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What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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Show biz/celebrity status

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It's amazing to me-now. To see it wasn't only poor people but educated wealthy people bought it too.
And as her success grew it became a cult. Shrewd. Evaluating it now in the absence of emotion it looks much different. Most blatant is the fear factor.

Last waltz Of tyrants, DTC, Earth Changes, Aliens, Government conspiracies, you name it. Fear sells. Present the threat/have the answer. excellent strategy/marketing. Ironically, the very same thing "taught" to students about the powers that be are identical to those used to ensnare and dupe, program and control unsuspecting people.

Could one woman have come up with all of it. I don't think so. As fraudulent as it is people knew-the ones closest her. Involved in marketing as well as covering up and hiding acts of dishonesty etc. To whom the "teachings" have no meaning other than $$$$ and other benefits.

Nothing was ever said about about the I Am factor. The church she was pastor of-or used to avoid to not pay taxes on her business, channeling?

To see what it's become over the years is incredible.She has taken her cash register Ramtha went from teacher and brother to Father. wow. And herself from channel to Ramaya. Not surprising given her Hollywood connections.

In the book The Ancient Schools, dialogue days Ramtha says it isn't about ascension or becoming a master. It's about waking up and consuming unconscious mind. Home. All the way home. We have all heard it. Buyer beware.

I know of students that left Yelm over the gambling aspect and hopefully people will be bright enough that when they see the first drunken abusive victim/tyrant demonstration..that's happiness? It's simply a woman with a dream of "success" and greed that conjured up her magic genie. It's all double speak.

First, you are gods. Immortal. Reincarnation. But FEAR death. All the conspiracies. Spend your life and $$ planning and building a UG. However, Ram will protect you...if you are current? Keeps the $$$coming in. Isn't a single Teaching" that isn't double speak. There's no biz like show biz.
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