How to Perpetrate Fraud - A Primer - Elizabeth Christian

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How to Perpetrate Fraud - A Primer - Elizabeth Christian

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Thank you Elizabeth Christian :idea:

How to Perpetrate Fraud — A Primer
March 12, 2014 Elizabeth Christian
In order to perpetrate fraud, you need to control how someone thinks. How do you gain control of someone?
There are four cornerstones of establishment:


If you can erode someone’s confidence in those, while earning their trust, then you can tell them any-thing you want. They no longer have a reference point for checking if it’s true. And if you tell them something highly distressing, then that person will need to turn to someone for support, and that someone will be you. The circle is now closed.


Religious: Promote yourself as a wise spiritual leader. Espouse alternative philosophies and tell your potential flock that these are ‘hidden’ and ‘secret’ truths. Reinforce that religion is a tool that is used to control people. Historically, emphasizing that your congregation is special for seeking you out has been very effective.
Government: The key is to promote the idea that the government is a tightly regulated force that is actively working against the masses. You have a wide field of conspiracy theories to fuel your imagina-tion, just pick any ones you like and state them as fact. Repetitively.
Even before the internet there were plenty of books/magazines/journals/papers filled with this stuff (i.e. Big Brother). Any current events can be used as a ‘cover up’ for the real story of how an elite few are plotting against the population.
Medical/Science: Use any unhealed illness anyone has ever had to prove that modern medicine is bar-baric and useless. In its place, use any unbelievable claims that every alternative/non-regulated/untested product that comes along is a panacea for everything.
There are tons of products like this, and tons of ill people. Old age can qualify as an illness here.
To discredit people’s trust in contemporary science, promote technology scams that violate the basic laws of physics. Explain the ‘real science’ that allows this device to work using sciencey-sounding terms. This proves that scientists are either thoughtless automatons or conspiring together against this coveted information getting out.
When the miracle device is never heard about again, use a con-spiracy theory for the reason it was not produced/shut down/delivered.
You can also use devices which you cannot detect whether it is really working.
Use any historical incident where the an accepted hypothesis is rejected and replaced with a different one based on new information (which is the essence of the scientific method) as proof that current scientific knowledge is not to be trusted because it is not immutable. Emphasize that eventually all the current science will be found to be inaccurate, because it is missing some essential universal truth that you possess.

Financial: If you can convince someone that the money issued by their government and the banks that store them are untrustworthy, you will have succeeded in gaining control. I know it does not seem believable that you could pull this off, but people have sincerely touted this exact belief for as long as banks and money have existed. This is much easier to do if you have already acclimated people to an environment of conspiracy theories and mistrust in the government, because much of what you say will be outright fallacy.
But most adults have not been in a history class in a long time; they are much more familiar with the realities of making a living, giving YOU an opportunity to re-write history for them.
If anyone comes up with a conflicting fact (that is a person you should discredit and kick out of your group immediately so their thinking doesn’t spread) respond by telling them that version is the cover-up version (see
Government conspiracies, above).

Quiz Time
Are you strongly anti-religion?
Are you strongly against government control, in all forms?
Do you reject accepted views of science and medicine, but place a lot of faith in alternative practition-ers and supplements?
Do you mistrust the financial system, regulations for it and banks?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, you are not free. You are vulnerable.
OK, back to the handbook…

The Fringe Element
What is ‘the fringe’? The real question is ‘What is mainstream?’ because the fringe is everything that is not mainstream. Mainstream is basically the current sum of all the knowledge, everything that works and doesn’t work, history, art, science, etc that people have experienced and recorded since the writ-ten word began. It’s a term that is broad and inclusive.
If you can turn it upside down and give your prey a reason to actively shun ‘the mainstream’, they will effectively isolate themselves from any form of information that will tell them something you don’t want them to know. That is your goal.
To accomplish all of this, it will help if you:
remove people from their familiar environment
discourage people from contacting their family/friends (unless they will join in–that’s called recruiting)
give them a sense of urgency–using the threat of imminent danger (environmental disaster/financial collapse/disease epidemic/government take-over… these are very effective)

How to Perpetrate Fraud – A Primer | Predator Pray ... -a-primer/
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