JZ is selling Isagenix using Gladys on adverts.

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