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How to post on EMF

Unread post by David McCarthy » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:53 pm

Help with posting on EMF.
For those newly arrived on EMF trying to navigate the thousands of posts on EMF can be daunting to say the least..
sharing with others "how you really feel" is essential in dispersing the RSE fog and fear. This will take courage.
So to help you..... the steps needed for posting on EMF are fairly straightforward,
Just know that we will do all we can to help you.

1. Register on EMF, Choose a name and password.

2. Login

3. From the list of forum topics choose one that you think best suits the subject matter of your post, For first time former RSE students I suggest
EMF forum - Starting Your Recovery Process

4. On the forum topic Click on the "New Topic" tab you will find near the top of the topic threads.

5. Choose a topic title.

6. Post in the white posting box.

7. Preview your post and edit if necessary, when ready, hit the submit button.

Your ability to correct errors or edit your post has been activated for all EMF registrants
This facility works within a 3 hour time period from the start of your post only.
Posts cannot be deleted unless approved by the mods.

Here is a direct link to the main EMF message board
The EnlightenMeFree 'EMF' Message Board • Index page

Hope this helps,

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