The full interview with Steven Weinberg - July 2008

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The full interview with Steven Weinberg - July 2008

Unread post by David McCarthy » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:15 am

My full interview with Steven Weinberg . Recorded July 2008
The shorter version was taken down from Youtube following a copyright complaint from JZK.Inc,
and my getting sued by JZK,Inc in NZ for alleged copyright violations and breach of contract while a member of the RSE.
Steven L Weinberg was the key player in the creation of the 'Ramtha' as portrayed in 'Ramtha, The White Book'. Steven was the Editor and Publisher of Sovereignty Press that held several other Ramtha book copyrights.
At the time of this interview Steven was considering to file a copyright claim and personal damages against JZ Knight, JZK Inc. and JZK Publishing regarding unpaid royalties.
JZK Inc. claimed they retained the English and foreign rights to publish Ramtha and other Weinberg books ... and published new but nearly identical versions of Ramtha ... which no longer listed Steven L Weinberg as the holder of the copyrights.
Soon after these interviews Steven he ceased all communications with me.
I suspect an 'out of court settlement' was agreed between Steven and JZK.

David McCarthy interview with Steven Weinberg - July 2008 - YouTube ...\

Steven Weinberg Interviews David McCarthy 2008
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