Accepting abuse at RSE - What the hell was going on for us to accept this cruel insanity?

Experiences with physical, mental and emotional forms of abuse by JZ Knight-Ramtha, RSE Staff, About student deaths.
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Accepting abuse at RSE - What the hell was going on for us to accept this cruel insanity?

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Accepting abuse at RSE

The subject of abuse at RSE came up recently.
it’s one thing to recognize the physical and verbal abuses taking place at RSE and find the courage to admit it has taken place...
but much harder to understand why so many accepted that abuse in believing 'Ramtha' was infallible and all knowing..
So it must be for the best, 'So Be It' right? :twisted:
I will confess, I swallowed that awful lie on many MANY occasions, just stood by when I and many others were violently abused or verbally trashed and demeaned during RSE events. Case in point...
I witnessed a young girl no older the 12, placed in the center of a thousands RSE members while JZRamtha shouted and demeaned her to tears.
My voice and heart was frozen..We all just gaped, my head lowered...
I also remember well, a beautiful friend 'Jane' returning from an RSE event (circa 1993) I was eager to hear the latest teachings..
She was beside herself with joy because ‘Ramtha’ had given her direct attention..Oooo lucky you I was must be really special.. :oops:
Since she was a good friend she explained that ‘Ramtha’ had slapped her hard across the face at least four times…what the hell I said!!
OH no Master David!..It was great lesson when I finally stopped ‘Ramtha’ hitting me a fifth time…
'he' was teaching me a grand lesson in defending myself.. :-?
Were there witnesses?....Nope, with all the loud C'n E hissing, Yanni music and everyone with blinders on,
JZRamtha can just stroll among a thousand people doing what she pleases...hitting my friend violently across the face was one of them.. :cry: ..
Anyhow...what’s important to understand 'in my opinion' is the psychological buttons JZRamtha uses at RSE to undermine our critical thinking and humanity. Well this is what clever sociopaths do right?
So what the hell was going on for us to accept this abuse as spiritually good and beneficial?
and perhaps whats worse was do NOTHING and pretend it never happened? Fear is a clue.
Why would anyone seek out this form of abuse? then worn as a badge of honor that 'Ramtha' had chosen them for 'his special treatment', a sacred initiation of sorts...and if not chosen... they are unworthy.... How sick and demented can it get? :sad:
Here's a clue found in what was preventing us from making rational and humane decisions?

But when we feel threatened, it is the deep background noises we need to hear. In evolutionary time, it was these sounds (roars, bellows, the padding of paws or rumble of hooves, thunder, a flood pulse in a river) that presaged danger. So the muscles of the middle ear relax, shutting out conversational frequencies. In the political context, if people are shouting at us, moderating voices are, physically, tuned out. Everyone has to shout to be heard, ramping up the level of stress and threat.
When we feel particularly threatened or angry, a fight or flight response kicks in, overwhelming our capacity for reason – a phenomenon some psychologists call amygdala hijack. The amygdala sits at the base of the brain and channels strong emotional signals that can override the prefrontal cortex, preventing us from making rational decisions.
Stephen Porges - Wikipedia
But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....
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