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Why are there so many RSE scams going on? + Local Media Cover-up for JZ Knight

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:51 pm
by Vanilla
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This thread dovetails into the topic - Media Cover-up for JZ Knight by the Nisqually Valley News


Why are there so many RSE scams going on?
What is it about the school, the philosophy, that creates vampires on the new incoming students blood? You buy a product from an RSE student- and its got coffee stains all over it and it is spelled wrong! It is not even what you wanted and you paid for it up front? That is what you get every time. Every single time you invest in RSE student or plan. Nothing can stick if its based on supserstitions and fantasy. Holes in everything. You realize you have been duped completely. I have so many times. I have fallen for it all. Every new MLM I have fallen for when I was in the school Now its DNA multi level marketing kits? And if you complain and they all attack you? So, you come to Yelm, and all your money you make- you have to give away to the school? Ten Percent of it? Right? And everyone gives their money away, not to their BBG, or Big Black God, but instead to the board, or the RSE company of what 20 people? The richest people in Yelm who are in the cult? So their wives can get manicures and fancy haircuts? While you slave? They lie about everything. Does any good work come out of the school? RSE people who sit around and make decisions, over Yelm... Isnt it obvious they want to take over Yelm?

Its like the RSE Mafia, with the RSE plant Steve Wyblie, in the Nisqually Valley News making an ass of himself, every issue, they need to replace him with a better RSE plant, he makes the school look so bad. Can't they find anyone who can write a good story? What is it about RSE that makes con artists? Bad jounalists? Flop after flop and they cant fire him?

Is Ramtha requesting more money be donated? What for, and you get an invitation to Jz's house once a year as reward? How can people be such slaves? What does that get you? How can they oppress so many in Yelm, year after year and noone says anything? We do not want another Colorado City. It is really spooky there folks. They want to take over politics and then everything else next. They will fail. Its the real world and when people find out what this cult is about all hell will break loose. That is why they only prey on the new RSE students every year. I wish I can write them a warning. What would it say? Any ideas?[/b]

Does Ramtha himself give your business power, does Jz Knight invest in you? Or do the disciplines skyrocket your scams into fame? None of this happens. People cannot create any reality there. You can only do that by real work and real creative effort. They are dying for legitimacy. Prodding everywhere until they find a hole. Look out people. They will come knocking on your door. They only have their BBG and the disciplines on their minds. They probably did it before coming to see you. That is all they care about. They do not care about you. They are brainwashed and completely taken in by lies. And when they find out, some of them do, they look into the mirror and realize what they have fallen for, and they will be so broken. Its time to bring back real support of EX RSE students. Some of them going through alot. And if you are reading this, we are here for you!

Re: RSE SCAMS new students beware

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:27 pm
by David McCarthy
Its like the RSE Mafia, with the RSE plant Steve Wyblie, in the Nisqually Valley News making an ass of himself, every issue, they need to replace him with a better RSE plant
Hi Vanilla, everyone,

Interesting you mention Steve Wyble. One of many JZ Knight shills working outside the gates of her RSE Cult.
I discovered to my dismay back in 2006-08 the NV News alongside Olympian Newspaper Editors were not only supportive of JZ Knight but highly likely passed on confidential information gained during interviews. To add insult to injury and betrayal :sad: key information was editing out of those interviews that directly exposed the many RSE fraud/MLM schemes/permit violations. [/u]Documents and photos I personally handed in to the NV News editor "got lost"! I suspect they were handed over to JZ Knight.
So when in 2013 after email requests from Steven Wyble for an interview, I agreed to a Skype interview[/u], knowing I would also at least have a record to set the record straight if he and his editor twisted/omitted key information.
A date and time was fixed but he backed out on the day, then sent me the following email.
-------Original Message-------
From: Steven Wyble
Date: 2/20/2013 6:57:10 PM
Subject: Nisqually Valley News

Hi David,

I apologize, I've been having technical difficulties all day. I use my phone as a wireless hotspot to connect to the Internet at home, and my phone's battery just recently hasn't been able to hold a charge. It was doing OK while it was plugged in, but today while I was trying to Skype with you, it died and I couldn't get it charged enough to turn back on, thus I had no Internet connection. I had ordered a replacement phone but it came today while I was at work so I had to drive to the UPS hub to pick it up and... yeah, it's just been a mess.

I'm not sure if you still want to try Skyping, but maybe it would just be easier to converse via email at this point. Basically I was just wondering where you're at as far as responding to the subpoenas from JZK Inc.'s lawyers. The messages you had posted on EMF said something about AllWebCo disabling your site and Google I assume providing emails to JZK's lawyers if they didn't receive a response/quash order, and the post also mentioned seeking legal counsel.
Have you received legal advice yet, and if so, what course are you taking in responding to these subpoeanas?
Thanks for your help, and sorry for all the confusion! :\

Steven Wyble
The man has no moral backbone and certainly zero journalistic ethics,
a perfect reporter for the NV News and RSE shill :idea:
Just the same as a Frog unable to hop out of water while it is slowly boiled to death.
RSE gradually weakens the moral backbone until too weak to climb out of the RSE black hole!
For so called 'professionals' like Steven Wyble that hold up signs for RSE stating 'come on in – the water's great!
What excuses will they make up?.... "Sorry we didn't know" ?? :twisted:

"Steve - Just how low are you and your NV News editors willing to stoop picking up JZ Knights dirty money by supporting and advertising her RSE cult?"



(EMF) View topic - RSE Whistleblowers betrayed by The Olympian Newspaper

Journalism ethics and standards - Wikipedia ... _standards

Re: RSE SCAMS new students beware

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:42 pm
by Angelette
He is too embarrassed to put his name on all his rse articles too. and he talks about ramtha ont he front page about how JZ PREDICTS THE SEAHAWKS VICTORY and its a fail.and how Ramtha is doing in Italy...he does a disservice to the people of yelm, if only they knew they were being branwiashed. I have seen him come to non ramtha events and he does such a bad stpry and doesnt even get photos of the owners, when its not rse owned...every story has a twist towards rse, never against, never a full looking at, never objectively like a real reporter its all slanted and makes the school looks good he thinks.
He goes after anyone against rse philosophy

Re: RSE SCAMS new students beware

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:16 pm
by David McCarthy
-------Original Message-------

From: EMF
Date: 3/20/2015 10:09:47 AM
To: Steven
Subject: The EnlightenMeFree (EMF) Online Forum • View topic - RSE SCAMS new students beware

Dear Steve Wyble,


I recently posted on EMF....

"Steve - Just how low are you and your NV News editors willing to stoop picking up JZ Knights dirty money by supporting and advertising her RSE cult?"


Please feel free to post your "journalistic" point of view directly on EMF,
Or contact me directly.
A two way Skype interview perhaps?


With kind regards,

David McCarthy

Re: RSE SCAMS new students beware

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:44 am
by David McCarthy
JZ Knight:
"the videos were maliciously edited and taken out of context"
"edited and chopped to make us look like bigots and hateful people"
Steven Wyble and his Editor knows this to be a blatant lie yet refuse to report the truth while openly promoting JZ Knight and her RSE cult. Just in case there is any doubt that Steven Wyble and his Editor at the Nisqually Valley News has not viewed those 2011 RSE Livestream videos with JZ Knights drunken homophobic, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic and racist rants at RSE at the centre of JZ Knight, JZK.Inc malicious lawsuits under the guise of corporate copyright infringement that have effectively chilled the free speech of RSE whistleblowers and kept the video evidence out of public scrutiny.
For public record...
Here are my Email exchanges with reporter Steven Wyble of the Yelm Nisqually Valley News -11/1/2012.
-------Original Message-------

From: News #3
Date: 11/1/2012 8:21:01 AM
Subject: Re: JZ Knight

Hi David,

I actually did get a copy of the behind the mask video.
Our deadline for this week's paper is today, so I probably would not have time for an interview for this week, but I'm wondering if you would be available sometime after today to discuss some of the issues presented in these videos, either in person or over the phone

Thank you,

Steven Wyble

News #3
Phone: 360-458-2681, ext. 1621

On Oct 31, 2012, at 10:49 AM, EMF wrote:

Dear Steven,
What you may view here JZ Knight Behind the Mask 1 of 4.flv
is the tip of a very dangerous iceberg. Icebergs do not form overnight!
The safety and wellbeing of current/former RSE students and the Yelm community is of paramount concern.
We look forward to reading Keven's next editorial.
With kind regards,

David McCarthy.



Subject: JZ Knight
I'm a reporter at the Nisqually Valley News. Would you be able to
speak to me about some of the videos of Knight released to YouTube?
Thank you,
Steven Wyble
News #3
Phone: 360-458-2681, ext. 1621

To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: JZ Knight Behind the Mask Video 1 of 4


Steven Wyble
News #3

Files have been sent to you
from via YouSendIt.

JZ Knight Behind the Mask Video 1 of 4 flash video

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JZ Knight Behind the Mask 1 of 4.flv

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What do you get when TRUTH gets sold out in journalism?
Seriously fucked up people in charge... :-(


Re: Why are there so many RSE scams going on?

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:21 pm
by David McCarthy
March 19, 2015 - Steven Wyble NV News - "Chiropractor Who Led Ramtha DNA Study Sanctioned for Fraud".
March 4, 2015 - Posted on EMF..... "In November 2012 the Chiropractic Commission charged chiropractor Matthew W. Martinez (CH60191433) with unprofessional conduct.Allegations include billing for services not provided and representing himself as a licensed massage practitioner when he does not hold an active massage practitioner credential in Washington."
Check the dates!
Just a quick Google search by Steven Wynble would have red flagged the Matthew Martinez JZ Knight DNA test was total BS.
Now Steven Wyble and the NV News are trying to cover their backs knowing printing that front page article promoting JZ Knight/Ramtha with her bogus DNA test could blow up in their faces. :oops:

Re: Why are there so many RSE scams going on?

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:25 pm
by Ockham
Wow! EMF really scooped the NVN by more than two weeks on breaking the Martinez story. :D