I grew up in a cult. It was heaven -- and hell.

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I grew up in a cult. It was heaven -- and hell.

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Cults come in all shapes and sizes and remain hidden because of their 'mind control indoctrination's they inflict on their victims.
A cult will reach into local communities with claims of economic prosperity for all ... while also using a milder persuasive method's in the media to smokescreen their cult activities and smear their critics.
This all feeds into 'blaming the victim' that cult leaders use as a means to control and crush their prey,
This again feeds the social stigma that former cult members endure for having been so foolish to have 'joined' a cult.
Yet few realize none joins a cult willingly..they get recruited.
Its a vicious circle of deception that hard to break.
I remember talking to a politician in WA State that was speaking out against JZ Knight...
he point blank told me Quote: 'anyone that joins RSE deserves all they get!
Cults are camouflaged slavery, where innocent people 'Men, Women and Children..Whole families.. with minds so crippled often a cult requires no guarded compound and barb wire to keep in their victims from leaving. The cults walls has been methodologically constructed in the mind.
Lilia Tarawa had the courage leave and reach back to help others still trapped in the Gloriavale Christian Cult in NZ.
Lilia Tarawa was brought up in the Gloriavale Christian Community on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand,
where she was constantly surrounded by everyone she loved.
But over time, she began to see the dark side of her community, and ultimately realized that she had to get out. In this raw and emotional talk, Lilia shares the reality of life in a cult, and her heart-wrenching journey to break free. Lilia Tarawa is a New Zealand writer, speaker, holistic health consultant and business coach.
She is a member of the Māori Ngāi Tahu tribe.
Lilia was born into New Zealand's infamous religious cult, Gloriavale, and fled with her eleven family members at eighteen years of age.
Her extraordinary life experience compelled her to pursue a career promoting human rights, welfare and empowerment.
I grew up in a cult. It was heaven -- and hell. | Lilia Tarawa | TEDxChristchurch - YouTube
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