Hooked by a celebrity

How is life after RSE? What negative effects are you dealing with? How has it affected loved ones? What has helped you towards healing and moving on? Share with others here.
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Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by Awaken » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:13 am


I'm new to this post and I don't have that much experience with Ramtha, but the little I have, left my mind quite fucked up.

It was around 2006 when I was living in LA and saw the movie "What the Bleep". Later, I read in "The Learning Annex" that JZ Knight was going to give a conference and I went to see her, thinking she was Ramtha (still didn't know anything about her). At that conference, I saw Salma Hayek and her brother. I know both of them from Mexico, and they invited me to Salma's house for an after party. Salma, at that time, was 5 years already at the school. So, I thought it was a normal party. When I get there, what I found was that JZ was the main guest at the party. Salma was talking a lot about her experiences at Yelm and I still couldn't understand the difference between JZ and Ramtha.

That night, I wanted to ask things to JZ, like how accurate our results should be at the sending and receiving (we did that exercise at the conference), and Salma kept on answering me, in a positive way, how I was good and should accept the end result. But I still wanted JZ's answer. I kept asking JZ and Salma would answer, and on and on. Suddenly, Salma got up, and in front of everyone just told me in a loud voice "I thing the only thing you want is to have the attention these last 30 minutes!".

It paralyzed me. I didn't know what to say and even a guy that works with her defended her. JZ never said a word.

That experience really shocked me for several reasons. One, I wanted to be a singer, and my chance for connections was being reduced. But mostly, because I thought that this Ramtha's School of Enlightment was about love and peace (that's what Enlightment really is), and Salma didn't really act like that. Although it made me feel guilty, because she was telling me "good" things before standing up, and because I didn't want her answer, suddenly wham!!!

BUT, and this is the BIG BUT..... Salma has done SO MUCH of her career since she got into the School. I know her mom and aunt were there too. Her mom is out, she doesn't believe that much anymore (she's a very advanced being, by the way). Her aunt is still at the school. So, because Salma has done so much, there's a part of me that still believes in Ramtha, or at least the teachings.

So, almost two years later, in October 2007, I decided to go to the school. I already had taken the Introduction in LA, and learned C&E and looked for my cards, but I wanted to go to the Ranch. So, I bought a complete camping equipment and I headed for Yelm. Really Naive......

When I got there, I learned that we had to buy all our food from the supermarket, and then there where mini restaurants there, so it was a waste of food. But I was happy and totally feeling special. The second day, at night, I was having my dinner and minding my own business and this lady sat besides me, and without me asking anything, she started telling me about all the prophecies. She talked with so much fear and passion it was incredible. I was already depressed when I got to the school, so, after that talk, I just fell into a deep hole. The next days where full of fear for me. I didn't understand how so many people could cope with this information and still be here and be happy (they looked happy). It was a really dark period of my life. I remember buying all the cd's about the prophecies. I would ask everyone there about them and they all said "oh, yeah, the prophecies". I didn't get it. When I saw Ramtha, I remember feeling love, specially at one time that he looked at me directly. So I was completely confused.

I went back to LA after it was over and spent 2 days locked in my apartment listening to all the cd's I bought, googling underground living, 2012, prophecies, everything. And that's when I decided to commit suicide. I could't handle it anymore. I got SO scared that no one in my family would believe me and that I had to go to live in Yelm by myself (I'm mexican), and when all the prophecies would occur, I was going to be so far and with no communication and they would be in danger. I felt so bad it was unbearable. Finally, some light got into my consciousness that made me change my mind, and I thought "all of this will happen in 5 years.... it's still a long time till those 5 years". And I decided to change my life. I needed to end THAT life. So I moved back to Mexico. And some of the light that I got was from Neale Donald Walsch, author of "Conversations with God", because I personally wrote him and explained the situation and he said it was not true and that even if it was true, because death doesn't actually exist, why would you live a life in a bunker. That's no life at all.

The thing that remains in my mind is about Salma. I saw her again at her house in LA when she was pregnant (her mom invited me because it was her jewelry presentation...the mom's), and guess who was there??? JZ Knight!!!! Her and Salma are like best friends!!! Salma even gave her a raid to wherever she was going. So, that's so confusing! I think Salma is a brilliant person, and it seems she has been applying all the disciplines, so how come she believes in all the BS that JZ Knight is??? If anyone knows some answers, I would LOVE to have them!!!

Last year my parents wanted to experience something enlightening and asked me about Ramtha. I didn't know what to tell them because I was still thinking it was MY fault I didn't understand the school, and that maybe they would. My dad is a physics mathematician and my mom a psychologist. They went to the retreat in Mexico (Ramtha was not here). My dad thought it was a complete and huge Bullshit. My mom... not so much. She is a "magic believer" like me, and she got quite hooked too. I went the second week for the next level, so they were there 10 days. I was there 5. It was so tense and weird, that right after doing these so called meditations and C&E about how "THE" day is going to be, about the ship coming, etc. so surreal, and then go to eat with my dad, and couldn't talk to him because he would get mad at us because we believed that. It was confronting. Finally, my mom told me the moment that she stopped believing in Ramtha was when JZ got all drunk. She felt it was such a huge disrespect to spirituality. My mom has been a practitioner of so many courses and teachings and is a woman full of love and peace, and she knew that a True Master would NEVER do that. Would never disrespect their channels body like that, and would never disrespect the audience like that.

And now that it's a month and a half before Dec, 21, 2012, I'm happy to say that NONE of the Ramtha's prophechies recorded in the cd's came true. That's when I started feeling calm about Ramtha's bullshit. I'm SO happy I didn't build an UG. I live in New York now, and Sandy just passed and I barely felt it. I was, without knowing, in the best area to be for a hurricane.

So, if anyone knows Salma, why is she believing, or is she? What's the deal with her. I need to heal that. Thank you so much!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their posts. They have helped me a lot.

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by ex » Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:00 pm

hi awaken. thank you for posting your story. it will help many people.
if you measure rse with knowledge like your dad. or with spirituality and believes like your mom, rse doesn't make much sense. if you look to understand rse in reasons like: making profits, enslaving people giving jz a reason to be important. you will find a lot of sense in what happens at rse.
the hooks in selma are the same than in you. we wanna know and rse lies that they have the answers to life itself. the difference is that jz probably uses selma to be with the famous actor crowd and uses selmas success for her own benefit. i know jz only from stage so this are my personal insights.
selma probably gets a lot of attention from jz because she is rich and famous. good luck to you.

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by Rooster » Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:14 pm

Hello Awaken and welcome,
Wow, enjoyed your post. I am so sorry you were hooked into rse. I am also very happy you and your parents had enough sense to get out, with your life. I do not know Salma and I am embarrassed to say. :oops: I have no idea who she is.

I just know the mind control state is very powerful and can over peoples lives. Since she is close to J.Z, I am sure JZ is giving specail attention to gain what she wants from this women.

I am sure you will get a earful of enlightenment today from all of the wonderful people on emf.

Just wanted to welcome you as I am heading out to vote before work. I can not tell you how delighted I am to see you here and free of rse.

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by Vanilla » Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:45 pm

Alot of students resent Salma's presences because Salma does not have to be current student to attend events. They think its not fair. They have to pay so much. When they are already poor. It is supposed to be a spiritual school.

I do not see Salma levitating, do you?
What she does in her own life has nothing to do with the school.

She was big in the 1990's.

I hate saying this, anything bad, because I think she is a beautiful women and such a good figure for latina women. She is a likeable woman. I feel nothing but awe at her.
I do not want to attack innocent brainwashed students of the school. But unfortunately Mexicans were attacked by Ramtha all over the public. Salma is a proud Mexican who played FRIDA. I believe she is a victim. If she had one doubt about JZ she would be long gone. She believes Ramtha is real. I normally would not bother a woman and her faith. But this is not a faith. This is a cult, for sure, only difference is the god is a 35000 thousand year old warrior bullshit. And led by a woman. JZ Knight uses her, sours her name.
Do you guys agree?
It is a matter of time before some journalist or newspaper breaks this story.

Celebrities are power hungry fame hungry anjd some will do anything to get there. The church of Satan in the 1950's had many celebrities ask for assistance. To get parts in films. Etc. These groups are very hooky, like Christian Science.

She had some secret relationships with RSE students years ago. Then she moved on to a billionaire? Is that the sign of a ascended master? This billionaire also is a father to Linda Evangelista's baby, while he was married to Salma. According to the Linda herself coming forward with suit, but hey maybe a grain of truth there?

So all of us who do the disciplines PROPERLY and for many many hours, our reward is we get to be married to a billionaire? We get to wint he lottery? We get to win at roulette? Does that sound enlightening? We get to cross over to the other side and see lost souls? Or be taken up by ET's that watch us above every event, as well as the CIA and the US Government because the students are told they are evolved? Doesnt that sound cultish to you?

Apologies I think she is a great woman, but needs to be enlightened.

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by Kelku » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:29 pm

Hello Awaken and a warm welcome...

Thank you for sharing your interesting story.

I just can contribute my observation on how rse used her for promotion...
I met her at a summer event in Italy some years ago (2006/2007?).
She seemed to be a focussed and dedicated student, sitting attentively in the back of the hall and was afraid of people taking pictures of her.

But around that time she had just 'manifested' this Coca Cola deal for 1,500,000 $.
She was allowed on stage in Yelm to share her story how she manifested this money with 'the Grid' discipline... since she is an actress she went to great length and embellished it skillfully.
By that time I had already translated the video of this presentation at least 2 times at world-tour events.
Then in Italy she was allowed on stage again, sharing her 'Grid' story that most of the students already knew of course... (the old 'we use stuff until it's really, really worn out').
I was still a believer back then but I remember that the connecting of her 'grid work' to her coca cola deal made no sense to me at all.
If she would have been a middle-aged housewife from the countryside or whoever else, I would have seen a point. But back then she was still big in Hollywood, an A-list-celebrity with the appearance of a dark haired angel...
Geee... it's normal ourdays that 'stars' like her have outrageous advertising deals with big corporations.
I was pretty annoyed that rse used Salma with her story to promote the disciplines cause to me it was the story of a hollywood movie star and not the 'common' rse student.

I think she didn't like to be used like this.
“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”
- Sophocles

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by freemysoul » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:04 pm

Hi Awaken and welcome, I am glad you shared your story and have come to EMF. The thing you need to understand about JZ Knight, is that she cares about one person, JZ Knight. I also think that JZ is far more interested in Selma's billionaire husband than she cares about Selma, as JZ is a power hungry greed monger, who has sold her soul for wealth and the control she wields over a couple thousand brain washed followers, who would drink the kool aid if told. JZ uses celebrities to draw in people from all walks of life, because of the misconception some have that stars are somehow bigger, or greater than regular folk. So don't take this Selma thing too seriously. Famous people, celebrities in particular, are no different than you or I, they just attract more attention because of their career, so don't forget they are only human. JZ has the ability to convince people who seek answers to lifes unanswerable questions, that she has those answers, and this is a very powerful combination, as people, myself included, are willing to put aside common sense and rational thought to have answers to those questions, and under this illusion, accept implausible and ridiculous notions that JZ puts worth so eloquently, albeit wrongly. Selma is no different, she wants to know the unknown, and believes, like I did at one time, that JZ has those answers, and is willing to be misled to attain the unattainable. If Selma hasn't already, soon she will see through the charade of JZ's and put all the rse nonsense behind her. Another thing, JZ Knight and rse did NOTHING for Selma's career, if anything, she has harmed her career by stifling her creativity, and limiting her options with fear.
I am happy to see you here Awaken, and look forward to watching your journey away from the clutches of JZ Knight and the dead end that is RSE.

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by RoyGBiv » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:36 am

welcome, awaken. Thanks for sharing your story.

see ya on Dec 22!

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by Awaken » Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:30 am

Thanks for all your replies!!!!

Now, I still have some doubts. Ramtha's teachings DO work, don't they?? So, where did she (JZ) got them from? I feel a little like "they know something I don't, and I criticize them but they still know more than I do" kind of thing. I want to find that point where they are doing wrong things, but still with right teachings, you know what I mean? Maybe I want to see things black and white, so either JZ is wrong all the way, or is right all the way. And because I know her teachings are right, I still can't see her in an evil way. So, what I'm thinking is that I'm the one that's wrong and I still haven't "got it".

In my heart I know I'm right, because God is bigger that any 35,000 year old spirit, and God is love, and this being is not making me feel love about myself.

But my mind is still with this inner conflict.

Thanks and lots of love!!!

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by RoyGBiv » Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:48 am

It's a sweet tasting poison, awaken. We all wrestle with it.
There's enough truth mixed in, pilfered from various sources, that the taste of crap is covered up.

I haven't manifested any of the things I created, and yes, I blew and danced and passed out and went away, coming back to a body in seizures. For years. Yet somehow, the only things that came my way were due to vision, planning, hard work, and principles. And the universe rewards a generous heart.

We're led to believe it's our fault, that somehow we're not enough somehow. Yet in 30 years not a single student has performed an unequivocally supernatural act of any kind.

Being made to feel like it's your fault is a perfect trap, isn't it? I almost died due to that particular twist. Don't you believe that, not for one moment., You, my dear, have been led astray. As I was. And I know it hurts to realize that.
The only person manifesting anything is JZK.

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by freemysoul » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:42 am

Very well said RoyGBiv.
I truly understand where you are coming from Awaken, as there was a point prior to my recovery process that I felt exactly as you do now. What I can suggest is to read as many posts on this site, and do plenty of research on the honest truth of JZ Knight. What I have found is there is a mountain of evidence supporting the reality of JZ's dishonest practices, and not an ounce of verifiable proof that anything outside of the ordinary has ever happened from people practicing her nonsense. There are hundreds, if not thousands of personal, true, heartbreaking stories on EMF from people who have been deceived by her and have finally seen the forest for the trees, by allowing their critical thinking to return, and rebuilding their lives from the destruction JZ deceived them into.
The reality of rse and JZ is that they are surrounded by myth, conjecture, rumor and outright lies. Every claim by ramsters and JZ is tainted by peoples desire to have magic in their life, and have answers to life's most complex and mysterious aspects. JZ uses this desire to manipulate people into believing things that are not just unrealistic, unbelievable nonsense, but sometimes dangerous and lethal. No one has ever manifested something from thin air, no one has ever biolocated, no one can see through playing cards, no one can win the lottery by wishing it, or breathing it so, no one heals themselves by painting blue cobwebs on themselves and dancing into a trance, and no on is ever going to do any of these things, because not only are they impossible to accomplish by wishing or focusing them into being, it takes actually DOING, hard work, and dedication to honest acts of self motivated determined action to accomplish REAL things in life: earning money, buying a house, getting a job, raising your children, healing your body, etc. etc. etc, require us to put forth these practices to attain ALL THINGS. I believe if you take an honest look at JZ Knight and her "school", you will find what most all of us here at EMF have: JZ Knight is a charlatan cult leader, pretending to 'channel' a figment of her imagination to bilk people of their hearts and souls, their physical and emotional well being, honest hard earned money, their families and loved ones, and sometimes their whole life. She has spent the last 30 plus years grooming the image of a righteous spiritual teacher while tearing peoples entire lives to shreds, leaving them spiritually, financially and morally bankrupt, all the while portraying herself the martyr. Ask yourself this: If JZ Knight was so righteous, and her school a pillar of all that's upstanding, why does she have her "students" sign confidentiality agreements? Why is she so concerned with her "teachings" being shown to the public? What is happening so wrong there that JZ doesn't want the public at large to ever find out? Dig deep enough into the truth on her and her little 'school', and you will see exactly the kind of things JZ doesn't want people outside of her 'brain washed' and sycophantic to know.
We are here for you and glad that you have found EMF Awaken.

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by Awaken » Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:01 am

Wow!!! RoyGBiv.... loved your post. Freemysoul, thank you!

It's amazing how delicate this subject is. I read your posts and thank you, and then I remember Ramtha and I think "but she's right....". Wow! I have to be mature and responsible enough to really be aware of something that is hurting me. I guess some (or most) of the people at RSE doubt their own heart and mind and want somebody to tell them the "truth". I'm lucky enough to have this desire of growth since I was young and have searched several teachers, finding some amazing ones, and that helped me to doubt a little about Ramtha. I even have a great spiritual teacher in Mexico and I asked him about Ramtha and he just looked at me and asked me "do you really believe that shit from this woman called JZ Knight?". He was amazed that after years of going to his seminars I could still believe in these kind of things. I guess I doubt SO much of my own thoughts that I want to believe anything that makes me feel special.

Thank you guys. This has been a great step for me towards my healing.

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by RoyGBiv » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:01 pm

What keeps hitting home for me is that how I go about achieving something in my life is AT LEAST as important as the goal itself. Probably more so, speaking in terms of soul value.
Achieving an end through the misuse of power and control, deceit via half-truths, through selfish manipulation of others-- this is a path I wouldn't want to take. It's all the "third seal" power stuff which seems to be the standard procedure down at RSE and in JZ/R's behaviors, yet the teachings tell us to avoid them and self-correct? The hypocrisy is heinous. I'm glad those videos have made it out, they will open eyes across the world.

I prefer a path of integrity, kindness, principle, compassion, and the greatest good. I don't see these ideas in action at the school, and the higher you go in the organization the worse it gets. Your mexican teacher friend was right on... "you actually believe that shit?"

Actually it was realizing the "say one thing, do another" aspect of the organization that really cut me loose. That, and finding out how afraid everyone on staff is of JZK. Bitch on wheels, I hear.
If JZ/R can't walk her own talk, this folkie is outta there! And I'm glad you are too.

California Dreamin'
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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by California Dreamin' » Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:19 am

Hi Awaken, and welcome.

I just want to share with you that my personal "awakening" experience took place over several years. I joined this site back in 2008 (I think), and was still on the fence a little because of the impact of the enormity of JZ's fraud was simply too much for me to accept and digest quickly. My life as I knew it was at stake. It took reading this board, and Bravenet for over a year before all of my lights got turned back on and I was able to see the deception that was perpetrated on me.

I think if you read as many postings and stories as possible and digest them over a period of time, your doubts will clear up and you will have a greater understanding of what has happened to you.

One of JZ's tactics that kept me hanging in there and coming back for more was the way that universal truths were mingled with even the most crass teachings. I remember distinctly students who had read the White Book were discussing that Ramtha even justified murder. :twisted: Ramtha/JZ justified everything degrading and crass by attempting to build a lesson around it, i.e., saying we create all of our reality.

Awaken, just give yourself time to assimilate your new-found support system and our experiences here at EMF. You need not defend yourself or your experiences to us as, believe me, we have all walked in your shoes in one way or another.


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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by Awaken » Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:42 pm

Thank you!

I'll read a lot more. And you have helped me a lot. Thank you again!

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Re: Hooked by a celebrity

Unread post by Tree » Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:54 pm

Thank you for your story awaken.

Someone referred me to your post.

I think it is very important to understand that because people are very different in how they were raised,
what situations, and by their very nature as individuals that first, the road to discoverying that r$se us both a cult
and a fraud is a slippery one, because deep down, we all want to believe that something is trued.
The second road is recovery....and this takes many variations as well, which I personally think is aided by a support
group as well as a therapist. This is not a well trodden road.

The amount of time on each road is variable according to how our nervous systems and brains are wired.

Every post on EMF and EE count. You never know when one story, one line will make the difference is someone's life:
That someone who has given up their former family, friends, job, house, children, country, EVERYTHING.
Every step in recovery gives these people their lives back.


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