Breaking news: Ramtha students immune to coronavirus and will not contract COVID-19

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Breaking news: Ramtha students immune to coronavirus and will not contract COVID-19

Unread post by Xylofone » Thu Mar 19, 2020 6:42 am

And now for your daily dose of stupid.

Many RSE students believe they are immune to the coronoavirus and JZ Knight is the only one talking sense. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Right, she has to play the part of the responsible human. She can't slip into her Ramtha character and tell everyone to "just breathe their way into immunity and perfect health."

At this time, JZ is telling everyone to take precautionary measures and her advice is to wear a mask, wash your hands, stay away from people so you don't give it to anyone vulnerable, and is even telling people who say "all you need is love" to put a mask on that love.

At this time, JZ is giving rational, sound advice to the RSE kingdom's people. It's the most bizarre thing I've ever witnessed.

Buttttttt.... are RSE's people listening to JZ? Nope. Not really. Ramtha has taught them all too well for 40 years that they have the power to make themselves immune to every disease by doing C&E, focusing, and picturing health and invincibility and engaging in the "blue body dance."

Just stare at this video of blue webs eating a virus, picture that in your mind when you do your C&E and maybe you'll be immune, huh?

But wait, there's more. Here's a highlight of how the RSE "folkies" are reacting to the coronavirus.

Last week I saw so clearly the virus is not simply a flu going around the earth and a pandemic related to a "sickness" but a VIRUS of the earth with many viruses like bondage, control, power, economics, religions, earth changes, pedophilia, pollution, deep state and on and on. Sort of like cancerous sores on the earth. We are seeing so many battles being waged on so many fronts and in my humble opinion we have a great great leader in President Trump leading the charge. I think he is so much more than we know at this time. I asked my Future Self to show me the outcome and send me messages relating to what is currently happening and now it seems I am flooded with information from all sorts of sources. It is like putting the pieces of a great puzzle together. I feel so blessed to have experienced the event last week and to have been given so much knowledge to be now experiencing. Thank you and a most Happy Birthday to you. I won't send a card or flowers but I will send you loving intent in the form of a thought! 
Don't depend on public places providing hand sanitizer, they are running out! I carry a spray bottle of plasma water.
I was thinking today; what makes as much sense as a mask is eyeglasses or sunglasses. if someone sneezed i would venture to say that your eyes are more vulnerable than nose and mouth; unless you are yawning or talking... whatever
The biggest concern for me is my mother who is 90 with dementia. A once incredible healer who could lay hands on people or animals and they would arise totally healed. Now is at the mercy of time, age and her family to keep her safe 24/7. Her mind is deteriorating but she hasn't lost it completely. A few minutes ago she told me. "I wish people could understand, they can heal their self with their own thoughts" I just smiled and agreed.
Immune system boost and help against viruses in general is the old herbal remedy now called Masters Tonic - a Tsp in Colloidal Silver water is pretty powerful.
the virus is THE PLAGUE OF DESTINY... meaning it is a fixed feature of future now reality.... Ramtha’s teaching clearing point this out... not for us to be DOOMED, but to be prepared, how to be prepared,.. and THAT GOD IS US... moving into that rarefied conscious stream changes you into one who can change your own destiny. Be unaffected by its own destiny...
So, most of the RSE Students have been taught for decades to be prepared for this Virus, part of the DAYS TO COME... it’s our each singular destiny... just listen to Ram or read what he has said ......
(Apparently they think Ramtha predicted THIS virus and THIS is what we've all been preparing for HA HA HA HAR HAR HAR HE HE HE)
Someone asked: "can vibration stop covid 19?"
Someone answered: Absolutely. Thats how it is being sorted, dont think for a moment that there are not fleets of Benevolent Spacecraft and a network of very developed people dealing with this. Humanity’s job is to pray hard, meditate deeply and raise their vibration so those working against the malevolent alien creations can work with humanity at a ‘particle’ level.

What we are using is a type of Christ Consciousness meditation related to the red rose

I think that is partially the teaching in “The New March”, raising your frequency, a pure mind and powerful consciousness

Of course. Do you think there is covid in the center of the universe?
Remember Ram saying years ago...a warning that ..when the Dragon marches that that would be time to go under (or stay home)...not the Bear...the Dragon. So the viruses are the march of the Dragon. We were prepared for this...stay calm, stay safe, and we will come out the other side to a new world. Might be a bit rough for awhile, but it will be all right.
Yeah...... the coronavirus is the "march of the dragon" that makes sense, after all these years now I finally get it. HUH!?

Oh wait, that's not what Ramtha meant.
When the dragon marches, be prepared to hibernate." Translated into real-speak, this meant that the students should have their "hovels" (secret, individual underground shelters with provisions) ready in case the immense contingent of Communist Chinese soldiers in Mexico decide to raid Seattle and the area.
So the coronavirus is the dragon marching, but where are the chinese soldiers in mexico waiting to raid seattle? Oh wait I forgot, predictions are whatever you want them to be and you get to change them as you see fit.
This Global lock down is more related to moving humanity a different online and and financial platform, than the coronavirus. The old guard is passing by and a new one is kicking in. From slavery to Freedom.
Fear is like a plague that thrives on this planet and it exist within each and everyone of us. There is a saying that says .... Fear is nothing but fear itself and that saying is very true.... Yet lately the majority of the people are choosing to engage in this great Illusion of fear
Re: a warning to wear a face mask out in public.
RSE student says: Blue body ignorants have you ever hear about blue body.
.............. You dont need that in your face
FELLOW PLEIDIANS - this is the final battle you are ALL needed. The coronavirus has been manufactured. Bats have had this virus for centuries and have built up an immunity to it. The virus was taken and injected into some humans who of course cannot spill the beans because the died. NOW - it is what we all came for to hold the light - ESPECIALY at this moment in time during the ascension process, We will defeat the reptilians' final attempt to control us (by telling us we need a medical chip, which will have access to everything about us) by denying access to our bodies. These aspects of God will be forced to leave the planet as there will be no more negativity to feed on they will feed on each other and self destruct. Warn your family, friends and anyone who is willing to listen - get the word out. Thank you and God Bless you all.
it is good to be informed. lol another runner to test one's abilities to rise above anything in the environment.
we can STOP the CoronaVirus - LET´S DO IT - MASTER´S - SO BE IT!!!
I remember Ram talking about the days to come 26 years ago.. sigh and we created this .. so now lets uncreate it!!
very sweet reminder of what we may have unintentionally forgotten simply because we got busy with living in the three dimensional reality (levels of consc) caught up until a harsher runner comes along. such as COVID 9.
Bruce Lipton says:

Dear Family of Love and Seekers Everywhere,

Coronavirus: Do Not Fear the Bogeyman

The world is currently gripped in fear of the scary coronavirus. Let’s first get one fact clear: If you have ever had a cold or flu in your life, odds are that it was the result of a coronavirus infection. Yes, coronaviruses cause colds.But, we are being programmed with the belief that this particular cold virus is “deadly.” This fear has shut down concerts, conferences, and major public events all over the world.

The fear has led to quarantines and closing down of international travel. It has even led to a major scarcity of toilet paper in Australia, were concerned citizens emptied the shelves of this commodity in anticipation that they will be walled up in their homes with this infection.The conclusion is clear: The fear of the coronavirus is more deadly than the virus itself!

The media (perhaps in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry) is compromising people’s health using the fear card! This is the result of negative thinking (the nocebo effect) which is the complete opposite of the placebo effect manifest through positive thinking! If you make efforts to stay healthy, with good nutrition, exercise, taking vitamins and supplements, and more importantly, avoiding stress (e.g., the “fear” of the virus), even if you do get infected with the virus, you will likely only end up with a cold and/or slight fever.

If you are someone with a compromised immune system, it is supportive to surround yourself with loving family and friends, nature, and positive thoughts as well as any other nutrition and vitamins that you may already be taking for your health and wellbeing. Following your intuition about what is best for you is key! The point here is that no matter who you are and what your state of health, you will only benefit from steering clear of the fear and supporting yourself in whatever way feels best to you.Please remember the truth of quantum physics, the most valid of all sciences on the planet: Consciousness is creating your life experiences! Are you being conscious of disease … or of health? Wishing you all Health, Happiness and Harmony.With Love and Light,
No matter how much ketchup you put on a pile of horse poo, at the end of the day, it's still a pile of horse poo. If you want to eat it that's your problem. In this case, if you want to dress up your coronavirus with delusions, it's actually going to be everybody else's problem.

If you're an RSE student reading this with a brain, wake your fellow "masters" up and save them from their own stupidity before they kill us all.
And if you're around any RSE students, stay far, far away from them because I can guarantee you there are many of them who think they're invincible to all viruses because they chanted the chant on their morning walk.
"Ramtha told us to say:I have always been immune to every plague, every virus, every disease!"
If ever there were proof of how harmful RSE's teachings are, it would be this right here right now in the midst of this pandemic.

Can you imagine what would happen if this virus were as deadly as ebola or SARS? Just think about how many RSE students would saunter out into the world like they're immune and spread it around to all their friends and family before realizing the error of their ways.

And that C&E, oh boy, all that contaminated spit flying and landing on every surface within a 12-foot radius....... yeah that's our future with Ramtha's teachings having been embedded in the minds of thousands of people for the last forty years. Thanks Ramtha you did a great job of preparing everyone to have toilet paper and canned beans but you forgot to instill common sense!

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Re: Breaking news: Ramtha students immune to coronavirus and will not contract COVID-19

Unread post by David McCarthy » Thu Mar 19, 2020 9:16 pm

Thank you Xylofone,

Hopefully this Covid-19 crisis will be serve as wake-up call for many RSE members.
These days I rarely explore the latest RSE insanities... but I was wondering how Judth would use the Covid-19 crisis to her advantage.
So thank you Xylofone for bringing us up to date and forewarn RSE members that may still have a modicum of critical thinking in reserve..
At this time, JZ is giving rational, sound advice to the RSE kingdom's people. It's the most bizarre thing I've ever witnessed.

Buttttttt.... are RSE's people listening to JZ? Nope. Not really. Ramtha has taught them all too well for 40 years that they have the power to make themselves immune to every disease by doing C&E, focusing, and picturing health and invincibility and engaging in the "blue body dance."
Its clear Judith is still adept at using her doublespeak in order to cover her back while keeping her 'infallible' and copyrighted Ramtha to carry on with business as usual.
This RSE cognitive dissonance in times of crisis can prove to be a dangerous mixture not only for its members but for our greater communities.

But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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Re: Breaking news: Ramtha students immune to coronavirus and will not contract COVID-19

Unread post by Ockham » Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:17 am

I must be out of the loop, which frankly is a good thing, because I didn’t know who Bruce Lipton was until I did an Internet search. Bruce’s advice about surrounding yourself with loving people if you have a compromised immune system doesn’t exactly seem like sound advice given the etiology of COVID-19. Bruce should stick to his primary field of epigenetic woo.

Not an M.D. here, so I don’t know if C&E would have any negative consequences, but I have a feeling doing C&E wouldn’t feel too good if you’re suffering COVID-19 symptoms.

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Re: Breaking news: Ramtha students immune to coronavirus and will not contract COVID-19

Unread post by Ockham » Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:18 am

I am not so sure I agree with Judy Knight’s assessment of Donald Trump’s wonderfulness. I live in a US state with a Republican governor who bucked Trump and ordered shuttering of restaurants, bars, non essential business and even barber shops weeks before while Donald Trump was still publicly stating Coronavirus was a Democratic hoax, would miraculously just disappear, etc. Meanwhile the US federal government did nothing to build up its larder of essential medical supplies even though the danger of the spreading virus was clearly understood for months. Just today our state’s health department projected that the painful social distancing has probably resulted in hospitals not being overrun as the virus sweeps the region. Adjoining states with sycophantic governors are finding themselves with serious shortfalls because they were waiting for leadership from the federal government,

Ironically, Judy Knight’s advice of holing-up in an underground shelter (well, perhaps not underground is necessary) is pretty good advice for dealing with the Coronavirus.

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