Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Org

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Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Org

Unread post by David McCarthy » Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:35 am

Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Organization
I came across this new book and new term today... 'enculted'.
Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Organization.
This eye-opening text aims to change the way people look at their companies and at themselves. It documents the manipulative, cult-like tactics that organizations use to get employees to relinquish increasing amounts of time and energy, as well as the reasons that people themselves to become "enculted". It offers candid advice on how to break free of the all-consuming company and re-build a healthy private life.

Editorial Reviews
From Library Journal
What's the similarity between the Branch Davidians and Southwest Airlines? According to business columnist Arnott (management, Dallas Baptist Univ.), both organizations are cults, one religious, the other corporate. In this unique, fascinating look at organizational dynamics, Arnott shows that the many controlling tactics corporations use are similar to those used by well-known religious cults, e.g., charismatic leadership, separation from community, and a demand for unwavering devotion to the cult. The author's personal experiences with some of these organizations enrich this disturbing analysis of how "culted companies" require employees to pledge unconditional obedience to leaders, subsume their identities, invest all their "free" time and energy in the corporation, and consider family and community expendable. In addition, personal insights into those who find meaning in what they do instead of who they are and practical strategies for restoring a more normal balance among work, family, and community make this an important book. Highly recommended for business collections and all university libraries.ADale F. Farris, Groves, TX
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.
In the latest backlash against corporate America, the American Management Association has chimed in with an alarmingly titled book that features a tattooed, suited skinhead on the cover.
It's main point: Corporations can steal your soul. In the 230-page book, Dallas Baptist University professor of management Dave Arnott contends that in the rush to make companies friendlier places to work, they've been turned into a replacement for family and community. "It starts with a refrigerator in the lunchroom and ends in a full-blown corporate cult," writes Arnott.
A "corporate cult," says Arnott, has all the characteristics of any other cultlike group: It subordinates the individual to an organization; it uses terms like "family" to describe the organization; it rewards behavior, not tasks. Arnott says employees contribute to the problem by turning to their employers for their emotional needs and adopting a loyalty to the company that exceeds devotion to one's family and personal needs.
Arnott describes a corporate cult as one that requires devotion from its employees, has charismatic leadership and causes a separation from the rest of the community by supplying enough of those needs itself. Sounds a little like some Net companies.
Corporations create cults, not culture, by giving too much to employees, he says. The author warns that employees are short-sighted to hope for emotional fulfillment from companies - prisons are better providers than employers, he charges. Prisons, for example, give inmates their own toilets, permit visits from friends and family, and allow inmates to watch TV and play games.
Companies, by comparison, make people share toilets, often punish employees for socializing with friends and family in the workplace, and wouldn't dream of letting employees watch TV or play games on company time (OK, here's where Internet companies might be an exception).
The situation isn't entirely the fault of the company. Arnott says that when employees allow themselves to be hired for who they are instead of what they can do, they perpetuate the idea that identity and self-worth should come from the boss man.
Arnott takes pains to illustrate how companies' cultlike behavior evolved. In a strong economy, one would not bother to argue about emotional bondage, because economic bondage would be strong enough. The current economic boom, plus the emphasis on intellectual capital rather than industrial strength, makes the market ripe for cultish behavior. So does the geographical breakup of families, who are now too far removed to provide all of a person's support.
So does this mean that workers should disregard all that warm and fuzzy "team building" stuff they learn? No, says Arnott. It's OK to like what you do and want to work with others, but employees are at risk of becoming corporate-cult members when work gets in the way of reason.
- Laura Rich -- From The Industry Standard
Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Organization: Dr. Dave Arnott: 9780814404935: Books ... 0814404936
Here's my thoughts on this topic..please feel free to add your thoughts :idea:
RSE is as much a 'Corporate Cult' as 'Religious Cult!
Both have destructive consequences to customers and believers.
Both are deceived, defrauded and deluded into a fanatical brand loyalty and religious devoteeism fronted be a CEO Cult leader selling 'Gods' Goods and Services! advertised and sold as no less than Enlightenment, Immortality and total Material fulfillment.
JZK's PR machine is a masterpiece of psychological propaganda that would make Edward Bernays proud.
And such is the power of the RSE PR advertising, its convinces family members and loved ones to move to its corporate headquarters in Yelm WA, families are literally be torn apart, the terminally Ill are also targeted and convinced to buy into the RSE goods and services that promise and guarantee of miraculous healings. The Yelm graveyard stands testament to this monstrous deception fronted by CEO JZ Knight.
When the product fails and destroys lives it is never the corporation nor its CEO held accountable.
The CEO comeback goes something like...How can Gods products be at fault? :-?
The RSE 'Conditions of Participation' COP then attempts to gag former RSE customer/devotees from speaking out.
No real surprise that Judith learnt her corporate trade hawking cable TV and 'speaking for the dead... :-?
For those that 'doubt' what I say.....
here are some RSE PR advertising quotes of the 'Goods and Services' promised at R$E for a price.

'my underlines'...
RSE JZ Knight/Ramtha 1988...

"Do you think the most important thing in your life is your children?
They’re going to grow up and leave you.
Do you think the most important thing in your life one another? It is a conspiracy.
The most important thing is you.
You only hold them in bondage to your lack.

Women you think the most import thing in your life should be your lover?!
You’ll die- a wretched old woman, back to the worm"

RSE JZ Knight/Ramtha 1996…

This is a school that will challenge your current beliefs and intellectual assumptions. You will work hard. You will grow. You will be transformed.

There has never been anyone in this school that has ever been harmed.

How many people in your family do you know?
Maybe you wear glasses, maybe you can't hear very well.
Maybe you have cancer, maybe you are plagued. You know someone who's bruised.
Let us say, in less than seven years, you have the power of the healer,
you have learned all of the knowledge of how to do its sacred knowledge, sacred science.

RSE JZ Knight/Ramtha 2001

Focus on my eyes - when you are insecure and you are sick and you have forgotten to believe,
All you have to do is focus on this face.
This face is burned into your training because my consciousness is greater than any weakness you could possibly possess.
And anyone who watches this is going to get those close-ups of me, and I am going to work wonders in the world."

RSE JZ Knight/Ramtha advertisements 2004

What a student can expect from attending a Beginning Retreat:
The various disciplines teach you focus and how to access the "magical" parts of your brain. You can only create a life according to what you have mapped in your brain. You will learn to remap it according to your own hopes and dreams and be taught how to manifest those choices into your life.
To learn to heal and rejuvenate your body through an ancient ritual.
This discipline has healed every conceivable disease and can extend your life beyond your genetic expectancy.

RSE JZ Knight/Ramtha Sept 2004

What You Will Learn at RSE

Manifesting Something Out of Nothing
Ability to Physically Heal Yourself and Others

In this school you are given knowledge that is found nowhere else in the world, literally.
The disciplines of the Great Work are designed in such a way that nothing is left to chance or belief.
The only requirement in the school is full participation.
No one can fail this school; you can only quit.

This is a school that will challenge your current beliefs and intellectual assumptions. You will work hard. You will grow. You will be transformed.
You will receive knowledge on how to do miraculous things with your mind.

Let us say, in less than seven years,
you have the power of the healer, you have learned all of the knowledge of how to do its sacred knowledge, sacred science.

And then one day you turn to your child, your mother, your father, to yourself, and you apply the knowledge; and behold, it happens.
That's what you're going to learn here.

What if I said to you, in seven years, much less, but in seven years, the master of that would be living well in you.

I have students in this school that have healed themselves of terrible diseases, maladies.
I have students who can see through blindfolds. I have students who can read your mind.

There is no need for alcohol or drugs in this school.
There is no need for any outside stimulation.

RSE JZ Knight/Ramtha 2007

Where the incredible become the credible in just four days of your life..
Healing with Blue body
Manifesting something out of nothing

You will receive knowledge on how to do miraculous things with your mind.

RSE JZ Knight/Ramtha 2007
No one fails this school. There is no such thing as a failure in this school; there are only quitters. And a quitter is equal to that which is termed the lack of participation. Now if you are going to be in this school, you are going to participate.

Manifesting something out of nothing
Healing with the Blue Body®
The disciplines are designed in such a way that nothing is left to chance or belief.
They allow you to put to the test the statement that you create your own reality.

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But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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