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SeekSafty: educating the public about the self-help industry

Unread post by David McCarthy » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:26 am

This looks like a wonderful organization operating on the front line to educate the public about cult leaders and sham healers who have hijacked the self-help industry.
Their website is dedicated to Kirby Brown.
Kirby Brown.jpg
Kirby died tragically and needlessly during one of James Rays so called 'self-improvement' initiations.
The parallels to James Ray and RSE/JZ Knight are numerous.
Thank you Susan R for writing to me and providing the links and information :idea:
I will reply ASAP...

Kirby Brown, born February 8, 1971 had an inexhaustible thirst for LIFE. An adventurous and dynamic spirit permeated everything Kirby did…from surfing, riding horses, hiking and mountain biking to searching out new music venues, driving limos in Manhattan, dancing ‘till dawn, painting decorative treatments in amazing homes. She was constantly connecting and gathering people, enjoying and celebrating life with family and friends. Always growing, Kirby sought to expand her life and deepen her understanding of herself. She lived every day to be better, and her contagious spirit and boundless energy touched everyone around her. Her work ethic was unmatched, and she always led by example. This inspirational, and truly beautiful life came to a tragic end on October 8, 2009… and we are left with the question, “Why?
Here is the How: Kirby lost her life because she believed in a fraudulent leader. Her thirst for self-improvement and growth was exploited. She invested energy, money and trust, expecting a professionally-run and enlightening experience.
Instead, her leader lied about his knowledge and credentials, and he ultimately had little concern for his students. His behavior during the retreat and following the events of October 8, 2009, which took the life of Kirby and two others, revealed a reckless, arrogant, irresponsible, careless, heartless, self-absorbed, and basically “harmonically bankrupt” person – a FRAUD, unable to live what he taught. While there is value in the self-help industry, there is also great potential for so-called leaders to abuse the platform they have assumed for their own gains. In seeking their own ends, they exploit their customers and even put these customers in danger, using psychological techniques they are not certified in, therapeutic treatments they are not trained in, and orchestrating dangerous physical challenges without proper safeguards in place.
As for the Why, perhaps there is no why. But our task now, to be able to live with this horrible loss, is to figure out what’s next. We have to create some meaning out of this otherwise meaningless tragedy.
Kirby’s search to find the deeper meaning in life and a deeper purpose for herself was an inextricable aspect of her character. On her vision quest at the Spiritual Warrior retreat in Sedona, a revelation of “Keep It Simple” became Kirby’s mantra. We want to be Kirby’s VOICE to help others keep their search for meaning SIMPLE and SAFE.
If Kirby was alive today, we know that she would be speaking up – yelling, more likely – about the abuses she experienced. Now, we are Kirby’s Voice.
SEEK is: A 501(C)(3) charitable organization dedicated to educate the public about the self-help industry,
empower seekers and promote professional standards and practices to ensure safety for participants in self-help events.

SEEK is: A 501(C)(3) charitable ,
empower seekers and promote professional standards and practices to ensure safety for participants in self-help events.

Seek Safely | "Be the change that you wish to see in the world"
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