Robert Hoffman Email On RSE Stock Sales

JZ RSE Selling Stock Shares, Here is some info we received regarding RSE stock. RSE INTERNATIONAL, INC dissolved on September 02, 2008
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Robert Hoffman Email On RSE Stock Sales

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This was forwarded to us at EMF to share as an fyi.
Dear RSE Supporter and Potential Investor ?

Thank you for forwarding your Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement aswell as the Accredited Investor Statement to me recently. I am leaving theoffice today to attend a conference in Washington DC related to a Tax Creditsponsored program that will give the shareholders of RSE International, Inc.additional options for growth, enhancement and expansion of the RSE Campusin Yelm, Washington. We will have this information available for you at themeeting that we have scheduled for your in June. At the present time I am adding information regarding this program to thefull Business Plan which I will be forwarding to you upon my return. I haveattached to the email the exhibits that are an inherent part of the businessplan for your preliminary review and comment while I am creating a fullpackage for you.

I am also included a copy of the Stock Purchase Subscription Agreement foryour review. After you and your advisors review the business plan and allother relevant documents, you will be asked to formalize your commitment inthis agreement form in order for us to determine timing of closure based ontotal stock purchase agreements received and total amount subscribed.

Additionally, JZ is in the process of adding a new minimum investment levelto this program that will provide for a minimum stock purchase in the amountof $100,000 rather than the $500,000 as previously discussed. More on thisnext week as well. Should you have questions or comments, please let me know as I will bechecking my emails in the evenings after the conference each day. Thank you again for your continued support and interest in RSEInternational, Inc.

Sincerely, Robert Hoffman Controller, JZK, Inc
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we were contacted by a number of people who have issues they're working on, very involved, connected to wrongdoing at rse and/or cse.

one person, who at this time, wants to remain anonymous, was contacted by jz, and her accountant, and courted to buy into her private stock corporation, where she would retain power (big surprise there), but others could pay her toward 60 million dollars for the privelege of being stockholders. the long letter she wrote him, imo, was appalling. i wish i could post it. perhaps another time. anyway, the person saw through the charade, and it was spelled out so clearly to this person, that jz is all about the money.

after reading it, i had the thought that it was all such a joke when one thinks about being devoted to the teachings and how SHE of all people claims to be. for a price. she's basically selling rse.

she was asked if she was leaving, and there are rumors along that line. she denied them. personally, i remain unconvinced. seems to me, she's preparing her business for a change. time will tell.
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Not satisfied yet, the money vampire is seeking to drain the life blood of RSE students. This is obviously a person strictly living in the first three chakras. She is clever, yet IMO not intelligent.
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Coventures with Immortals?

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The Business venture put forward by J.Z. Knight is totally dependant upon an intangible, invisible, unproved being. The scientific test results conducted on J.Z. merely indicate that the phenomenon is unknown. It is a long way form proving the existence of any ascended being.

People attend the school because "Ramtha" is the primary teacher. They do not atttend for J.Z. Knight nor the supposedly appointed teachers. They put up with it because they are supposedly authorized by "Ramtha."

J.Z. must be incredibly in control of "Ramtha" in order to propose people invest millions in such a venture. It does appear J.Z. has made up the idea of "Ramtha" as no being of a higher consciousness is likely to agree to this ridiculous setup that puts the authority and control in the hands of someone who is observably very unenlightened.

If Ms. Knight would like to prove otherwise I am certain she would be most welcome amongst her students and the sincere on this message board. Moreover if such a being did exist I am certain that J.Z. would be most welcome to prove she is dealing with someone that has wise counsel instead of a twisted madman.

Ultimately the buck stops with J.Z. Knight.
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Pleasure to read your posts. You make some very salient points.

This stock sale thing really gets me though. I wonder what the prospectus looks like. Would it even mention R????

If it did, I would think that she could be opening herself up to securities fraud, selling an interest in a nonexistent entity. I keep wondering when something like that will come up.

I could also see the potential of her playing it out like "Miracle on 34th street".

I mean, how about if I had a rent a santa co. that had a Santa school to teach the students to be good Santa's. And, on top of that, I claimed the school was taught by the one and only Santa himself channeled through me.

If I were selling stock in the company, I would think I would have to be able to prove what I was selling was in fact real and not simply a charade :?: :?: :? :? :? :? :?
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Total Control Of "Ramtha"

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The observable evidence is that J.Z. is in total control of "Ramtha." She holds the copyright and is secure enough in her ownership to offer the prospect of long term investment.

It is quite evident from this that "Ramtha" is anything but an "unlimited" being. "He" is fashioned under the control of J.Z. Knight who uses "him" to exploit multitudes.
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Is there any update on this?
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I was contacted months ago by a foreigner, who at this time, wants to remain anonymous. I was sent a copy of an email from JZ to this person, who was courting the former student's bank didn't work, I'm happy to say. It just caused the person/long time student to see the game of it all. They quit, realizing that despite JZ's claim to want to protect the integrity of the teachings at any cost, she is in fact, selling shares of the company ! It does have a price at which she is willing to compromise the "integrity of the teachings to keep them pure". Selling private due time...others will have CONTROL !! Woooooo
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Who benefits from the Ramtha deception?

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Watch out for these insiders - It is in their pecuniary interest to continue with the Ramtha fraud.

On May 25, 2007, the governing persons of RSE International Inc were:

President: Knight, J Z

Vice President: Flick, James

Vice President: Wright, John (Is most likely Mike Wright from several references I've checked i.e. John Michael Wright)

Vice President: Hoffman, Robert

Director: Klein, Stephen

Vice President: Simmons, Gregory ... =602729921

According to above link, dissolution date of RSE International Inc. was Sep 2, 2008 although its account status is still ?opened? in the link below. I do not know the reason for the dissolution.

Click RSE INTERNATIONAL INC ... brdResults

RSE usually operates as JZK Inc. ... =601524947
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Re: Robert Hoffman Email On RSE Stock Sales

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(EMF) View topic - JZK RSE International Scam, Lied to Feds for Tax Credit
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