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Educate yourself -  (EMF) HERE


 David McCarthy interview with Steven Weinberg

Recorded July 2008 - 28 Min, Available HERE

Steven L Weinberg was the Editor and Publisher of Sovereignty Press that held several key Ramtha book copyrights. In this interview Steven describes how he created the character of Ramtha as portrayed in 'Ramtha, The White Book'.
 At the time of this interview Steven was considering to file a copyright claim and personal damages against JZ Knight, JZK Inc. and JZK Publishing regarding unpaid royalties. JZK Inc. claimed they retained the English and foreign rights to publish Ramtha and other Weinberg books ... and published new but nearly identical versions of Ramtha which no longer listed Steven L Weinberg as the holder of the copyrights.
Soon after these interviews Steven ceased all communications with me. I suspect an 'out of court settlement' was agreed between Steven Weinberg and JZ Knight.

After I was sued by JZ Knight for alleged copyright violations and breach of contract with RSE, the shorter version of this interview with Steven was taken down by Youtube following copyright complaints from JZK.Inc, RSE.Inc.


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The Glen Cunningham Video Interview September 1 2008

Yelm, Washington.

Video link Part 1 54 Minutes....HERE

Video link Part 2 40 Minutes....HERE

Glen Cunningham talks about his involvement with Ramtha?s School of Enlightenment (RSE).
In this two part interview Glen talks about his unique experience of being employed by JZ Knight as 'Ramtha's? personal bodyguard while a member of RSE.


The Glen Cunningham Video Interview September 1 2008 - (EMF) HERE

Glen Cunningham Follow-up Interview Oct 20 2008 -  (EMF) HERE


Jeff_Knight_interview with Joe_Szimhart.wmv HERE
Discussing opinions and experiences about RSE, Ramtha and JZ Knight

In 1992 Jeff Knight recorded a message for students of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Jeff was married to JZ Knight who runs Ramtha's School of Enlightenment in Yelm Washington. JZ Knight claims to channel Ramtha a 35,000 year-old spiritual teacher. Jeff's message includes a warning to students that RSE is a corrupt and dangerous organization. The interview was recorded in 1992. Jeff Knight died from the HIV aids infection in 1994.


ABC News 20 20 JZ Knight Ramtha investigation - 1987 -18 minutes - YouTube

Mass Hypnosis? Doomsday Cult? JZ Knight 'Even Murder is not wrong or Evil!
A look at JZ Knights childhood and a bizarre incident.
Does Knight have a personality she cannot control?
former JZ Knights 'advance man Steven Bakker, who arranged all her appearances' died inside when he saw the truth.
JZ Knights Arabian Horse Business Cease and Desist order.
A Cosmic Con Game! A new form of Cult.   Here> HERE

K5 TV News Reporting JZ Knight Ramtha 1991 - YouTube HERE
Jeff Knight claims 'The whole thing is an elaborate con game,
 that mind control is used by Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE)

Seattle TV report 1992 Jeff Knight Interview - YouTube HERE
Seattle TV report 1992 Jeff Knight Interview.
 Jeff Knight speaks out about mind control used at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) claiming its all about money, power and greed, that JZ Knight is a fraud. The teachings are based on fear and dangerous, people have got hurt.

A Current Affairs TV Report Jeff Knight JZ Knight 1991 - YouTube HERE
Jeff Knight claims JZ Knight has done a great acting job, that JZ Knight is a scam artist. That RSE is a cult where people get hurt and enslaved.

  Interview with Jeff Knight 1991 - RSE Abuse - Running Blindfolded   HERE
Video Clip been pulled from a Current Affairs TV Report with Jeff Knight - 1991.

Jeff describes the dangerous practice at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) .JZ Knight ordering hundreds of people to run blindfolded at each other across an open field.


James Randi Educational Foundation.

Consequence is a biweekly podcast from the JREF HERE

Each episode, regular people share their personal narratives about the negative impact a belief in pseudoscience, superstition, and the paranormal has had on their lives. From the thrilling to the uplifting, Consequence brings you true stories about false things.

Episode 4: Part 1 David McCarthy vs Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

June 27, 2012

Channeler J.Z. Knight claims to be a conduit for the spirit of an ancient warrior named Ramtha. Her followers flock to Washington state to attend Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, where they can receive Ramtha’s wisdom and convene with with their fellow believers. But our guest David McCarthy says Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment is a cult. He left his family in New Zealand to join the school, and what he found there left him convinced that J.Z. Knight isn’t what she’s cracked up to be.

Episode 4: Part 2 of our conversation with David McCarthy HERE

CONsequence Podcasts - JREF

a former member of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. Ramtha is supposedly the spirit of a dead warrior from a prehistoric civilization who is “channeled” by J.Z. Knight. Knight has formed a cottage industry around Ramtha’s spiritual teachings, though McCarthy and others say this industry is really a cult. In this interview, McCarthy goes into more detail about his day-to-day activities at Knight’s school as well as the slow process of disengaging from this belief system that consumed his life.


Joe Szimhart - LARSE 2007 Cults in our Neighborhood HERE

Organized by former members of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment who have come to seriously question the validity of “Ramtha” and their tenure at RSE.

With featured speaker Joe Szimhart, The Yelm Middle School, Oct 21 2007. Part 1 of 4. 31 minutes. Some video segments are in Slideshow format. What is a cult? When are they harmful? What is the impact of cults on individuals? On Families? On our Community. Joe Szimhart is a Cult Information Consultant who provides consultation, education, research and non-coercive intervention that addresses controversial, high-demand groups, cults, psychotherapies, or relationships that use undue influence and thought reform techniques.

Published on Jun 27, 2012

LARSE 2007 Robert Menna

Robert Menna Email :

“Cults in our Neighborhood. Recorded at the Yelm Middle School, Oct 21 2007

Video 3 of 5. 19 minutes. Some initial video segments are in slide show format. Robert Menna. A Father’s perspective. Robert Menna, Alexandras father was estranged from her for a large part of her involvement in RSE for over 10 years. He speaks about her initial involvement, his attempts to disengage her, the sometimes painful lessons that he learned along the way. His journey as a parent is one most will be able to relate to and offers an insight into the potential effects on one’s family due to cultic involvement. Over the years he has had the opportunity to interview many ex-members of RSE and similar groups and provides information to students, seniors and others interested in understanding how one can become involved and the challenges family and friends face when a loved one becomes involved in groups such as RSE. Alexandra Menna speaks about her experience in the LARSE 2007 video Part 4 of 5 Robert lives in Los Angeles and is willing to speak with persons affected by RSE.

LARSE 2007 Part 3 of 5 with Robert Menna . 19 minutes. HERE

LARSE 2007 Part 3 of 4 with Alexandra Menna 25 minutes HERE

Recorded at the Yelm Middle School, Oct 21 2007.I left RSE in 2001 after almost 10 years in Yelm, WA. It wasn't until 2005 that I fully realized I had been in a cult. Becoming more vocal about my experiences has been for personal healing as well as a necessary step toward helping others avoid the pitfalls of groups such as RSE. Alexandra Menna.


Derren Brown - Miracles for Sale (Full) - YouTube
Derren Brown Video's -  (EMF) Online Debate Forum

Derren Brown Video's - The EnlightenMeFree (EMF)


James Randi reminiscing about the Carlos Hoax - The EnlightenMeFree (EMF)
Dr. Robert Hare - YouTube - Psychopaths - (EMF) Online Debate Forum

OPINION: The Ramtha clone - Mafu
Video of Penny Torres Rubin claiming to channel Mafu, and bearing a curious and uncannily striking resemblance to Jz Knight and Ramtha's presentation


Cult Minister Claims To Be Second Coming Of Christ

Ramtha The White Book - Steven Weinberg Speaks Out - (EMF)

Excerpts from my telephone conversation with Steven Weinberg. July 2008.

David :
I’ve got a question for you. You said, when I was spoke to you last, that while you were putting together 'Ramtha' the White Book, about two thirds of the way through, you came to the conclusion, or you realized that JZ Knight/Ramtha was a fraud.
Yet.. You reasoned it out to go ahead with publishing the White Book. Is that because you thought you could do damage control further down the line?

That was, that was the predominant element. But it was hard to separate that at that point I owed something like "$200.000" Two hundred thousand dollars plus, I had about 50 thousand of my own money in, plus I had 3 years, I had 10 thousand hours of my own time into the book.
I felt that I could better serve the totality of my situation by continuing with it, but, especially because JZ wasn’t really paying any attention to the teachings ,the number of events went down, she was going to fewer and fewer places, bad mouthing the students and she was indicating,,, it was right around that time that 'Ramtha' had said something about, all I have or I’m tired or something, I was feeling that she had enough and that she was gonna get in the horse business and she was gonna kinda whittle down, and then that was even more reason for me to stick with the book because I knew that would survive.
That’s why I want to shut her down. The harm is being done to the people that go to the school, but it's also being done to an awful lot of, the teachings that are out there in her audio tapes and CDs which is a whole bunch of crap. If you could throw everything away, and keep two or three real good books you can,
which is, The White Book is a presentation of the perennial philosophy, the perennial Wisdom, caste with a certain mythology around it, but I tried to keep it pure. I tried to keep it, ya know really in accord with what is called a perennial philosophy, if you’re familiar with that.

So do you think the Ramtha in the White Book existed at that time?
Do you think that the Ramtha that's portrayed in the White Book that everybody in RSE believes in... existed at that time?
Did that Ramtha exist, that you wrote about, that the White Book depicts
Oh well, No, It only existed probably in the first 6 months that JZ started channeling.
Only 6 months?

Then it was pure, When she didn’t know that it could mean money. When she didn’t know anything, she let her, she let her higher self go and produced with her talent something that was very pure; and the more it meant something to her, the more her ego intruded into um her purer self, and the more she altered the message. And so that’s why, ya know, there was at every stage there are people that came in and later felt the Ramtha left and that’s because the ego became greater and greater, especially you could see it after she got clobbered in 87 on the 20/ 20 show, and then got the bomb threats in the summer event, and she said I’m not doing anymore traveling away from home, that’s when she devised the school and and so a new Ramtha came out, but JZ's ego and ego perspective now was very much different, she was gonna go underground, and then the message got dark.

Listen Steve, have you heard of a former RSE staff member, his name is Glen Cunningham?
He sounds familiar, yeah?

He was JZ's bodyguard or Ramtha bodyguard
Steve: You mentioned him, you mentioned him too, he defected and ?
Anyway, he’s willing to be interviewed and I think it’ll be very interesting information he brings up, but what’s interesting about Glen is that he knew that JZ was a fraud while he was working there; I was wondering what’s your perception of people working there perhaps even to this day that know its a fraud, what do you think?
Many people know it's a fraud
Many people?!
Steve: I'm sure she has them sign things, and they’re afraid to say anything and ya know even me, I could not come out and tell what was the point in my trying to convince people it wasn’t true. They were enjoying it, they were ya know they had free will? there’s no need for me to get into a fight over it..
David: That's what Glen says too at that time
Yeah but I was harboring a planned?. One, I was protecting my obligation to the people that gave me the money to do this, that I owed, and that was a terrible conflict for me and so it was always to figure out, ya know?

You were trapped..
was to how to figure out the best way to meet my multiple responsibilities according to my values, and, you know, I just cannot, I’m not gonna burn someone, you know, its just, I have to try to and I have to try to work it out the best way.
Something that happened was because I got crippled um everyone I kinda owed something to kind of gave up, they never supported me or they didn’t care or they let it go or....
Ok ok, another question, did those people that helped you , did all the work on the White Book, did they get paid eventually for their labors?
Oh yeah, everyone that worked.

but they didn't get paid appropriately, um, some did, but there were key people that in that White Book was amazing. I brought together an amazing talent of people, and, that JZ is continually profiting by someone's silly Ideal like Steve Weinberg who managed to pull together some very talented people who who helped her to be successful, and they just walk away with crumbs and she goes onto ya know, her success is built on the shoulders of a lot of people, and a lot of people who she used Ramtha to suck money out of, get to do things, you know she just manipulated.

I may have asked you this before but I'm gonna ask you again,
Do you think there really was a being 35,000 years ago? Do you think there ever was a Ramtha?
No.. because. there couldn’t have been, that Ramtha had plenty of opportunity to indicate his power above her, and would have dumped her, would have closed her down. He certainly claims he had powers, Ill send runners, things are happening , I’m doing it he ya know, he put JZ down, she’s just another student, she doesn’t know, blah blah blah, and yet he defended her for every blooper and thing she did that so hurt the teachings. Never criticized her; defended her, so the two personalities really had to be one. And here’s another thing , As JZ was.. ya know, there were many different points Especially she was reading about England .. by the way, the interior earth comes from the movie ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth, she, when she was reading about England and Jack the Ripper and all that, then that shows up in Ramtha’s teachings.

So before we wrap up, is there anything I can do for you from my end, anything I can do to help you with what you're going through?
I want to get to the point I'm secure to know that people will take advantage of what I have to help people deal and cope and see. I want to create the greatest good out of this, I want to turn lemons into lemonade but mostly me, I
I want to make sure that I didn't waste the ya know, valuable information and the power position that I have, that's what I'm staying alive for, and ya know, I find it ironic' I've written you three emails and I wanted to send you just the dribbles of it, the fragments of it I never did complete.
it's ironic in my life, my greatest joy was creating the White Book and my greatest mission now is to destroy the White Book. ya know so, my heaven and my hell have been over the same thing.

You know, you spoke about a redemption of sorts before, that something good can come from all this. I really appreciated that cause I felt that the dreams that we held, what brought us into this in the first place, they can be opened up, there really is something good that come from all this, that's really important to me especially.

Everybody who went with 'RSE Ramtha' cannot forget the courage that it took to go into the fringe, the heart, that the 12 disciples had, just because we had the dream for ourselves and the world that has to survive, lets hang on to that and keep that alive we can turn this into a positive thing, more positive than it was ever going to be.

Steven Weinberg. July 2008.

Steven Wienberg Interview July 1 2008 - The White Book (EMF)