The 180 degree change in the teachings from the start of RSE until current times; in the corporation, the teachings and the teacher. Share your experiences.

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Teachings are you can heal yourself. No fear-Ramtha is here. So why have so many died of cancer? Are you aware of Vicky Cady? She was Red Guard. Cancer. I wasn't present it's hearsay, that Ramtha said to her in front of everyone, "you don't deserve to be healed"? Toast to 200 years.

Anti aging. Yeah, Evans and Judy have had how much plastic surgery, botox etc? Money to buy the best of everything.

I am telling you that i have enough history to show you that "evolving" teachings is actually change in teachings that support/defend JZ behavior, whim. SHE has NEVER lived by the teachings. Excuse is " she has to evolve too". Oh, but it's presented in teachings that "Ramaya was her name". As his daughter. How he gave her hand in marriage to one of his best generals when she was 13. She ran away to the western flank. Cut her hair, dressed like a man. Ram went after her and brought her back. She stood up to him and said she didn't want to marry that she wanted to be in his army. Lead his army.

It's on THAT story that he came back 35,000 years later. Gathered up his reincarnated army, that his daughter is leading. That's the story. I have it on audio. Don't you think if someone is gonna to lead it has to be by example?

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