JZ Knight LetterRSE International Investment Opportunity2007

JZ RSE Selling Stock Shares, Here is some info we received regarding RSE stock. RSE INTERNATIONAL, INC dissolved on September 02, 2008
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JZ Knight LetterRSE International Investment Opportunity2007

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RSE International Investment Opportunity JZ Knight Letter 2007

Dear RSE Student,

In the last year and a half I have been working to reorganize Ramtha's School of Enlightenment into a business structure that will assure the continuity of our school for the Future. The outcome of this reorganization has produced RSE INTERNATIONAL , INC., a Washington corporation, which has an investment opportunity, being registered under SEC Regulation D, in which shares of common stock may be purchased by Qualified Accredited Investors.

It has been my intention that RSE students and/or relatives of our students be the primary shareholders in RSE International. Shareholders would receive quarterly dividends, that are declared by the Board, equal to their percentage stock ownership in RSE International. Furthermore, the shareholders will elect representatives, that may be from the new group of investors, to sit on the Board of Directors. Additionally, an Advisory Committee to the Board will also be appointed from among the Shareholders.

The qualifications of an "Accredited Investor" are defined by law and must be strictly adhered to and are detailed in the Accredited Investor Statement that must be completed by qualified entities. In brief form, for an Individual to be a qualified Accredited Investor he or she must have a minimum Net Worth of $1,000,000 or have a minimum income for each of the last two years of $200,000 and reasonably expect an income in the current year in excess of $200,000.

If you are a Qualified Accredited Investor, and are excited about participating in stock ownership of RSE International, please complete and sign the required "Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement" and the required "Accredited Investor Statement" and promptly email them back to Robert Hoffman , or FAX them to Robert at (360) 458-1071 (360) 458-1071 right away. Once the documents are received and are in order, we will email back to you the materials related to the RSE International Stock offering.

Our first meeting with new potential shareholders will be held June 20th at the RSE Campus in Yelm, Washington and will be open ONLY to those who are current Shareholders and those Qualified Accredited Investors who have completed the two required documents discussed above and who are impeccably serious about becoming shareholders in RSE International, Inc.

I wish to clarify to all of you before the gossip begins that "I AM NOT RETIRING!" I personally own all of the business assets that make up the school and, in essence, the school itself since its inception . Up until now I had not planned for the school's continuation into the distant future or my own estate planning. My greatest desire is that the school continues on uninterrupted into the future and beyond and that I do my part with Ramtha. These changes will ensure all of this. I can think of no greater peace for myself than to know that Ramtha's students own his school!

Thank you all! We look forward to hearing from you,

JZ Knight
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Re: JZ Knight LetterRSE International Investment Opportunity

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Yeah, if you have money and are select! Hmmm....in need of attention! Ha... students own the school. They all fricken do! They have given their life and all their money! So these select few are either rich beyond..(which they will loose) or newer and not too bright in investing. My dad was rich once and could have invested. It seems J.Z. Knight and her imaginary Ramtha friend already took it all.
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