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What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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blog on ramtha, blog

Unread post by joe sz » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:58 pm

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Unread post by littlewiseone » Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:20 pm

Ha! I wonder what the connection is? I posted a comment with a link to this forum...
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Unread post by Kensho » Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:43 am

Oops :shock: Judith forgot who she was supposed to be...

Notice that the King & I accent of the Ramtha character is dropped in the first two minutes of the video clip? What follows after that is the speech style of JZ; but Judith presents it in combination with the the mannerisms, posturing and arrogance associated with the Ramtha character.

Darn happens to the best of us, Judith. :D

This 'two acts-in-one' film clip demonstrates that both Ramtha and JZ are just characters in Judith's act.
Perhaps she just needs a little more focus.

Remember Judith, the greatest things are achieved in a light heart..! :lol:

Much love to all, Kensho

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New to this site

Unread post by Free » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:54 pm

I don't even know how to begin. I just found this site today and have spent several hours reading posts. I have been out of the school since 2002. I lived in Yelm for 3 of the most horrifying years of my life. At the same time, those years made me a stronger person. This is why to this day, I am still conflicted about my experiences. I dabbled in the teachings for several years before I met Sir Robert at an event. The rest of the story you can imagine. I lost all my money and almost lost my family. Somehow, I got out of there... and started over. thanks for listening.

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Hello Free

Unread post by Robair » Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:42 pm

Hello Free
Welcome to our board,I am very happy to hear that you made out of there,and now working on rebuilding you life,Having a close experience with Robert can be an eye openning,and Yes I know him well,,he is not a Sir no more then Greg is a doctor,I have said it before the two of them know that the whole thing is a Scam,and are milking it.
Being confuded about the experience and some of the teaching,is pretty normal,I am still debating on some of that stuff my self.
Not everything JZ has presented is faulse,most of it has been around for century,she is just unsing OUR ingorance and trust to get as much money out of us has she can with out producing any result.Like every Scam Artist do.
If you can share some of your experience with us,it might help someone else,because every expereinces are different,and we always learn from everyone of them
Thank you and hope to hear from you soon
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new to this site

Unread post by Free » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:28 pm

Thanks for your reply. There are very few people in my life who really know this story. Two friends who also were in the school, but never moved there. They too felt the wrath of Robert Jones who almost broke up their marriage. Robert could see that one of them had some doubts about Ramtha. He then started in on his master manipulation. I warn anyone who is even thinking of becoming involved with this man. He is incredibly abusive, manipulative and cold.
I move to Yelm with my son and move in with Robert and his family. Things were good at first. Then the mind games and manipulation started in. I am embarrassed to say that I was such a fool and lost lots of money... It was not long before he had another woman on the side (a sugar mama, I was now broke) and had me convinced that my suspicions were all in my head. I started to doubt my own mind and so I emersed myself in the school and the teachings. Like others, I also drank a lot of wine. On several occasions I had JZ / ramtha tear me down while at an event. One time I was called on stage with Robert where she told him to dump me, that I was worthless, blah blah blah (that was the first time that I had real doubt. I could see hate in her eyes). Soon, I did not know who I was. Robert also used Ramtha to control me. Telling me about "things ramtha has told him".
I am now pretty convinced he is in on the scam and is being paid in some manner. There are so many strange things I was witness to.
I heard that he had a miraculous healing a few years back. I know he was very sick because I was with him through much of that. I also know that he does his disciplines religiously. However, I doubt that he has "healed" himself. Anyone who will keep a dog chained up for days without food or water is NOT capable of healing anything. I think he had open heart surgery which is what the Dr.'s had recommended. Oh, I could go on and on...There is so much bullshit..
After moving back to my home and slowly rebuilding my personal and professional life, I am doing well today. I am so grateful. I feel for so many people who are stuck in the downward spiral that I know all too well. Thanks again for listening.

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Hello Everyone

Unread post by Robair » Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:53 am

Hello again Free
Thank you so much for your reply.
WOW thank you for sharing your experience you had with Sir Robert.
You have kind open a door for me to walk in about a subject that we have not talk much on the site, and that is The Match Making that is going on at the ranch that JZ as Ramtha has been doing for many years.
First I would like ask you, were you and Robert one of those so call solemate arrangement done by that 7 foot Match Maker?
The reason I am asking is that for many years JZ as Ramtha has united many so call solemate.
She have done it with out any regard what so ever for family, children,or values, by breaking marriages splitting couple and basiclely running lives and leaving children stock in the middle. We know that she do not respect marriage as she her self have been married many time, and for her last few relationships has switch to the Boy toy mode of relationship,meaning younger Good looking student that she spot during events.and her as Ramtha seduced them.
The way you describe the situation that she brought you on stage let me want to think that you might have been one of those.One thing that you mentioned about her that is very very interesting is the fact that while she was getting on your case you saw anger in her eyes,only JZ would show that kind of emotion, the character Ramtha would not.
Since you seam to have been part of the close circle for sometime you must have seen all kind of things that was kept in that circle.
If you are not one of those arrangement you are one of those that she splited ether way it is the same from my point of view.
I am sure you must have been witness to some of those Match Making moment.
Or anyone on this site that have seen some of those Match Making could share with us some of their knowledge also.
I want to let you know that I know Sir Robert well, I have talked about him on here before,he is a profiter,he is like a vulture waiting to pray on girls, and use his statutes in the school to take advantage of them,Vulture that all he is.
I am very happy to hear that you were strong enough to get out of this cult,and got back you life and complete control of your self.
Sharing some of your experiences with other here would be very valuable to many.
Again thank you for all of the sharing.
I am sure other on here will be responding to your posts
Hope to hear from you soon
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Unread post by Caterpillar » Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:53 pm

Hello everyone

Free, thank you so much for sharing and warning others about Robert Jones and JZ/Ramtha. It?s wonderful that you have managed to leave and start over. Your courage and strength are admirable, and offer HOPE to others in similar situations.

I don?t know Robert but have noticed RSE marketing him (& his books) over the years.

Robert Jones was an appointed teacher for Blue Body healing, July 2008

Robert on BTO about his ?healing?, July 2008

Robert paid $40,000 for a pair of Ramtha?s boots, donated by JZK, July 2007

I used to believe the above but since leaving RSE and now reading about your traumatic experience with Robert, the above would be QUESTIONABLE?

Walk in the Park
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robert jones

Unread post by Walk in the Park » Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:56 pm

a few years back, robert's son was dating a gardener.
This is when the comrades group existed.

Little Robert told this young girl that Ramtha had told little Robert that little Robert should
bed this girl and have his baby.
This young girl was totally smitten.
She skipped work for several days.
She came back a few days later, glazed, gitty and "in love".

"JZ" caught wind of this and for good show
ripped little robert apart.
told him he could no longer be a comrade, but big robert pleaded.

It took several months for this young girl to get a grip.

After the jz internvention,
the young girl met a foreign young man and became pregnant and left the job.

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Unread post by ex » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:20 pm

robert jones also bought the robes bevore in the cse auctions. hi free your mentioning of robert reminded me of very dark captures i expierienced at rse even in the times i was exited about jzr. he clearly likes his position of power as general or what the heck he was.

Walk in the Park
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Unread post by Walk in the Park » Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:09 pm

the above mentioned gardener is still enmeshed in RSE.
the experience with robert jr twisted her for a bit,
but jz's "intervention" saying "Ramtha would never condone that behavior"
turned the girl back into throws of rse.

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Unread post by Kensho » Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:55 pm

Walk in the Park,

Thanks for sharing.

What a shame about the gardener; but so it goes with RSE and their methods. Build up, break down, build up, break down...control, control, control.

May the gardener easily find another 'plot of ground' to plant and tend.

Much love, Kensho

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nothing matters until you use the universal translater.

Unread post by nubleonebula » Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:08 am

my research has found that electrons and other quantum particles really do know how to interpert all living
langauges, I know this because I have put the correct sequential order information togather to understand what the
universe is saying directly, BUT there is more that needs researching in order to get the whole message, it's kind of like
playing the game show that gives you a few hint letters and then you try to read the whole message by process of
elimination by revealing the sometimes incomplete message, you know the name of the show. Enlightenment the REAL KIND COMES only to those that possess the( DNA universal template in their DNA CODE) or better said of those who are more open to allowing the information transmiter to flow through their bodies as (observers) as in the movie "what the bleep" nothing is new, it is just recycled inventions & discoveries that existed billions of years ago before the alledged big bang???, if you are disillutioned with the contacts made with Ramtha then you must reinterpert what happened, sometimes the negative uncomfortable things that happen occur because of missing information. Holding an open mind coupled with other anomilies in this existence is of upmost importance if you are to find your own universal translator to help you read the actual direct messages you get both inside your mind and outside in the reality you live in. The previous message is to
see if and how many peole can unravel the code I have left in this message, beyond that I say that there are no such
things as Cults! there are only bits of incomplete informations, inclucing with in your own self's existence and based on
how you assemble the experences you somethings go through, ( sometimes motivated by you own actions & sometimes
when you are Wrongfully forced to make decisions & take actions NOT THROUGH YOUR OWN DOING but by the Ignorent
actions of others around you who do not & maybe never will be able to change their distrutive actions) will determine
if you will successfully raise your frequency to higher levels, but other factors will suddenly appear when you do!
and it is these factors that are altered to change the conditions of your progess in order to block the way for other peoples
that have not earned the right of passage to higher realms, this happens because it becomes your own lock and key in
the pathway you were created in, no one else will be able to enter your path way. I could go on but words are not enough
to teach you why this is so important. if you wish to know more then call me & I'll answer your questions. (818) 912-3888 :idea: :!:
HRM Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor of Turtle Island of the renamed continent
of North Pangea (formery known as the USA North America)

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Unread post by ex » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:30 am

two years i had an open mind. just to find out jzrs behavier is only to explain through the fact that she rakes in money so much as possible. i also went there to look if my masterteacher recocnice my spiritual distress about my doubt. a littel gesture might have done it. jzr missguieds souls toward serious depressions and suicide. to put her bs into cryptic newage bla bla doesent justyfie have your spiritual pseusience somwere were some srious sientist discuss it?

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