I just loved the original message

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I just loved the original message

Unread post by Justtruth » Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:35 am

It was so pure and beautiful in the beginning, it made you want to be the cleanest most beautiful person in the world, I cannot even describe the love and preciousness and the integrity and it was all about self and our God within us, NOT following a master teacher

Maybe I am one of the lucky ones, I have come and gone and moved alot of places and manifested real miracles

And instead of feeling down on myself that I was victimized, I just know that I kept going back because I just wanted the early teachings to be there again


I just know what we were all wanting, to be loved and to know who we were and who God is to us

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Re: I just loved the original message

Unread post by Vanilla » Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:07 am

That is exactly how I felt. Like how could I be the stupid one when I wanted to find supermind, something beyond, in a world where we live forever, and we can remote view things, do miracles, see cards before they are turned over..all the hidden history of mankind, there really being an Atlantis just waiting to be uncovered. Ramtha being a cinnamon colored warrior, one who lives beyond time, who actually did it, overcame his body. Truth, science, the real thing. Becoming that which you want so bad.

Only to find I had been completely 100% fooled. I fell for it. I bought every 25 dollar cd. I bought every event, year after year. I gave myself up, I blindfolded myself, I fell from a ladder in the tank, I froze in the field for hours...to be completely taken on a mind trip. I got yelled at so many times, insulted, jeered at by my "master teacher", hating myself, wanting to come clean.

Its not funny. But looking back it kind of is, that I was fooled. Well, it will never happen again. I know what is truth and that is my reality where I can see think and feel. The known.

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