Welcome to the Enlighten Me Free Message Board Forum. This forum is primarily intended for former students of RSE. It's a place where they can discuss and share experiences and receive support within a sense of community & networking with others. Family and friends who need support due to concerns they have with regard to experiences they've encountered from their loved ones in RSE are also welcome to post.

This is a moderated forum. Post using maturity and respect toward others, in particular when you don't agree. We're all entitled to our viewpoints, and posting our viewpoints. However, be sure you disagree with issues, instead of attacking people. Vitriol toward ANY group or individual is uncalled for & may result in a deleted post, and possibly being banned from further posting. Further, RSE proselytizing, solicitations & advertisements will be deleted without notice.

Let there be no misunderstanding here, The Enlighten Me Free (EMF) website has also been created to make public the destructive and deceptive activities regarding JZ Knight, JZK Inc. and Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE)

Certain topic threads on this forum will allow room for opinions on debating issues. Topic threads that welcome debates need to be stated as such when begun, not afterwards. All other threads will be specifically and only for support and sharing experiences and opinions.