Breaking the Spell. Our new EMF thread topic

EMF is as much about healing from RSE as about exposing JZ Knight and seeking justice.
This is forum has been created to share what inspires you, Art, Music, Nature. Perhaps something you created or discovered. Your Accomplishments - Feel free to post them here.
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Breaking the Spell. Our new EMF thread topic

Unread post by David McCarthy » Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:22 am

Breaking the Spell. Our new EMF thread topic

EMF is as much about healing and recovery from RSE as about exposing JZ Knight and her Cult.
Please share what inspires you. Perhaps something you created or discovered on the web.
Music, Videos, Paintings, Writings, a Poem, Photography, anything inspiring.... It need not be cult related :idea:
My life prior to RSE in 1998, I was a family man and musician living in New Zealand. Soon after escaping the clutches of JZ Knight in 1995 I set about built a tiny music studio and connected with the local musicians around Yelm. This action played a huge part in recovering my life from RSE. I will share some of my journey music later in this topic thread.
But for now, to emphasize why I think this thread is important I will share this account.
During my time in RSE I met a very talented young lady, a former actress who moved to Yelm from New York, after giving up a scholarship to attend RADA the 'Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts' in London. Very few Americans are ever fortunate enough to get into RADA. Yet, she walked away from an amazing life and opportunity in London to live a bleak survivalist lifestyle in the backwoods of Yelm. Such is the power of JZ Knights cruel RSE persuasions.
Like most of us in Yelm, she earned a meager living cleaning houses and weeding gardens. The world was coming to an end, so what use were our dreams and gifts if they held us back from enlightenment and survival? :cry: It was falling in love after meeting a wonderful man during an RSE event that broke the spell and set them free. But twenty years had passed from her life with her opportunity at RADA dashed. They eventually moved back to the east coast and taken up their Art and dreams once again. We are still friends...
What’s my point in this story?
All of us lost something precious while in RSE. This new topic thread is to share what catalysts helped you break free? What that gave you courage and inspiration to say no to RSE? Have you salvaged something precise from your life that was shipwrecked by JZ Knight? For my friend it was falling in love that was the catalyst to wake her up and Breaking the RSE Spell. It was also the love that helped them ‘survives the shock wave of waking-up inside a cult nightmare and to let go of the fear and shame.. Many do not survive the reality shock, some turn back to the cult fold for support.
Much like the Stockholm Syndrome Effect –
“Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them.”
Stockholm syndrome – Wikipedia

Abusive relationships: Trauma bonding
http://www.counsellingwestonsupermare.c ... a-bonding/
Sometimes in life we see things that stop and demand we take action.
What is the catalyst that inspires you to do good?
Thank you everyone for you ongoing support….
Our New thread is open to all EMF supporters.

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