DEBUNKING Henry Sugars' Cards

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DEBUNKING Henry Sugars' Cards

Unread post by skills » Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:55 am

Hi Everyone

When at RSE, I was bamboozled by a video that supposedly showed one of RSE's "favourite" students performing the ability to read cards that were turned upside down, just like in Roald Dahl's fictional story of "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugars". The RSE view was that we could focus on cards and see the actual face of the card in infrared and, when turning over the card to reveal its face, it should be what we saw in infrared (interesting that RSE goes at lengths to say in all teachings about the 7 levels of consciousness that the human can only see in visible light...i.e. not in infrared!).

Anyway, if you want to perform Henry Sugar's cards, you simply need to learn the magic trick...which I highly suspect RSE and its student did (the set-up in the RSE video is the same as in the magic video below...i.e. it is key that they both have an "assistant").

Here is a 5-minute video of a magician and his assistant performing the trick:

And here is an e-book by the magician that you can buy to learn how to perform it yourself: ... am-montier

Plus, we can be fooled by people who memorize a deck of cards (I saw a documentary on this) - see: ... _b_2638940

Oh, and don't believe anyone who tells you that the story of Henry Sugar is true - here is a quote straight from Roald Dahl's website (noting that the book actually has 7 short stories, of which Henry Sugar is one):
As well as four fictional stories it also includes The Mildenhall Treasure - an account written by Roald in 1946 about the discovery of a hoard of Roman silver found by Suffolk ploughman Gordon Butcher - as well as Lucky Break, Roald's account of how he became a writer, and A Piece of Cake, previously featured in the collection Over To You and included again here as a companion piece for Lucky Break.
Here is the url link: ... enry-sugar

And what does science say? It says we cannot see in infrared...except for one very specialised experimental setup (which is far from everyday life):
Using cells from the retinas of mice and people, and powerful lasers that emit pulses of infrared light, the researchers found that when laser light pulses rapidly, light-sensing cells in the retina sometimes get a double hit of infrared energy. When that happens, the eye is able to detect light that falls outside the visible spectrum.[/quote][/quote]

Here's the link: ... 161116.htm

Science also says we cannot see when blindfolded (which the fictional Henry Sugar could do. But you might hear someone quote a headline that the brain can still see, but this is the summary of that scientific test:
When a person can't see, even for a short time, visual areas in the brain begin responding to touch, showing that the brain starts to "see" the world through the fingers instead of the eyes.
I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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Re: DEBUNKING Henry Sugars' Cards

Unread post by Xylofone » Sun Dec 29, 2019 10:46 am

The book is fiction, but the content is very much a reality for some, including myself.

I was able to see cards for a period of time. The number and suit would appear on the back of the blank white card in a shadow form. Other times I could close my eyes and see the card flash in my mind clear as day. Seeing directly through a blindfold as if the blindfold wasn't even over my eyes was also something that was normal for me. Not all demonstrations are magic tricks. Just because magicians can and do perform the same trick doesn't mean it's always a trick. It wasn't for me. I got to the point where I could play cards with someone and "call" any card to the top of the deck and prior to starting the game I'd call the exact hand I would win with - and I won with that exact hand every time.

It's not that these abilities don't exist. They do. The problem is most people don't experience them and many resort to cheating to make it seem like they have the ability because achieving that is seen as an ultimate goal in the school. What's worse is the abilities come and go and people are trying to hang onto them and make them a permanent reality. And so there's this weird thing at RSE where everyone seems to be heavily focused on their experiences with these abilities as if it's a milestone or some kind of achievement to have the experience.

I remember one time I was puzzled when someone kept saying when you see through a blindfold you always see in infrared. I didn't always see through my blindfold in infrared. I usually saw in full color like normal, just with a vignette of blackness around the far border edges of my sight where the middle was clear. When I saw the flashes of the cards or other images it was always a black background with a white outline of the image. I did see in infrared many times as well, but those were completely different experiences.

The big issue is that for those who have these experiences they're not looking behind their experiences to see the source.

RSE labels the source "my god" and "your god" so everything is personalized. The ego gets to take credit for these abilities because hey "congrats! YOUR GOD did it!" or "My god showed me the cards" or something similar.

There's so much more behind that curtain, if only one is willing to peek.

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