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Unread post by forever » Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:02 am

EMF is vital information to the history of RSE. As the old timers (that saw something quite different) pass away, this board is the only source of information to "beginners" or those contemplating going to RSE.
When i went there there was no drunken sailor rants from the queen/king or anything even close to it. What i have read on EMF is shocking. The video of the queen/king spitting, cursing, etc at enough for anyone to question the values/principles and integrity, CHARACTER of speaker, regardless.
Be it a 35,000 "warrior" phantom or a con artist is irrelevant. It's character that's in question that in any foul and anything but "enlightened". People should be demanding a refund after spending big $$$ to hear the ascended one carry on about his daughters sex issues. It's too ....ridiculous!

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