John Oliver - RSE - (SLAPP) Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation - The Guardian

It's no secret that wealthy and powerful cults spend millions of dollars in litigation action in order to bully, harass and silence those that dare speak out. RSE.Inc is no exception.
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John Oliver - RSE - (SLAPP) Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation - The Guardian

Unread post by David McCarthy » Tue Nov 12, 2019 11:16 pm

Topic Thread....
John Oliver takes on muzzling lawsuits - The acronym “SLAPP” stands for “ Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation.
RSE Lawsuits + Ramtha the infallible one. The RSE Culture of Silence.
To kick off...
It important to understand that a 'SLAPP' lawsuit is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics
by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition, very often driven into an unjust NDA settlement.
Yep..That exactly what JZRamtha's RSE litigation machine has successfully achieved... :cry:
For those seeking to better understand these persistent RSE lawsuits, now several pending against Glen Morgan and Joe Dispenza.
Here's an excellent place to start.
Comedian John Oliver has hit back hard after he was sued (SLAPED'd) by Bob Murray, the then CEO of Murray Energy.
Fortunately he had the financial backing to win. No doubt if Virginia Coverdale and myself also had the financial muscle to defend ourselves we also would have beaten RSE in the courts, but there is a more sinister and destructive element to these lawsuits that John Oliver gives a stark warning how these lawsuits destroy our fundamental rights to free speech in the public interest..
These RSE lawsuits were not so much about winning, that was was never really the goal they are designed to 'chill' free speech.
The whole point is to put us through a difficult, painful experience, a form of demented punishment that sends waves of fear to help silence other RSE members from going public not only speaking out but from presenting the hard evidence (live-stream videos :evil: .. that RSE is a dangerous and destructive fraud.
I understand there will be RSE members that will vigorously defend RSE no mater what because they believe 'Ramtha' is infallible.
At its very core this is a lie, when this is understood you will also understand why RSE is so litigious.
This is a debate topic, feel free to comment.
After all, this is about defending your rights to free speech.. :idea:

"On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver ripped into frivolous lawsuits meant to silence dissent, an issue with which he has personal experience: two years ago, Last Week Tonight was sued by Bob Murray, the then CEO of Murray Energy, the largest private coal company in America, after the show did a segment highly critical of the coal executive.
Since then, “because the case has been in litigation, we haven’t been able to discuss it”, Oliver explained. But Murray recently dropped the lawsuit, “so we can finally tell you exactly what happened – which is honestly worth doing, not only because it’s a crazy story, but it actually points to a much bigger problem here”.
"Which raises the question: “What was the point of him putting us through all of this in the first place?” Oliver asked. “I would argue that winning the case was never really his goal.” And that intent connects to Oliver’s larger issue of the day: Slapp (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) lawsuits. Slapp suits are, Oliver explained, “frivolous suits with no legal merit specifically designed to stifle public debate or dissent."

"“The whole point is to put the defendant through a difficult, painful experience and even if cases fail in lower court, as they often do, the plaintiffs can find ways to extend them through intensive discovery requests, depositions and appeals that drain the defendants’ time and resources."
“I would argue that one reason [for the silence] might be that organizations are justifiably wary of getting sued by Murray,” Oliver said, “because even if they are baseless, his lawsuits can do major damage.” The suit against Last Week Tonight cost them over $200,000 in legal fees, Oliver said, “and even though our insurance covered part of it, and we were lucky that HBO stood by us. This lawsuit was infuriating, took up a lot of time and resources, and resulted in a tripling of our libel insurance premiums despite the fact that, to reiterate: we fucking won this case!”

For the full article...
John Oliver takes on muzzling lawsuits – and the man who sued his show | Culture | The Guardian ... ray-energy
But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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