I feel it is my obligation to warn you

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I feel it is my obligation to warn you

Unread post by Robair » Sun May 31, 2015 11:07 pm

Hello Everyone.
I wrote a letter to members of private Facebook site group after the owner who is a CPA-CIA accountant decided to post very personal and very distorted information about David finances, family life and dealing with Legal-aid in New Zealand. Soon after I received legal threats that I was breaking a privacy agreement with this group.
I wrote because I was shocked to see all but one of some 20 members of that gossip Club not saying anything in David defense or even confronting this person about it, they just soaked the information like all gossiping addicts do, not having any regard about someone private life and private information or giving David an opportunity to defend himself, I guess they thought they were reading the Inquirer. The one person that did confront the group and this person was kicked off straightaway.
I feel it is my obligation to let you and David know about someone that we all trusted was giving David's personal information to other people, and what was even worst that person is a CPA-CIA who was trusted with many other people private information. After one of the moderator found out, that moderator told me they were going to sent their lawyer after me and sue me if I post anything on EMF that I have breached some kind of privacy agreement something, I never signed anything and I did not really joined this site, someone sponsored me and one morning I was a member of this group. Now I understand that the person who divulged Davids very private family information is telling this Secret Club Members That I copied some of their posts and will re-post them on here.
To the one on that secret Club that told me she was going to sent lawyers after me if I post what I have copied. Here it is, I am not posting anything on EMF not because you try to scare me with your lawyers but because it never was my intention in the first place .My intention was to give David the right that he has to see what others are posting about his very Private life, and Private Financial information.
The irony of all of this is they wanted to sue me because I copied a post that was divulging private information about David private life and Finances. But no one worried about the person who posted it had distorted the information to attack David and has access to hundreds of other people private information and who by law as a CPA-CIA is bonded not to divulge,
I feel it is my obligation to warn you about this.


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Re: I feel it is my obligation to warn you

Unread post by Shocked » Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:52 am

Thank you for informing, however it doesn't affect me personally, but it does affect David, which I am so sorry to hear. People are just so mean and can't wait to gossip about someone else, it really does make me sick, and I agree no one should be posting personal info and finances of others, who knows maybe JZ bought off that person also, money does speak!!!

I am so glad I never participated in all the other chat places avaliable, I have always found this one supportive and safe. Which makes me sad to see it go...As for David, keep your head up, you have done an amazing job, and your dedication has not gone unnoticed...thank you for everything you have done for me!!!

Thanks robair for the info, and thank you for reminding me, there are vulchars that live amoung the ones we think we can trust.

Pisses me off!!!

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David McCarthy
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"walls of silence" syndrome while indoctrinated at RSE?

Unread post by David McCarthy » Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:43 am

Thank you Robair.

Hi everyone,
Some disturbing facts...
The Freedom Foundation fired Glen Morgan in December 2014.
Hushed up...nothing in the press or the FF website.
April 2015 The Freedom Foundation offered JZK a settlement deal and agreed to be gagged.
Hushed up...mainstream news blackout nothing in the press or the FF or JZK websites.
Fact The Freedom Foundation had JZK cornered but let her escape through a back door.
Silence all round :sad:
Melissa Genson CPA- CIA who works/ed for the Freedom Foundation was paid $3,700 from EMF member donations to help 'Investigate RSE' now remains silent and telling me directly she has no interest in seeking the details of this FF settlement document with JZK.... :sad:
When I pressed and criticized Melissa on a private Facebook site (Initially setup by RSE Survivors)
Melissa hit back (after I left) posting divisive and malicious attacks.
This successfully drove its members into confusion, camps and gossip.
This inturn diverted all attention away from the Freedom Foundations deal with JZK
So what the hell happened here?
As a member of this facebook site, I left a week earlier alarmed at the lack of moderation to control flaming and baiting.
Soon after Melissa posted my private family information, misinformation about my NZ legal Aid, laced with malicious attacks.
Robair was threatened with legal action by a moderator from this site for sharing Melissa Gensons post with me, citing a breach of privacy! Gossip was circulated that private posts from this site would be posted on EMF.
I wrote to this moderator who also hinted at legal action against EMF. I assured her that private posts from this site would not be posted on EMF.
" May 28 2015 David McCarthy EMF- I'm very concerned about your accusation and threats of legal action!that I am taking screen shots from a private Facebook page created for RSE survivors and making them public. Where have you seen such a disgraceful thing? Certainly not on EMF. What are you referring to? I totally condemn such underhand behavior and breach of trust. If such a post appeared on EMF it would be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY and the poster warned not to repeat it or be banned.. Who has suggested I am doing this? I suggest you get your facts right before jumping to conclusions without investigating what you have been told or assumed. This is about as divisive tactic that spread rumors to create confusion. Please feel free to make my comments public and for those Facebook members. What is your private Email address? Perhaps Its time our lawyers shared a conversation to put an end to this nonsense"

"You all have a right to be concerned, be assured that if ANYONE posted such a thing on EMF it would be removed ..However, please consider this....a threat to do such a thing would be about context and intention. For instance, posting something JZK,Inc considers 'private' and confidential' and posting this 'private information' proved a falsity and lies.. then it may be justified.. its a thin line that I examine very carefully....as you know not everyone that claims to support us as RSE survivors are honest"

'"My best wishes to all that sail this site, please pass on my assurance that their private posts will NOT be copied and pasted onto EMF."
A member of this site suggested I let it all go, I was being vengeful by ‘threatening’ Melissa with legal action unless she retracted her awful and misleading post and offered an apology.
This was not forthcoming.
I wrote a letter to its members that was eventually posted by a moderator, with no apology / retraction from Melissa who excused herself from any wrongdoings.
My friend from this site also reasoned that a group ‘class action’ against JZK would always fail when we fight amongst ourselves.
This brings me to why I am posting this information....
This ‘‘fighting’ amongst ourselves’ is very often deliberately created to divert attention away ( a smokescreen) to hide the snakes and their tracks, and attacks.
What we are actually defending ourselves against with JZ Knight is not so much a person but a network of clever, corrupt and vicious individuals / organizations.
Think Lernaean Hydra :idea: ....
JZK,Inc is but one snakehead on a creature hidden in plain sight.

This situation reminds me of those 'walls of silence' we suffered while under the control of JZK at RSE.



Melissa Genson via our EMF 'Gofundme 'Investigate RSE) unfortunately Melissa Genson discontinued investigating RSE 'and supporting EMF' shortly after she received those funds totaling $3,700.00
See: obligation to warn you - (EMF) Online Debate Forum
viewtopic.php?f=41&t=2639&p=18968&hilit ... RSE#p18968

Lawsuit between the Freedom Foundation and JZK, Inc. has been dismissed - (EMF) Online Debate Forum

What is conflict of interest? Definition and meaning
http://www.businessdictionary.com/defin ... erest.html
Lernaean Hydra was an ancient serpent-like water monster with reptilian traits. It possessed many heads – the poets mention more heads than the vase-painters could paint – and for each head cut off it grew two more. It had poisonous breath and blood so virulent that even its scent was deadly.[
Lernaean Hydra - Wikipedia
A silence procedure or tacit acceptance procedure
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Re: I feel it is my obligation to warn you

Unread post by Shocked » Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:21 am

Looks like snakes everywhere!!!! Disappointed in Melissa,,,I can't believe this is someone who received a donation by me thru EMF....oh well a lesson learned!!! Karma is a bitch!!!

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