Here comes another one - February 2013

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Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by Ockham » Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:06 am

Well another $1,000 USD event fires up today. I wonder what new scams, plagiarism and scary disasters the RSE customers will be treated to?

Here are few ideas for the event in case JZ is short on ideas or just too lazy to think some up:

1. JZ Rose and RSE will start selling Twinkie flavored vitamins. They're available for $25 a bottle on break time in the Quantum Cafe. Guaranteed to contain 0% of US RDA minimum daily recommended vitamin content.

2. Ramtha and JZ Knight wrote Huckleberry Finn, and Jim was actually Ramtha who told Tom Sawyer how to ascend to get out of boring work like painting fences. ... or something like that.

3. The Fox television series, "New Girl," is actually written by Ramtha. Clips will be shown in the arena.

4. Ledwith will predict that an undiscovered asteroid will mysteriously explode over Russia, scaring the crap out of lots of people. No, wait, that already happened.

5. Ramtha will introduce a new discipline called the Glass Onion where you sit like fool on the hill in nothing but a plain white cover. Why does this sound familiar?

6. Ramtha will reveal that all gold and silver has been tainted by subterranean lizard beings and must be immediately traded in for rhodium. Greg's friend just happens to have a bunch in the trunk of his car out back.

7. Ramtha is retiring and going away forever until the next follow-up event. Check the new spiffier looking RSE web site to see when that is.

8. Judy Knight will criticize the Catholic Church for six hours pointing out repeatedly that all they do is say the same prayer over and over and say, "Amen," way too much. So be it! Turn to your neighbor and cough, no, wait, that's what Ramtha does at the doctor's office.

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by RoyGBiv » Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:42 pm

awesome, can't wait for the bootleg video version!
Good one, Ockham. Glass Onion, haha

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by Vanilla » Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:57 pm

Not only are you God...but you are whatever it is you want and wish for..and everyone around you is who you want them to be, and we live in aworld where you have won the lottery, you already won it. You look like a 20 year old, your kids are all geniuses, they are reincarnated pharoahs. You are a master, mistress, queen, princess, lady. Orbs are floating around you. They are fairies, angels, dead people, and even you in the future -watching yourself. When you hear frogs, crickets and the wind blow that means Ramtha is watching you. You have implanted symbols into your aura, using candle focus- and Mike Wright is what we all should be like. He is perfect example of man who controls his destiny. He is a god, just like you. He is a sex monster. Look at him. We have jesus's twin brother and his orgy loving girlfriends - reincarnated, in the audience. Ramtha throws around so many meaningful keywords, that just listening to them, mantras, you are in his inter-bands and trans-enlightened, you are meta-holy. Its cosmic dysmentional. Minds -eye guided imagery from beyond. When you drink alcohol you become even more of a master in control of the inner world. You stare at mirrors til you see a little chinese old woman in place of your face, that is your past life talking to you, or your future life, or your spirit guide, or someone on the other side, or someone dead you know in another past life.. You play with cue cards and color your crayon fantasies and stare at them for hours. You are a master! The rhythmic music moves you higher toast to bless your wine with a prayer: channeling is today's hottest industry..Ramtha, and his fifty shades of grey will enrapture you to brain orgasms. You might get hit, yelled at, spat at, or a finger pointed and accused. Things you confide with someone in the fire pit, Ramtha seems to automatically KNOW?? and publicly calls you out. Its amazing his psychic abilities. YOu will learn secrets of did you know Jesus and Mary had wild sex? They screamed so loud. Secrets about buddhism. Did you know the buddists used to drill holes in their skulls? Did you know when you play handels messiah, and put sand on the will form a pentagram?? Thats because Handel was a secret society member and so are YOU! Just like Davinci was a woman...ooooo...I just told you..oops...

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by Ockham » Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:38 pm

Right on Vanilla. I think you captured the hard core ramster persona.

The quintessential ramster:

There's no need to hold down a job. You've already played the lottery in your head and you got the winning ticket. It isn't material world fiat currency that you can go spend at Wal-Mart, but who cares? You can live in a borrowed trailer with no heat, squatting on somebody else's piece of sovereignty (known to non ramsters as real estate) until you get caught and kicked out.

You can get some expired food at the co-op for cheap; just be sure to hang on to as much of that government assistance payment as you can, because there is another $1,000 assay coming up in a couple of months. There's no need to go to the doctor, and you can't afford it anyway. Those lesions on your skin are just a runner telling you that you aren't serious enough about doing your disciplines. If you could step it up, then you'd see in infrared and know those lesions are just a runner and not really there. If you are lucky, you'll get mentioned in Master's Connection when you die six months from now, and the hat will get passed in the arena to take up a collection to bury you.

Take comfort knowing that your money that could have been going to take care of yourself and kids is really better off in the hands of Judy Knight so she can use your money buy another French Provincial chair that she doesn't have room to keep in her mansion. Judy will sell that chair off for a fire sale price in a California auction after she gets bored with the chair in a few weeks. Judy's just keeping you from being stuck too first seal, wallowing in the materialism of grey men's tainted Rothschild fiat currency. Giving Judy Knight your wealth is proof that you love Ramtha; maybe you'll get to see an orb.

Lost in Space
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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by Lost in Space » Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:05 am

OMG, Ockham and Vanilla, is that really what it's like for my friends there?? I think I'm going to hurl.

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by Rooster » Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:08 am

Wealth, when you finally get it you will no longer need it. Get rid of your things, they clutter your mind. Surround yourself in a masters environment, ( meaning rse books, cds, tapes, clothing, pics of Jzr, your cards). All else is clutter. Give your money away. To hang on to it is lack. If you have your last dollar, give it away. You will be returned ten fold. All things hold your energy and the more you have. The less energy you have. Shed your wealth like the great tree sheds its leaves.

Your channel deserves to be paid and live well. She gives her life to you. All the time she has given up to allow Ramtha to use her body. Nothing is for free. No one appreciates what is free. Oh if something is borrowed it should be returned in same condition. My daughter is returned for the better and as a genius. Oh, that was before she started to get old and sick. Yes, why would I want to keep her from being a master? It is your image that keeps you from being great. Do not care for the body, be greater. Do not take showers, wear makup or look in the mirror. But you do stink so take showers and be the seductive healer. Wear lavish smelling oils, it is now for sale in our tents after saving much water. Remember, you do not need lavish jewelry. You are beautiful as you are god. Oh, unless you are a organic gardner. My daughter is not, but looking very old . She will get plastic surgery to feel better about herself. She is a master and created great wealth. You are in lack and doing everything wrong. Please come join my wealth retreat. Shed that wealth like the great tree, so you will blossom those great leaves and (bare )fruit.

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by RoyGBiv » Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:15 am

they've definitely captured the essence of the illusion.

Feeling so SPECIAL. Living the presumptuous arrogance of one who knows more than "ordinary people". Addicted to the feeling of a magical life to the point of denying grim reality (because if you look and actually see how shitty your life got, your "doubt" will manifest)... and there's crushing fear when you think those thoughts. You're not being robbed of your money, oh no. You buy lottery tickets instead of health insurance, drink lye water instead of vitamins, eat crackers instead of steak. Your kids don't get dental or medical care.
You need this for your evolution, but JZR doesn't. No, she needs a 2013 Bentley and more plastic surgery. :roll:

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by Ockham » Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:29 am

My apologies for being too over the top. After I thought about it, that was way too much negativity. I promise that in the future I'll try to stick with what makes us good people and about moving forward instead of being stuck in the smaller confines of the past. Everybody here is free to be the best we can be and work towards becoming whatever we want to be. Life may not always bring us what we want quickly and easily, but we and the world are filled with potential.

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by Sunshine » Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:57 am

I remember jzr telling us (back in 1989-1990), and I'm paraphrasing from memory, that back in ancient times the initiates would have to pack their bags, leave their families and travel on foot, in 3 feet of snow, up hill the whole way, half way around the world... (haha now I'm just getting carried away here) but seriously, they had to travel on foot very long distance to get to the ancient schools of wisdom and when they got there they had to build residences, plow fields and grow their food to survive so they could attend school. So, her point was that her students only had to pay some money which was nothing in comparison to what the ancients had to do... So basically we all needed to quit whining and be grateful we were getting our "ancient wisdom" at such a great deal!! Funny how, at the time, it seemed a good explanation as to why we were being charged money. Duhhh. The blatant manipulation in hind sight is astonishing.

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by Jingz » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:21 pm

No way Ockham, you cannot feel bad about your post, iLMFAO when I read it and from your tone the posts just got funnier! The only points you'd be forgetting there is the 2 hour feel good about how these ARE THE REAL students, the ones shims been waiting for, s/he had to do all those contradictions to weed out the insincere, the people who paid their $ are the MOST SPECIAL!

Oh, and Vanilla, the only thing I could add to yours, and I believe it was you who posted it on another thread, about how fairy dust bounces out your ass when you fart!


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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by naturegirl » Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:52 pm

Sunshine, I remember when it would say just that - how funny!!

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by heyV » Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:14 am

The "new girl" one made me laugh! Written by rambles! LOL!

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Re: Here comes another one - February 2013

Unread post by freemind » Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:35 am

Hello, well the event is over, no new dates about disasters , thats very unusual.
They send them everyday to the casino, so they can make more money to the next event.
So you pay 1000 $ and you spend the hole day outside the ranch, what a good idea.

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