Legal Aid fund for David McCarthy

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Legal Aid fund for David McCarthy

Unread post by joe sz » Fri May 29, 2015 3:31 pm

Joe Szimhart here.
One week ago I took it upon myself to set up this gofundme account in the USA to assist David McCarthy ease his $42,000+ (NZ) debt accrued while trying to fight a lawsuit by JZ Knight/Ramtha.
For reasons posted elsewhere on EMF, David was forced to "settle" as legal support was not willing to carry on the fight in New Zealand.

My reasons for helping David have nothing to do with him being right for posting video on EMF of a drunken JZ Knight in Ramtha mode making vile, stupid comments.
However, I personally am pleased that he and others took the risk and posted the videos. Anyone that appreciates that David took the risk owes him something, in my view.

Note well: All monies donated to this account go into my checking account in the USA and I will transfer that money directly into the New Zealand Legal Aid Debt, account No: 13443117.

David McCarthy is not handling monies from this fund.

I have been encouraging David to step down from his energetic support of EMF. Health, family, and other interests need his attention, in my view.

Anyone can contact me privately regarding this fund and all things Ramtha.

Thank you for you support.

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