Fire, Health and Safety concerns at RSE

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Fire, Health and Safety concerns at RSE

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Main document Fire, Health and Safety concerns at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE), a division of JZK Inc
P.O. Box 1694
WA 98597
February 17, 2010

To whom it may concern
Washington State Fire Marshal
PO Box 42600
Olympia, WA 98504-2600
Thurston County Fire Marshal
2000 Lakeridge Drive S.W.
Olympia, WA 98502-6045
Thurston County Planning Manager
Development Services
Thurston County Courthouse
Building 1, Second Floor
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW
Olympia, Washington 98502
Owner: JZ Knight, President & CEO of JZK Inc.
(White Pages 2009: Robert Hoffman listed as RSE Owner.)
Web Link: ... =602729921
Corporations: RSE INTERNATIONAL, INC. Registration Detail.
'Corporations Division - Registration Data Search
Neither the State of Washington nor any agency, officer, or employee of the State of Washington
warrants the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information in the Public Access System
and shall not be liable for any losses caused by such reliance on the accuracy, reliability,
or timeliness of such information. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy
of this information, portions may be incorrect or not current.
Any person or entity who relies on information obtained from the System does so at his or her
own risk.'
UBI Number................... 602729921
Category....................... REG
Profit/Nonprofit.............. Profit
Active/Inactive............... Inactive
State Of Incorporation.... WA
Date of Incorporation..... 05/25/2007
Expiration Date.............. 05/31/2008
Dissolution Date............. 09/02/2008
Registered Agent Information
Agent Name..................ROBERT HOFFMAN
Address........................ 14507 YELM HIGHWAY SE
City.............................. YELM
State............................ WA
ZIP............................... 98597
Special Address Information
Governing Persons
Title: Name; Address
President: Knight, J Z; 14507 Yelm Hwy SE
Vice President: Flick, James; 14507 Yelm Hwy SE
Vice President: Wright, John; 14507 Yelm Hwy SE
Vice President: Hoffman, Robert; 14507 Yelm Hwy SE
Director: Klein, Stephen; 14507 Yelm Hwy SE
Vice President: Simmons, Gregory; 14507 Yelm Hwy SE
RSE Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
Main RSE Website Link:
Other RSE Websites:
The Quantum Caf' Online Store
RSE Home Study Program
Site location: 14507 Yelm Hwy S.E., Yelm Washington 98597 (Photographs provided)*
Land description: - Approximately 104 acres, according to the Thurston County's Special Use
(SUP-95-007) report, 1998.
- RSE is primarily fenced with razor wire and chain link.
- An 8 ft. stone wall forms a portion of the fence at the SR 510/Yelm Hwy road frontage.
- There are four single lane gated egress sites to the property; two on the
SR510/Yelm Hwy. frontage, one on 89th Avenue and another on 93rd Avenue.
Buildings: 1 large residence
4 main out buildings
RSE School description:
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment identifies and presents itself as a bona fide and exclusive
(1) Quote from RSE:
"Ramtha's teachings are not a new religion nor are they the building blocks of a new church."
(2) Copied from RSE media Q & A:
Q: "Is it a school or a religion'"
A: "Ramtha's Gnostic School is not a school in the traditional sense of the word nor is it a
It is not a religion because it is not based on authority or belief." ... ligion.stm
1. - The Campus assembly hall or arena where participants attend seminars and workshops
and sleep
is a 20,000sf. open structure.
- The structural design is that of an equestrian riding arena with timber board walls and a dirt
- The floor has been surfaced with Astroturf to facilitate participant seating and sleeping upon
the floor.
- Washroom facilities as well as open storage space for participant use are located along the full
of the west side of the assembly hall.
2. - The office building is approximately 3000sf., adjoins the main arena and is divided into a
reception area,
Staff offices and storage areas.
3. - The participant's mess hall adjoins the office building and has an open floor plan which is
with extensive wood and metal shelving as well as some tables and chairs.
- There are a series of taps and sinks at one end of the mess hall that provide both hot and cold
4. - The store, also known as the Quantum Cafe is an approximated 2000sf. round
building located adjacent to the main arena, offices and mess hall.
- Structurally, it is consistent with that of a roofed equestrian riding ring.
- The building has an open floor plan that has been fitted with shelving and tables
which are utilized to store and display products.
5. - Other out buildings:
1. - The shower facility has primarily been constructed with metal pipe and
plastic canvas which make up the exterior and 8-10 interior shower stalls.
- It is unheated. Hot water is provided by propane heaters.
2. - The horse stable (off limits to students/participants) is a basic wood structure that is
divided into stalls for horses.
- There is a storage room/area at the end of the building nearest to the shower
facility which has housed some of the support mechanisms for the showers.
- There is a large fuel tank obscured by hedges, located next to this end of the building.
3. - The garage is approximately 3000sf. (off limits to students/participants): is a two
storey wood construction building and is used for storage of maintenance equipment.
- The partial upper floor/loft houses an office and work area.
Zoning: - RR 1/5
- Surrounding properties are primarily single family residences and small farms.
Current usage: - Primary residence of JZ Knight.
- The RSE holds scheduled events and seminar workshops
for its members and the public.
RSE Events description:
- Vary in length from evenings to up to several weeks throughout the year.
- There are 125 event days per year.
(according to the Thurston County's Special Use Permit SUP-95-007 report, 1998)
- Attendance ranges from 150 - 2000+ per event.
- Events have start and finish times at various times of the day or night.
- During events, participants stay on the premises and sleep in the assembly hall,
tents, cars, and RVs.
Participants are: - Paying members of an association of RSE students
who believe RSE Inc. is a valid school that provides the products and services
as advertised by JZK Inc.
- Of all ages and capabilities; including infants, children, the handicapped and the elderly.
- Mainly English speaking but up to 20% of participants at major events are foreign students.
- Many do not know the English language.
- Translation is provided by on site translators via headphones within the assembly arena
and in groups which must assemble in language-specific groups outside of the arena.
From RSE website:
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment Presents Beginning Retreats 2010
Link: ... tInfo.aspx
'Students attending Beginning Retreats or any other Yelm event must spend the night on campus
during their event, Please bring a sleeping bag for the arena.
You may bring a tent or sleep in your vehicle if you prefer. RVs are welcome.'
RSE advertisements circa 1996-2007
"How many people in your family do you know'
Maybe you wear glasses, maybe you can't hear very well.
Maybe you have cancer, maybe you are plagued. You know someone who's bruised.
Let us say, in less than seven years, you have the power of the healer,
That's what you're going to learn here."
"I have students in this school that have healed themselves of terrible diseases, maladies.
I have students who can see through blindfolds. I have students who can read your mind."
RSE 2001 Ramtha/JZ Knight
'Focus on my eyes - when you are insecure and you are sick and you have forgotten to believe,
all you have to do is focus on this face.'
RSE advertisement 2004
What a student can expect from attending a Beginning Retreat:
To learn the science of manifestation by "properly" using the brain.
The various disciplines teach you focus and how to access the "magical" parts of your brain.'
'To learn to heal and rejuvenate your body through an ancient ritual.
This discipline has healed every conceivable disease and can extend your life beyond your
genetic expectancy.'
RSE advertisement 2007
'RSE where the incredible become the credible in just four days of your life..
Healing with Blue body
Manifesting something out of nothing
Remote viewing..past present.. future.'
Conditions of Participation at RSE:
All RSE students must sign a 'conditions of participation' document to attend RSE.
RSE PDF link: ... nglish.pdf
General concerns regarding operations at RSE:
- JZK Inc. allows other businesses to operate on its property during events.
- These sub-contractors provide support services to participants in the form of transportation,
food services
and RV, tent and camping gear rental.
- Electrical power is supplied to the food court businesses via exposed extension cords that are
laid out on the
bare ground around the food court regardless of the weather.
- 110-220v electrical power has been supplied to the RV rentals via small gas powered
and extension cords that are laid out on the bare ground in the RV parking area (a grassy field),
also next to Thompson Creek.
- It is not known if JZK Inc or the sub-contractors have obtained permits to provide these
or to operate these businesses on JZK Inc's property.
- It is not known if these businesses have undergone Fire Code inspections or in the case of food
if these businesses regularly undergo health/quality control inspections of the food they prepare
and sell to students.
- Apparently some food services inspections do take place as one food vendor was shut down in
because of sanitation/safe food preparation and service issues.
- It is not known if JZK Inc or the sub-contractors have obtained and maintain the
required liability insurance policies for their business operations.
Specific concerns with respect to RSE Events and Operations:
Traffic impact of RSE Events:
- Participants are instructed to only enter the JZK Inc. property for events through the one egress
site located
at 93rd Avenue.
- The gate at 93rd Avenue is only open at selected times prior to and during events; generally
these times are:
- for three to four hours on the day prior to events.
- for three to four hours on the first day of events.
- for one to two hours during selected days of events.
- All of the other gates stay locked at all times.
- The 93rd Avenue open gate times are posted on the website for each event.
- Assembly hall sleeping, camping, RV and parking sites for participants are on a first come, first
served basis.
- A predictable traffic jam occurs around the time the 93rd Avenue gate is due to open along
Yelm Hwy S.E., as participants attempt to be one of the first to enter the JZK Inc. property.
- During the pre-event and event gate times, traffic along Yelm Hwy S.E. often backs up to the
Rainier turn-off,
and comes to a frequent stand still as participants wait to turn left from Yelm Hwy S.E. onto 93rd
- Traffic generally backs up along Yelm Hwy S.E. for an hour or more during these pre-event
gate times.
- Emergency vehicles may be blocked from traveling toward SR510 during these traffic backups.
- Participants have been instructed by RSE not to park along 93rd Avenue waiting for the gate to
open and
have also been instructed to leave the area if they arrive early and/or find the 93rd Avenue gate
- Invariably this occurs, necessitating RSE participants turn RVs and vehicles around on 93rd
because it is not through road.
- Private driveways along 93rd Avenue are utilized by participants to turn their vehicles around.
- Participants are instructed they may only leave the JZK Inc. property through the egress site
at 89th Avenue.
- The gate at 89th Avenue is only open at selected times prior to, at the close of, and during
generally these times are: - for three to four hours on the day prior to events.
- for three to four hours on the first and last day of events.
- for one to two hours during selected days of events.
- At all other times the gate at 89th Avenue is locked.
- The two egress sites located at SR510/Yelm Hwy S.E. are kept locked and are reserved for JZ
and the staff of RSE.
- During times the egress gates at 93rd Avenue and 89th Avenue are locked, participants are not
to enter or leave JZK Inc. property without special permission.
- Clearly, the impact on traffic along Yelm Hwy S.E. is an issue at pre-event times and during
select periods
while events are in progress.
- Participant vehicles congest along 93rd Avenue during open gate times at the start of events;
and that line up causes a subsequent line up through Yelm on Yelm Hwy S.E.
- Public safety may be compromised because the RSE participant line up predictably backs up
Yelm Hwy S.E. and potentially blocks emergency vehicles.
RSE School Assembly Hall overcrowding concerns:
- The main arena (or school assembly hall) where events and seminar workshops are held have
been approved
for only 999 participants under the SPR-3-89 permit.
from RSE website:
"The instruction of the teachings does not take place in a hotel or conference center with
comfortable chairs.
Most classes are conducted in what is called the Great Hall or the Arena.
The Great Hall can accommodate as many as 2000 students seated in assigned spaces on the
Astroturf floor.
Ramtha often has the class outside in one of the large, grassy fields.
The instruction can continue for several hours regardless of the weather conditions.
There is an area with picnic tables, an outdoor food court, an espresso bar, cold beverage
and a large Mess Hall where students may store the provisions they bring to eat.
During extended sessions students may sleep in the Great Hall, their own tent, or vehicle,
on mats and sleeping bags that they provide for themselves.
There are camp showers with hot water available on campus."
Copyright ' 2009 JZ Knight
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
RSE PDF link:
Please refer to the above RSE's own statements that the Great Hall or arena
'can accommodate as many as 2000 students seated in assigned spaces on the Astroturf floor'.
- The RSE arena (or school assembly hall) has been repeatedly used in violation of the permitted
of participants (999) as set forth in the SPR-3-89 permit that has been granted to JZK Inc.'s RSE
- The RSE school assembly hall was never expanded to accommodate more than the permitted
999 students.
- However, RSE states that the arena has the capacity for as many as 2000 students and these
students are
allocated seats in the arena.
- This seems to be a violation of SPR-3-89 permit.
- Furthermore, the permit (SUP-95-007) for expansion of the arena from 999-person capacity to
capacity has lapsed.
- The overcrowding of more than the permitted 999 students in the arena at major RSE events
is a safety issue especially during a fire outbreak.
- The most recent Fire Code Inspection Report posted online (dated Nov 3, 2004) by the
Thurston County
Fire Marshal shows the Occupant Load in the arena to be only 999.
- The Fire Marshal may not be aware that RSE does allow more than 999 students into the arena. ... 01d&dbid=0
- The number of participants at major RSE events often exceeded 1200 in 2007 and 2008,
with some event registrations approaching 1800+ participants.
- Major events are the: - Blue College 10-21 day Retreat (Feb/March)
- Primary 10-14 day Retreat (March)
- Assay 10 -14 day Retreat (June/July)
- 5 day Blue College, Primary and All-group Follow-up Retreats (Oct/Nov)
- Specific dates for RSE events can be obtained online at:
- Other events which may be held for first time attendees (monthly on average) or for specific
workshops are also regularly scheduled events of RSE.
- The major events held at RSE draw the most participants because attendance in some of these
is mandatory for students who wish to remain members of RSE (designated as 'current
for the calendar year.
- Major RSE school events are regularly scheduled at predictable times each year for specific
groups that are designated names such as "Blue College", "Primary Group" etc.
- Those RSE events designated as mandatory means that if students do not attend that event in
calendar year, they are no longer 'current students' or members of RSE.
- They must attend a 'beginner's event' the following year to remain a 'current student' and
member of RSE community.
Arena doorways:
- There are six doorways leading directly to the outside of the arena.
- Two of these doorways are located on the stage side of the arena; but these doorways are often
by JZK Inc.'s body guards/security staff and have been declared off limits to participants.
- Even in an emergency it is unlikely that many RSE participants would recognize these
as a means of escape.
- The four remaining doorways which may be used by participants are located at the main front
and at the rear of the arena.
- The two front entrance doorways are made up of two sets of double doors, situated one beside
the other.
- At the rear of the arena there is one double doorway and another large sliding doorway.
- When JZ Knight or JZ Knight as Ramtha enters or exits the arena, all of the doors to the arena
are guarded
and passage of participants wishing to exit may be blocked.
RSE Security:
- JZK Inc. employs two systems of security guards:
1. Armed security guards with dogs who patrol the campus perimeter fence that are not students
of RSE.
2. RSE students known as "The Red Guard", some are armed.
Arena aisle ways:
- Aisle ways are marked out on the Astroturf floor of the arena in duct tape.
- This duct tape marking is often obscured or covered by participants and/or their belongings.
- Main aisle ways that lead to the participant designated doorways are often blocked by
and/or their belongings.
Arena seating arrangement:
- Each student is assigned a small area of the floor which is marked out on the Astroturf surface
duct tape.
RSE reserved seating chart 2009 (up to March 31, 2010):
- Within this space, students sit upon, cushions or low chairs during seminar presentations and
- Students' personal belongings which may include workshop materials/books, out door clothing
and footwear,
food, sleeping bags, bedding and air or foam mattresses are also to be stored in this designated
- Some participants store a portion of these items in the areas located adjacent to the washroom
located within the building, but these areas are not large enough to meet the demand for storage;
so mattresses and bedding are often placed in the aisle around the inside of the perimeter walls of
the arena.
- Children are located in a sectioned off area with parents/guardians directly in front of an
entry/exit doorway.
- This doorway is one of 4 main doorways used by participants during events.
- The floor of the children's area is most often completely occupied with bedding, foam and
airbed type
- Children's strollers and buggies are often stored in the aisle way adjacent to the children's area
or just outside
of the rear arena doorways.
- Handicapped participants are assigned to an area in the center-rear area of the arena, in front of
the auditory
- This area is furthest from any doorway leading to the outside of the arena.
- Most of the handicapped or infirm participants sit on chairs or in their wheelchairs within this
designated area.
- Staff and guests of RSE sit on chairs placed in the aisle way directly in front of the auditory
This aisle way is one of the only two that lead to the four student doorways of the arena.
Participant overflow into the Arena:
- During events where the number of participants exceeds overflow capacity, participants are
situated in large
outdoor tents.
- These overflow participants are often invited into the arena to participate in the lectures,
and in "wine ceremonies", when alcohol consumption is actively promoted.
- As recently as 2007 and 2008, there were over 1500 participants in the arena during major
- When overflow participants are invited into the arena, aisles and access to exits are often
by participants and their personal belongings.
Safety concerns with respect to the Arena:
1. Fire Code Inspections:
- From the Thurston County Fire Marshal Office:
"School inspections are of top priority with the Thurston County Fire Marshal."
- November 3, 2004 is the most recent RSE Fire Code Inspection Report posted online by the
Thurston County Fire Marshal.
- It is not known if Thurston County has a Fire Marshal at the moment.
- It is also not known if Fire Code Inspections at RSE are conducted regularly when there is no
Fire Marshal.
- A Thurston County Fire Code Inspection, performed during an event may also serve to
establish the
appropriate designation for the permits and liability insurances required by Thurston County,
and other government agencies for RSE to continue its operations as a for profit business
under more or less of the following classifications:
- a church
- a private school
- a fraternal organization
- a private club and/or a private rave site (permitting alcohol use)
- a book/media store
- a private RV park & campground
- an out-door food service take-out center.
- a mental and physical endurance boot camp
- The expectation is that each business designation/classification has specific Fire Code and Bylaw
as they pertain to Thurston County and Washington State; as well as having required permits
would be required to fulfill and abide by.
- To further ensure the safety of the public and the participants of RSE, current Inspection
Reports should be
on file to ensure that RSE and JZK Inc. remain in compliance with all permits issued as well.
2. Fire safety concerns with respect to the Arena:
- Apparently there is a sprinkler system mounted to the inside surface of the arena roof.
- This may fail to operate during a power failure/water pump failure.
- Water delivery to outside taps, showers, the mess hall and the arena washrooms ceased when a
failure occurred during an RSE event in the summer of 2008.
- Flammables which off-gas toxic fumes in a fire (foam and rubber mattresses, out-door
are stored against the inside periphery walls and on the floor of the arena during events.
- Participants often sleep in the arena with all doors closed and lights off during events.
- Following wine ceremonies the participants are often drunk and/or unconscious
from over consumption of alcohol.
- Participants at RSE events are not provided with instructions for emergency/fire evacuation
for the arena at events.
- Apparently there is little consideration given to the safe evacuation of children or the
handicapped in
cases where an emergency evacuation of the arena is required.
- Smoking of pipes inside the arena during wine ceremonies is encouraged and permitted.
- Cigarettes are also smoked within the arena during these evening events.
- The fire alarms (smoke detectors) are not sounding when the arena is filled with thick tobacco
(Photographs from wine ceremonies provided)*
- Hence, the smoke and fire alarm system in the school assembly hall may be faulty or
3. Example of a fire risk activity in the Assembly Hall:
- Several years ago, during the RSE practice of 'Candle focus' in the assembly hall,
each student used an individual lighted candle.
- A fire incident involving candle did occur.
- RSE has since abandoned the use of individual lighted candles in the arena.
4. Blockages to Arena aisle ways and doorways:
- Even with the arena not fully occupied to the permitted capacity of 999 people,
participants and their belongings often block the aisle ways and doorways.
- When overflow participants also occupy the arena, passage along the aisle ways
and through the doorways is severely impeded.
5. Evacuation of the Arena in emergencies/fire:
- With the current number of 999 participants permitted to be within the arena, and just two main
aisle ways
leading to the doorways, it is likely some would not be able to exit the building in a timely
fashion even
if the aisle ways were ignored and students headed directly for the doorways by trying to traverse
mass of other participants and their belongings in the seating areas.
- When the RSE arena is filled to the permitted capacity of 999 participants, assuming that all of
the six possible
doorways would be utilized to evacuate the building, an average of 167 people would need to
each of the doorways.
- RSE does not conduct emergency evacuation rehearsals out of the school assembly hall
nor emergency evacuation rehearsals out from the RSE school campus.
- In the recent Russian nightclub fire, there were 200 participants and one exit. Over 100 of them
died through
either being trampled when all the guests headed for the exit at once, or through injuries directly
to smoke or the fire.
A large problem was the delay in evacuating the Russian nightclub because participants did not
SEE the
danger of the fire/smoke until it was too late. Many were simply overcome before they could
The same could easily happen in RSE's arena with its poor ventilation and overcrowding at
events. ... 81222.html
- If a fire started in the office building or on one of the outside walls (a converted travel trailer
located adjacent
to the back wall of the arena serves as a coffee take-out), and quietly spread, building up heat
until it
eventually burst through the wall of the arena, that would immediately close off at least one if
not two
doorway exits.
- In the RSE arena, the toxicity of smoke produced from a fire involving many of the items
stored within the
building such as foam and rubber mattresses, clothing, and sitting cushions stuffed with
Styrofoam, along
with the fumes from melting Astroturf (plastic) could quickly prove to be deadly; especially if
of the arena was hampered in any way.
- It should be the responsibility of the operator of a business which serves as a gathering venue to
ensure that
the facility is safe for that purpose, but when that safety level is questionable, we hope that it is
the Fire
Marshal's responsibility to ensure the public's safety.
6. Concerns with respect to "wine ceremonies" held in the RSE School Assembly Hall
(Alcohol consumption and Smoking):
RSE Wine Ceremony Policies Regarding Minors (Oct 2001):
'No one 12 or under is allowed to participate in the wine ceremonies.
During wine ceremonies, designated children's sections are off limits to anyone
who is not a parent or guardian responsible for a child during that ceremony.'
R26; Ages 0-5
'During the entire ceremony, this age group and their parent or guardian must sit in the baby
There is no wine allowed in this area.'
Ages 6-12
'During the entire ceremony, this age group and their parent or guardian must sit in their
designated section.
There is no wine allowed in this area.'
R26; Ages 13-20 WITHOUT a parent
'No one 13-20 without their parent is allowed to participate with wine during ceremonies.'
These teenagers must be seated in a separate area of the Arena designated for those teenagers
for the entire ceremony.
R26; Ages 13-20 WITH a parent
These teenagers may participate with wine during the ceremonies according to the stipulations
of the Consent
Form as long as it is signed by their parent(s) only and the parent must be in attendance at that
This form will be effective for the remainder of the current year and be renewed each year.
We must have a copy of the teenager's birth certificate or other legal document memorializing
the parents'
status on file along with a copy of the parents' driver's license or passport.
These are to determine the legal parent(s) and need only be submitted once, as we will keep
these on file.
These teens must come with their parent(s) to the registration window to get banded.
If a teen comes to the window without their parent, they will get a "Youth Band"
and will not be allowed to participate in the wine ceremony.
There will be no changing bands. No exceptions.
If a child 13-20 years does not follow the rules, the matter will be discussed for a procedural
(i.e., being dismissed from the event and/or the school).
This decision will apply to the parent or guardian and the child.
A procedural decision will also apply to anyone (who is NOT the parent)
found giving wine to any student under 21.
Any dismissals do not constitute either a refund or a prorated refund.
Does RSE have a state license for permitting alcohol consumption on its premises'
Washington State license requirements:
Ref: Chapter 6.56 - Intoxicating liquor
"It is unlawful for any club or other establishment in Thurston County to have, keep, sell,
dispense or permit to be consumed upon its premises any intoxicating liquor other than beer or
when duly licensed therefor unless its premises or the person, firm or corporation owning
or operating the same has a valid and subsisting class "H" license as issued under the laws of
the state of Washington, and rules and regulations of the Washington State Liquor
Board.' ... C6.56.html
- Wine ceremonies which are most similar to rave parties (deafening rock music, dancing,
alcohol/tobacco use),
are announced and held apparently at the whim of JZ Knight when she appears as Ramtha.
- Wine ceremonies take place within the arena and most often begin before 9 pm and last for 5
hours or more.
- Participants are not told in advance that there will be a wine ceremony but most participants
bring a supply
of wine to events, should a wine ceremony be spontaneously announced.
- Wine that is brought to events by participants is shared with fellow participants during wine
- Children are permitted to be present in the arena during wine ceremonies and smoking.
- The drinking of wine to induce drunkenness is encouraged and coerced by JZ Knight when she
as Ramtha, as well as by the RSE staff during wine ceremonies at events.
- Participants are encouraged and permitted to attain drunkenness while attending wine
ceremonies within
the arena.
- Vomit bags are provided by staff to each participant upon entering the arena to participate in
wine ceremonies
because it is known and expected that some participants particularly the new students will
become ill.
- During wine ceremonies there is little control exercised by staff with respect to alcohol use or
the behavior of participants either inside or outside of the arena.
- Severely inebriated or violent participants are removed from the arena; and are most often
given into the care
of other participants who may also be drunk.
- There are no on-site emergency medical services provided during events, but during wine
ceremonies it is
difficult, if not impossible to locate a sober staff member, save for the front gate guard who is
7. Health and sanitation concerns with respect to the Arena:
- The washroom facilities have only cold running water; it is not possible for participants to wash
hands in
warm water; hot water is provided only for food preparation in the storage area adjoining the
washroom facilities.
- The toilet facilities are not adequate to serve the hundreds of participants that attend events
within the
arena; the majority of participants must leave the arena during breaks to access out-door Portapotties.
- The arena is ventilated by opening the doors and/or running the ventilation fans located in the
- In the colder/wetter months the doors are kept closed to retain heat within the building but with
hundreds of
participants the ventilation is inadequate.
- In the warmer months the doors are left open to facilitate cooling but this is often inadequate
and with
hundreds of participants located inside, the temperature within the arena is often unbearable.
- During events, participants are required to frequently (more than 5 times/day), leave the arena
for out-door
workshops and exercises in all types of weather.
- The arena serves as a storage place for participant's out-door clothing, and during inclement
there is considerable humidity created by the storage of wet coats and muddy boots within the
seating area.
- When the weather has been wet for days, participants' inner and outer clothing is often
consistently damp.
- This damp clothing and muddy footwear may be the only items available to participants; so it is
worn in that
state of dampness each time participants are required to go out doors.
- Although the floor has been surfaced with Astroturf, a constant source of dampness is emitted
from the
dirt base under the Astroturf.
8. Concerns regarding communicable diseases and use of the Arena:
- Outbreaks of respiratory tract and other viral diseases commonly affects more than 40% of
participants at events lasting longer than three days.
- There is no infirmary/medical room on site during events for participants who fall ill.
- Participants who become too ill to participate in the event often retire to their tent which also
may be
damp and cold.
- Medical personnel (staff or participants) who may be on site during events are banned from
assisting those
who require medical attention of any sort.
- Only during severe outbreaks of disease does RSE offer transportation to medical services to
who require it.
- Due to the nature of the philosophies promoted at RSE, many participants who do fall ill during
shun medical attention or treatment in favor of practicing the spiritual healing methods as
promoted by RSE.
- Participants are often berated by JZ Knight as Ramtha for falling ill, and may not admit to
or others that they are ill until their condition is critical.
- In 2008 during the winter Blue College event several people fell critically ill
and when they were missed by other participants during the event,
it was discovered that they had been suffering alone in their tents.
- Many of these severely ill participants were from foreign countries and did not speak English.
- They apparently brought strains of a flu for which Thurston County was not prepared.
- The massive amount of vomit all over the school campus served as a clear reminder
of the inadequate hand washing facilities.
- The flu outbreak may have been what caused the outbreak in Thurston County which happened
at that time.
The effect of:
- a cold and wet climate
- perpetual dampness of participants' bedding and clothing
- camping in tents during inclement weather
- inadequate indoor toilet facilities for the number of participants
- inadequate supply of warm water in which to wash hands on site
- showers that are outdoor, unheated and restricted to three minutes per participant
- inadequate time and facilities for all participants to shower regularly
- a physically demanding program of indoor and outdoor workshop exercises
- sleep deprivation
- overcrowding of participants and their wet clothing within the arena
- perpetual dampness within the arena
- lack of on-site accessible medical care
- and a philosophical belief system that promotes shame upon those who fall ill,
all contribute to the spread of communicable diseases among participants at RSE events;
especially those events that take place in the winter, spring and fall.
Parking area use during Events:
- The parking area consists of a grassy field beside Thompson Creek, which runs into the
Reservation, into the Nisqually River, and ultimately into Puget Sound.
- Apparently the parking area is approved for 1500 vehicles.
- Cars are parked in the section of the field nearest to the arena while the remainder of the field is
utilized for participant RV's.
- RV's are parked with less than 10 feet between them.
- Vehicles are parked with less than 5 feet between them.
(Photograph provided)*
- Some of the field nearest to the arena is utilized for tenting.
- Participants sleep in RV's, cars, SUV's, vans and in tents within the parking area.
- The parking areas are provided with Porta-potty toilet systems.
- There is no running water provided to participants in the parking area.
- There is no sani-dump on site.
- Only the section of the parking area is closest to the arena is illuminated at night.
- There is no fire alarm system or fire fighting equipment visible on the parking site.
- The nearest telephones to the parking area are pay telephones located at the arena.
- All egress site gates are kept locked except for during the scheduled times, described above.
- Some electrical hook-ups are provided for a fee by RSE to participants for their RV's.
- There are some RV rental units on site that have electrical power provided by free standing gas
generators with extension cords laid upon the ground, running between the generator units and
the RV's.
- On-board generators and free-standing gas powered generator units (set on the ground around
the RV's)
provide electrical power to some RV's via extension cords laid upon the ground, running
between the
generator units and the RV's.
- Smoking, and the use of camp stoves are prohibited in the parking area but violations of this
do occur.
Safety concerns with respect to the Parking area:
- Participants are not informed as to the procedure should a fire or emergency occur in the
parking area.
- In dry weather, the grass on the field can become extremely dry and combustible.
- The use of gas powered generators set upon the dry grass and their extension cords/plug-in
laid upon the ground in dry weather is a fire hazard.
- In wet weather, the field can become saturated and puddles of standing water form around the
- The use of extension cords/plug-in connections laid upon the ground in wet weather is an
electrical shock
and tripping hazard to participants.
- Inadequate lighting at night in the parking area that is distant from the arena requires that
travel on foot in darkness through the parking area to access the Porta-potties and/or the arena.
In the event of a fire in the parking area, there is:
- no access to running water
- no access to a fire alarm system within the parking area
- no firefighting equipment visible on site
- no requirement or checks that RV's carry fire extinguishers on board
- no restriction on the amount of gasoline that RV users may bring to the events, or where it can
be stored
- no emergency phone on site
- no means for a participant to open the egress site gate which is the closest to the parking area;
located on 89th Avenue. To have this gate opened, a staff member must be located, alerted and
they must presumably obtain permission to open it, before it will be opened.
Travel time on foot between the arena or office building to the 89th Avenue gate is estimated
at a minimum of 5 minutes.
Respectfully yours,
Enlighten Me Free,
(Representatives of Former RSE Members & Interested Parties)
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are reproduced
under the doctrine of fair use.
The reproduction of these photographs for inclusion with this document is for nonprofit
educational purposes.
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