Free Download-Lie Detector software-pass it along

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Free Download-Lie Detector software-pass it along

Unread post by truster » Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:34 am

Hi everyone,
I've been hunting for the program truster. Apparently they aren't making them any more. If you find a copy for sale they're the last of the lot and people are charging a lot for it. I think the company changed its name and is now selling it as ex-sense.
Apparently from testing the company found truster to be 85% accurate. That's better than just waiting years for solid proof( you didn't shift to the 4th, your eating stored stale 20 year old food, your house is trashed and your pissed off), you can't argue with that one.
Finnaly we dont have to rely on others to test her, w'ell do it ourselves.
From research on belladona it increases heart rate, this could explaine her fast pulse in her testing. it also suppreses the urinary system.
with beladonna, a drug to reduce the alcohol effect, let the show begin.
But when her guard is down as in many past tapes,TV Shows,radio shows,cds, dvds, vhs's the audio can be run into your computers microphone jack and test statements such as "omega, i am ramtha, i have ascended, i have created a place for my students after the shift, i am jesus's farther,etc.
I found a download provider hat has several downloads of truster
Here are 2 links from the first versions of truster- note you"ll need the program winrar to open the .rar files
Note rapid share is free just click the link below and then click free user ( in rapid share), then it will make you wait 30 seconds (funny i think), then a blue download button appears and click that, and choose save to desktop and instal after it's finished downloading

here's several links to the latest discontinued version of truster 2.4

Here's a link to download winrar

note: winrar also has 30 day trial versions to open all the truster files up@

If any of her bread and butter current students who used to be your friend, who turned thier shoulders on you; pass this program on to them an let the deceid if thier money shoud be spent on jz's promises.
I'm beginning my testing right now!
that is all truster has to say!

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Unread post by David McCarthy » Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:23 am


The Truth About Voice Stress Technologies
Recently many police departments have become enamored with the latest gadget for detecting lies: voice stress analyzers. They?re cheap, convenient, and have a high-tech look about them. There are at least three manufacturers of these machines, but none of them can claim to have any research supporting their use. Instead they have relied on selective personal testimonials on how they can be used to obtain confessions, while the routine failure of the device as a lie detector is overlooked. Are confessions the same as validity? Hardly. For years cops used to get confessions from suspects with all kinds of lie detector ruses, like wiring a na?ve suspect to a photocopier, or using the old Motorola radio in their squad cars that could change a red light to green when the mike button was pressed. And, a phony ploy works only so long before people catch on. Just how accurate are voice stress analyzers? Let?s set aside for the moment what their salesmen have to say, and look at what the scientists have reported.
Warning to the Public
Have you lost a job opportunity with a law enforcement agency because you wrongly failed a voice stress analyzer test? You may have a legal remedy. Most large police agencies are governed by state or municipal civil service rules or laws, which make them also subject to the US government?s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rule 29 CFR 1607, the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (July 1, 1998). According to the EEOC, all employee selection tools must meet minimum standards, including validation. It is simply a matter of law that departments must use validated tools for hiring, such as the MMPI, CPI, polygraph, urinalysis, intelligence tests or others that have withstood independent scientific investigation. They are specifically prohibited from using unvalidated methods. The voice analyzer technology falls into the unvalidated category. If you took a voice stress to get a law enforcement job, it is a violation of your rights under these EEOC provisions. Contact your attorney for more advice.



Research casts doubt on voice-stress lie detection technology

By Gerry Everding

"In our evaluation, voice-stress analysis detected some instances of deception, but its ability to do so was consistently less than chance ? you could have gotten better results by flipping a coin," Sommers said.
Sommers' research was supported by and conducted in conjunction with the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (DODPI), located in Fort Jackson, S.C. Findings were presented at the World Congress of International Conference of Psychophysiology in July 2002. An academic paper on the study is under review for journal publication.
Sommers' study assessed the ability of Vericator, a computer-based system that evaluates credibility through slight variations in a person's speech, to detect deception in a number of different scenarios. Participants were questioned using different forms of interrogation and under conditions inducing various levels of stress.

"Voice-stress analysis is fairly effective in identifying certain variations in stress levels in human speech, but high levels of stress do not necessarily correlate with deception," Sommers said. "It may someday be possible to refine voice-stress analysis so that it is capable of distinguishing among various sources of stress and accurately identifying those that are directly related to deception. However, all the research that I've seen thus far suggests that it's wishful thinking, at best, to suggest that current voice-stress analysis systems are capable or reliably detecting deception."



Voice stress analysis

For example, a 2005 study found the TrusterPro LVA system to be invalid for detection of guilty knowledge. Research commissioned by the Department of Justice and conducted by AFRL (Air Force Rome Labs), as well as several other researchers, also suggested less accuracy rates for the same system, marketed in the US under a different name ("Vericator").

From Wikipedia
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Unread post by Whatchamacallit » Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:16 am


it sounds like you might want to consider looking deeper into the quality of the technology you're espousing.

and, why are you marketing it on EMF ??? this is a support forum, not a marketing forum. :wink:

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