RSE Whistleblowers betrayed by The Olympian Newspaper

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RSE Whistleblowers betrayed by The Olympian Newspaper

Unread post by David McCarthy » Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:19 pm

May 2007.
The Olympian Newspaper editors sent their reporter Keri Brenner to my home who conducted an extensive three hour interview with six whistle blowers who were former students and a staff member at RSE.
The interviews covered documented and witnessed allegations of RSE fraud, physical and physiological abuse against children, and Fire, Health and safety violations at RSE.
Former RSE insiders Carroll Cobbs and Kari Konga also took part in those interviews.
The Olympian photographer was also present, this was no minor interview for the Olympian.
Keri Brenner assured me that she wanted to present a "balanced" story about RSE...!
Those interviews never saw the light of day.
When I confronted Keri Brenner she blamed her Editors.
Whatever the case...
We were betrayed by Keri Brenner and the Olympian Newspaper Editors both!

Now why was that?


Letter to the Editor
The Olympian 2-14-08

Looking for a critical Ramtha analysis
As a Thurston County resident for over 30 years, I?ve been aware of the Ramtha organization since it was founded, and have followed The Olympian’s coverage of it. In my opinion, the paper has never cast a serious objective journalistic eye on JZ Knight’s claims or activities? ? certainly not the skeptical eye that some might like to see from our local paper.
So my senses perked up when I saw the headline ‘Disillusioned former students target Ramtha.’ At the very least, I expected something that would do justice to a critical perspective. But no, it proved to be much like previous articles.
After reading the whole article, I went back over it and highlighted the portions that, if I were JZ Knight, I would probably not like. They constitute at most 30 percent of the article. The rest is the response of the school representatives or else background material that is not at all critical. In all cases, the school gets the last word. If this is balanced journalism, that balance is seriously weighted in favor of the supposed target.
A really serious and objective look at the school and its effects on our community would require a commitment of journalistic resources that The Olympian apparently has not yet decided to make. I for one would welcome such an effort, and I would look forward to getting something from it that might be truly educational and useful.
S. K.

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"Shills" in jounalism..just follow the money!

Unread post by David McCarthy » Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:51 pm

Here is an outline of the witnessed information we presented to Keri Brenner during those interviews:

Brainwashing practices used at RSE, IE: Psychological and physical deprivation, humiliation and violent abuse against students.

Gross breaches of fire, health and safety regulations/violations occurring at RSE.

Alcohol, smoking and drug use "Prozac" taught and encouraged at RSE.

The numerous and disastrous MLM investment pyramid scams perpetuated by RSE.

The use of "shills" to deceive students of miraculous healings and ‘psychic’ abilities taught by RSE

Blatant Plagiarisms used and then copyrighted by JZ Knight

Tax fraud at RSE

Concealed weapons carried by RSE staff

Verbal and physical Abuse by JZ Knight and RSE staff against students

Child abuse at RSE

RSE False advertising

Threats and intimidation towards RSE whistleblowers

Sexual abuse and cover-ups occurring RSE

Those that have lost everything to RSE including their health and lives.


Related: Shills in Journalism.
The term is applied metaphorically to journalists or commentators who have vested interests in or associations with parties in a controversial issue. Usually this takes the form of a show or network pretending to be offering news when in fact they are simply repeating talking points offered by a political party.
Journalistic ethics require full disclosure of conflicts of interest, and of any interference by other parties with the reportage.

More specifically, there is historical cases of Journalists in private media organisations being covert representatives of government and/or businesses. In these roles the journalists will present positive stories about their respective interests at key moments in order to influence public opinion. This is often achieved by claiming to have access to anonymous government or business sources. At other times, the links may actually appear overt to some, but not to the intended audience such as with Radio Free Europe, a broadcaster which targeted Eastern European audiences on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency.

An extension of these tactics is the practice of monitoring news outlets prior to or during publication. Often when a negative story is discovered attempts are made first to stop it. However as this can, in some societies, draw attention to what could otherwise be a minor story, Shill's are used to put out alternative views, either to confuse the public about the legitimacy of the story or to outright convince them that it is a lie.

Shill - Wikipedia,
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Re: RSE Whistleblowers betrayed by The Olympian Newspaper

Unread post by David McCarthy » Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:18 am

This is what we are up against...
Here is an example of blatant info advertising for JZ Knight by the Olympian dressed as journalism so the reader trusts the information to be accurate.
The Olympian never intended to publish those interviews,
It was all a cunning ruse to gather information that I know for a fact was passed on to JZ Knight.
Follow the money.
What does it take to get the truth about JZ Knight out there.....A Jonestown Meldown at RSE?
Cults are a symptom of a greater sickness in society,
The Olympian Newspaper is but a greater symptom of a sick News Media.
They go hand in hand trampling on truth and freedom for power and profit.

Behind the gates at Ramtha's school The Olympian January 25, 2008

By Lisa Pemberton, The Olympian • Published July 16, 2006 Modified January 25, 2008 ... 25543.html

YELM - Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, after nearly 20 years of existence, has begun to give the public a glimpse of what goes on behind the high fences and massive gates of what some have called "the mystery school."

During the past year, the school's founder, JZ Knight, hosted an open house for local business leaders, spoke at a public event at The Evergreen State College, and led an event at the Yelm Timberland Library.
And she recently invited members of the City Council, the Nisqually Tribe and The Olympian to attend a three-day event at the 80-acre school to get a flavor of its activities.
Nearly a third of the school's 3,000 students live in South Sound.
Most of the students are Baby Boomers who feel a strong connection with Ramtha, a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit that Knight claims to channel.
The school has drawn its share of celebrities, too, including Linda Evans and Salma Hayek, who were in South Sound recently for one of its events.
Many students say they've learned how to improve their lives at the school, which teaches a mix of philosophy, science, history, psychology, self-help and paranormal activities, among other things.
"This school, these teachings and this truth has saved my life many, many times," said Stephany Ray, 56, of Yelm. "The school has taught me to love myself, has taught me and helped me to find the God within me. ... I always knew there was more to life, but I didn't know what or how."
Ray was living in Philadelphia and was a vice-president and certified financial planner for Prudential Bache Securities when she first attended a New York "Ramtha Dialogue" in 1984.
She spent a few years traveling around the country to attend other Ramtha events before moving to Yelm in 1988.
Ray said she doesn't see a woman when Knight channels Ramtha. She sees an entirely different "energy."
"It's a male energy, it's a loving energy, it's a powerful energy, and it's a truthful energy," Ray said.
In its early years, the school was considered extremely controversial in the community. A local church group picketed along the property, and Knight was called the "daughter of Satan."
"I think 20 years ago, it was looked at with a lot of skepticism due to the nature of the teachings," said Yelm City Councilmember Bob Isom. "At that time, it certainly wasn't the norm. It was a new and emerging philosophy, for a lack of better words."
During the late 1980s, Knight was shot at while working in her yard. The bullet missed her, and struck the lawn trimmer that she was holding.
Today, many in South Sound still don't approve of what the school teaches.
For example, Ramtha's teaching that people are God goes against traditional Christian beliefs, said pastor Dave Minton of Capital Christian Center in Olympia.
"There is an authority that we have as human beings, but to be equal with, or to have the position of God would be a false teaching," he said.
The channeling of Ramtha also goes against Christianity, Minton said.
"My take on it? The channeling she does would be of an unclean spirit or an evil spirit," he said.
Knight's invitation to her three-day "Fabulous Wealth Retreat" didn't go over well with Isom. "I guess my main concern is that they've been there for over 20 years. ... Why now?" he asked.
Isom said he felt the invitation was an "olive branch" from the school for past clashes that many of its students have had with City Council members over residential and retail growth in the area.
"If there are issues they wish to discuss that affect the residents of the city of Yelm, the appropriate place to discuss them is at a city meeting," Isom said.
Former airline executive Steve Klein, who has studied at the school since its inception and works as Knight's logistics and travel coordinator, said there wasn't an ulterior motive.
"This has been real consistent with what her practices have been," he said. "She's been attempting, in my view, to open up in a way - that this mystery behind the walls is no mystery. It's a teaching into the sciences and neurobiology that is unique in the world, and it's here in Yelm."
All of this comes at a time when Knight has started teaching many of the school's events herself - in years past, most of her classes were led by Ramtha.
"It's only been in the last year that she's shared her experiences," Klein said.
And there are several other changes at the school, which is redesigning its Web site and has reformatted events for beginning students so that more people can take classes.
"There's change on the horizon," Knight said during a presentation earlier this month. "And that's really encouraging."
Knight is preparing to open a new boutique in Bellevue. And she temporarily laid off many of the school's 50 or so employees and closed the school's business office until September.
"For the first time, we get a summer," Knight said.
For some residents, the changes at the school have gone unnoticed. And the school still seems a bit mysterious.
Barbara Lowe has lived in Yelm for almost a decade.
She read one of the school's books, but said she doesn't know much about Ramtha or the school's teachings.
"What people think they know about the school may be more rumor," said Lowe, 57, whose husband is the pastor at First Baptist Church in Yelm. "They seem to want to stay under the radar."
Lowe said the word "Ramtha" usually comes up when people learn that she's from Yelm.
The school definitely has had an effect on the community. For instance, the local library carries a wide selection of New Age and books from Ramtha's school, and there are several businesses in the area that are run by students.
But Lowe doesn't think the school's presence is as controversial as it was a decade ago.
"I don't think the Christian community appreciates their presence because they do stand for things that are contrary to our beliefs," she said. "But as far as any controversies - the school is so low profile. There are very few people who stand up and say publicly, 'I'm a part of this.'"
• 1946: On March 16, Judith Darlene Hampton, who would become known as JZ Knight, is born in Roswell, N.M., to parents who are migrant farm workers.
• 1965-1976: Knight marries; has two children, Brandy and Christopher; divorces; begins a career in cable television. She gains the nickname "Zebra" because of her ability to make black-and-white decisions. She later abbreviates the moniker to JZ. After landing cable contracts in the Puget Sound area, Knight remarries and moves to Tacoma.
• 1977: In February, in her Tacoma kitchen, Knight has her first encounter with a being she later says is Ramtha.
• 1978: In November, Knight claims to channel Ramtha for the first time.
• 1979: Knight purchases an 80-acre site in the Yelm area, and opens an Arabian horse ranch.
• 1979-1988: Knight begins "Ramtha Dialogues," ranging from evening talks to one-week retreats. These sessions are held in 24 cities, including Seattle, Honolulu, New York and Denver.
• 1988: Knight establishes Ramtha's School of Enlightenment: The American Gnostic School. The school is started in Snow Mountain, Colo. in May with 532 students. Subsequent classes and workshops are held at Knight's ranch.
• 1996-1997: A team of researchers studies Knight, Ramtha and the RSE students. Knight repeatedly is given physiological, psychological and behavioral tests. According to, one of the results shows that Knight and the students display a marked growth in their spiritual and mental abilities.
• 1999: RSE launches a 5-year World Tour, with events in Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Scotland.
Source: Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
Lisa Pemberton writes for The Olympian. She can be reached at 360-704-6871

Read more here: ... 25543.html
Questions and answers about Ramtha, JZ Knight - Ramtha - The Olympian - Published July 16, 2006 ... 25555.html
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Re: RSE Whistleblowers betrayed by The Olympian Newspaper

Unread post by David McCarthy » Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:24 am

For the record:
The Olympian Editors Published this infomercial for JZ Knight May 14th, 2007..
Ramtha school aims for less mystery


The Ramtha School of Enlightenment is shrouded in mystery for many who pass the gates of its 80-acre property near Yelm. School officials are looking to change that.
Led by JZ Knight, a woman who claims to channel the 35,000-year-old warrior Ramtha, the school has launched a campaign to highlight students’ economic and intellectual contributions to the community. The campaign includes news releases about individual students’ accomplishments as well as paid ads in publications.

Event services manager Steve Klein said the school always has been involved in the area. “What has changed is that now we want to tell our story – which is that not only are our students contributing to the community, but that they have an economic impact.”

Greg Simmons, marketing director for the school for 18 years and a teacher there for nine years, said it simply is the right time for the school’s message to come out. He said the school has no hidden agenda.

“In the past, we’ve sort of been anonymous to some degree, just to be left alone to do our work,” said Simmons, the author of a Ramtha school guide called “These Things You Shall Do … and Greater” (2006, Mulai de Guise Publishing, Rainier). “Now it’s time to let people know that we’re not just a school. We’re socially, economically and ecologically responsible.”

In the newspaper ads, the school says its students are avid consumers of local goods and services. Surveys that students filled out in February and March report that they spent a combined $250,000 to $665,000 per month – depending on the number of people attending the school at a given time – on food, hotels, rental cars, lattes, child care, clothes and supplies.

“They’ve certainly been good audiences for us,” said Howard Christian, operations manager for the eight-screen Yelm Cinemas. The theater arranges early morning showings of limited-edition films, such as “Who Killed the Electric Car?” last year, for as many as 1,200 students at a time who are in town for biannual retreats.

Knight has opened two gift and antiques stores called JZ Rose – one in Yelm and a second at Bellevue Square.

Her school’s teachings focus on scientific ways to focus energy and thoughts to express each person’s purpose and realize each person’s spiritual and material goals, according to school officials.

More than 5,000 current students attend at least two events a year, school officials say.

Worldwide, 15,000 people attended various satellite center classes last year
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