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Off topic post's Tyger

Unread post by Tyger » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:20 pm

Finally someone with an ounce of prescience Heads are rolling Old One, rest assured....Ramsters heads....all of them. Responsible Yelm residents have had enough of these -Moderator Edit-. They ARE NOT victims at this stage. They are as much of the problem as JZ is. One doesn't give a free pass to the German soldier escorting the Jew to the gas chamber on behalf of Hitler.
One shoots.......................... ---------------Moderator Edit's-------------------
Not real rocket science here.....
"By their deeds ye shall know them."
P.S. When wanting to know what is really about to hit the fan, asking the clueless hippies may not be your best plan. ;-)

Moderator comment

This post has has been edited due to the violent connotations against JZ Knight and RSE members.

EMF absolutely does not condone this.


Unread post by Tyger » Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:34 am

Fruit stands in Siberia get more traffic than this site does.....math never lies. A lot of people went to a lot of effort to give you a "big splash" when you started this's now denigrated into an obscure gossip-chat site who's censorship resembles peviously referenced geography. 8 regular posters doesn't actually "cut it" as a website.

Good job....


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