Video: Ramtha/JZ Knight's Journey From GAIA to QAnon

JZ Knight hijacks the QAnon movement. Selling “Q” branding merchandise at RSE.
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Video: Ramtha/JZ Knight's Journey From GAIA to QAnon

Unread post by Xylofone » Fri Jul 26, 2019 7:04 pm

Hey Webmaster, I'm not sure where to post this so feel free to move where appropriate.

I found this video, it's nothing we don't know but for people catching up with the history of RSE and JZ it might be a useful way to get an idea of how things have progressed. It features multiple clips from over the years taking people from the beginning when "Ramtha" was in the news to the recent teaming up with the Q movement.

- Moderator Comments - Link removed temporarily for review:

Note from Xylofone: Hey Webmaster, check your mail before re-posting the link!

These are the results of the review, there were a couple of items: The video was a well produced one exposing JZK speaking about the democratic party and then turning out to be a rabid republican and her supposed connections to other groups. There were some parts of it that might have been copyright violations and we just do not want to get into that mess so when questionable , unless we feel there is an immediate need, we will refrain from posting those.

More importantly though in the decision making process was that the site it was posted on was politically motivated and had some very disturbing videos. I have to watch a lot of sometimes ugly and horrific things in the process of research, I can tell you I did not complete watching some . We feel that the potential to do persons harm through exposing them to that type of imagery, especially, for politically motivated purposes is something we should not condone or become a conduit for.
Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions, Please contact me.

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