Ramtha's cheating on JZ again - this time with Jeff Bridges!

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Ramtha's cheating on JZ again - this time with Jeff Bridges!

Unread post by MissyGensn » Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:20 am

Woo-hee! Poor old Madame Soggy Britches is going to be wailing up a storm, yet again...her imaginary friend Ramtha is happily now being channeled by Jeff Bridges in his new movie! It's bad enough (as JZ whimpered for hours during her 2011 and 2012 livestreamed events) that all the non-imaginary men in her life cheat on her (big surprise there.) But now her imaginary pal is stepping out with Jeff Bridges--and Jeff is going to make money on it! Probably lots and lots of money. Why, probably even more money than Lou Soteriou stole from people, using JZ's teachings! And Jeff Bridges won't even have to do to prison for years, like Lou!

Jeff Bridges won't go to jail for stealing Ramtha away from JZ--but OF COURSE we can be sure that JZ will sue Jeff Bridges for claiming to channel Ramtha, because Ramtha belongs to JZ! Right?? I am just relieved that Jeff is doing JZ's Ramtha voice from the 1980s, rather than her screechy slurring female Ramtha voice from 2011 and 2012. I'd HATE to see Jeff Bridges ruin a movie with high-pitched drunken wailing, and I think it would REALLY ruin the movie for him to pee down his leg! I think it's also best that Jeff doesn't do JZ's Jesus voice from the early 1980s, because terrible foreign accents can really hurt a movie.

I just KNOW that JZ is going to have to sue Jeff Bridges, because Jeff stealing Ramtha for his movie will hurt JZ so much more than dumb ol' Rochester farmers like Glen Morgan and me EVER could--or anybody else she has taken to court over the years for exposing her and her imaginary pal.

I can't imagine JZ being too much of a CHICKEN to sue Jeff Bridges for the same thing she sues everyone else for. Is she? Especially since she's currently suing Glen Morgan for copyright infringement, and he didn't make a dime on it--he just wanted to warn our community about their local psychopath, who inspires murder and child molestation. And I would bet a box of Yelm-strength Depends that JZ wouldn't want to look like an even bigger idiot in front of Federal Judge Settle in her lawsuit against Glen, than she already does. After all, she's suing the local farmer for copyright infringement, and not the Hollywood movie star. If that doesn't look like a chicken, I don't know what does.

I got to watch Judge Settle's face in the courtroom, when he watched JZ's racist hate videos. He definitely didn't look amused. I'm just sorry JZ didn't get to see his face, but she was apparently still pretending that she was too important to go to court. Even though Judge Settle obviously had NO idea who JZ was, any more than Kelly and Michael did, in the attached video clip from their show.

What doesn't make sense in JZK v Morgan, is this--if JZ thinks that she's too rich and important to show up in court herself, WHY doesn't she use some of her money to send a representative who doesn't look like an idiot in the courtroom? Why does she keep sending dumb old serial perjurer Mike Wright, of all people, to sit in for her? It's like she can't even afford a minimum wage employee to act as her sub. Doesn't she realize how STUPID he looks and acts in the courtroom, while representing her? It's hilarious. Everybody loves to watch him--he's quite the entertainer, and he tries to act so serious. Steve watched Mike's face during Judge Tabor's decision in MY favor, against JZK--and I showed up without a lawyer, and I still beat you! Steve said Mike looked unbelieving -- like, how is that possible?

Here is the deal, JZ. You thought you could make a few bucks on a livestream, without spending the extra money to create a master copy, so you could have a copyright you could defend. You thought nobody would tape anything, just to show everybody what a low-rent, incontinent racist trashy ---- you really are. That is the stupidest part of all. Some people even say you took Mike Wright's advice, to do the livestream. Really? Now you are taking advice from someone who (allegedly according to his wife) allegedly soils his own bed?

But I digress. Here is Jeff Bridges and his Ramtha "copyright infringement" - and let's see if brave JZ decides to take on Jeff Bridges in court! Oh, PLEASE, bring him to court up here, JZ! Seeing him would be even greater entertainment than Mike Wright in court!
Jeff Bridges on Live! with Kelly and Michael (Feb 2nd, 2015)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pqllTF ... ture=share

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