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Christian Child Abuse Cults

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:05 pm
by David McCarthy
Teen Mania.
Inside The Teen Mania: Christian Child Abuse Cult - 1/3 - YouTube


Teen Mania Ministries - Wikipedia

the most dangerous cult leaders are Narcissistic, they have an ego that all others must obey, how many gurus and "spiritual" teachers seem to have this problem, excessive ego and a flock of followers who are no better than tools for the Cult Leader's narcissistic desires.

Narcissistic Cult Leader - David Berg (aka Moses David) (Children Of God Cult) - YouTube
A woman who lived in fear and isolation for decades in an alleged cult said she wants the government to shut down the "church" to save those who still live there - including her youngest son.
The Inside Story: Woman aims to shut down alleged cult - YouTube
For the most defenseless in today's cults, namely their children, the fears imparted into them by the cult's indoctrination can be too much
What Cult Induced Fear Can Do To Children In Cults - YouTube