'So God Made a Cult Leader' Video by Anthony Goldberg

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'So God Made a Cult Leader' Video by Anthony Goldberg

Unread post by David McCarthy » Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:28 pm

'So God Made a Cult Leader' by Anthony Goldberg
- YouTube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPW-NM9N ... e=youtu.be . (VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

A powerful reminder of the hell we are healing from
and what is trying desperately to silence the truth, our voices and our freedoms…

Thank you Anthony Goldberg

From all of us at EMF :D

But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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Re: 'So God Made a Cult Leader' Video by Anthony Goldberg

Unread post by seriously » Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:03 pm

Great video. I'm glad someone else remembered JZ aka Ramtha stating that alcohol and drugs kill the new brain being created/reawakened by the disciplines, in particular C&E. I remember he/she stating it with 100% certainty because my reaction was "$H!!!!!T, I love beer". However, I wasn't going to waste time doing hours of C&E just to turn around and consume alcohol. It turns out I was wasting my time but that's a topic for a different thread. I was bummed and didn't consume alcohol in any form for at least 16 months. Then, after I left, R$E is putting on wine ceremonies to remove the veil and open up the brain. It turns out wine was just a gateway drug to using nicotine and prozak. Crazy on top of crazy.

Again, great video. JZ, you're a horrible old lady.

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Re: 'So God Made a Cult Leader' Video by Anthony Goldberg

Unread post by Shocked » Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:11 pm

I also remember the exact things "seriously" in the teachings, because I also stopped the social drinking after the teachings. And when the wine ceremonies were introduced I guess I was way to brainwashed to even consider the previous teachings!!!! I drank more during the wine ceremonies than I ever did prior to starting the school. Many people I knew were drinking ALOT of wine everyday, becoming addicts to red wine!!!

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