EMF does not buy into the fear hysteria of COVID-19,
nor agree with the agenda of mandatory mRNA vaccinations.
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Unread post by journeythroughramthaland » Thu May 20, 2021 5:49 pm

Well, what the heck!!!! This covid section seems to have gotten views yet little or no responses.

David and I have been in touch throughout the pandemic. We have had our varying views about how it has been handled by the varying governments around the world.

Obviously, David has concerns about how the whole thing has been communicated to the various populaces and feels it important to speak out about how he feels about it.

I have come to find out that some users of EMF have taken offence, saying he is going down the JZK/RAM path of conspiracy theories and apparently this is sort of triggering a negative response.

I would like to interject a few things, some of which might make it more understandable with regard to David’s train of thought (correct me if I am mistaken David or others) and those who have been disturbed as well.

David and I have viewed this evolving from 2 completely different environments.
David from his home in New Zealand, a heavenly spot if there ever was one. Myself, I happened to be in Australia at the beginning of the outbreak, ended up stranded there for about 6 weeks before I could get home. I spent some time in Los Angeles on my return from Australia and then returned to New York City at the height of the pandemic when New York looked like something out of an apocalyptic movie.

I was able to speak with doctors and first responders during this time and could hear and feel the panic, frustration, exhaustion as they would describe the hellish scenes that they had to deal with. I am taking care of my mom who is 93, on dialysis, has congestive heart failure, COPD and really didn’t understand the nature and risks of what was going on. Several times I had to go into the hospital with her and got to see first-hand what was occurring in there. A pretty sobering experience!

In the beginning, David and I would have some contentious discussions on the draconian measures being used in order to try and minimize the spread of the virus. He held up Sweden as the poster child for how to handle a pandemic, often he was behind the times by a few weeks and often news was rapidly changing during this time and over the course of the pandemic, we have seen that Sweden has had no academy award winning performance.

Because I am writing this sort of as a stream of consciousness, it might jump back and forth a bit for which I apologize now.

One thing on the message board which might have fueled a negative response from users could have been the statement under the covid topic which says, “EMF does not buy into the fear hysteria of COVID-19, nor do we agree with the agenda of mandatory vaccinations.”

As my friends will tell you, I have a favorite saying; “We, is a lot of people”. Since there has been no EMF poll on the subject and there has been little or no response to the thread. I would suggest removing that and if you feel it necessary to even have a statement under the topic, it should be written in the first person so one knows it is a personal opinion.

Then again under the title of Pandemic or Scamdemic the collective “we” and “us” is used and here again, “we” is a lot of people.

Both of these things do not really encourage a discussion of varying views and I do think that while many of the varying concepts David has brought to light deserve discussion, in particular the similarities on a grand scale of how information is being packaged, delivered, processed and filtered as might be in a cult or organization such as RSE.

This would still fit into the mission statement of EMF.

I have been researching the information flow coming out of governments and government entities over the last 4-5 years. There is no doubt that there has been a drastic and radical change in the way in which information is presented.

As I see it myself with regard to the handling of the pandemic messaging there is much that needs to be questioned. This is basically what I see David attempting to do in this thread. I would like to see more of an inclusion by David of the countering arguments. It is always better if the person wanting the discussion acknowledges that there are controversial, varying views and to then present them for discussion also.

I spent a few hours yesterday going over some of the items David has posted: the majority of them are not hollow of intellectually cogent material well worthy of further discussion.
However, mixed in with them are some clever uses of others’ words and also information that is cherry picked to give a particular influence towards a particular view in a less then honest way. I will just give a couple of examples:

DIY Guide to to Evolutionary Bottlenecks, Composting Brains & Self-exploding Cosmic Jokes - “This is not about the Virus

While David mentioned that the reference to Osho made him cringe and he wondered out loud if it should be included on EMF, I do tend to agree with him on that and I can see how others might take it as an acknowledgement of cult leaders being held up as an example of humanity and humility.

What should be acknowledged is that Osho’s (Formerly Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) actions certainly diverged from the words below given that his group was responsible for the first biological terror attack in the USA. Where before election day members sprayed botulism toxin on a salad bar in town in order to keep voters from the polls as well as busing in homeless people to juice the polls in their direction.

“While we are at it, here’s Osho’s commentary (dating back to the late eighties) on organised religion, which is another form of politics: just as I have always condemned politics as the lowest activity of human beings, the same is my attitude about organised religions. You can see it: the priests and the politicians have always been in a conspiracy against humanity – they have been supporting each other. They have divided things between themselves so that your worldly life belongs to the politician, he is the ruler there, and your inner life belongs to the priest, he is the ruler there…religions are living on poverty. The poor go there because they are suffering; it is unbearable, they need some kind of consolation. The rich don’t go there; they are not suffering. And if they are in a certain anguish, these priests are not capable of helping them. The rich people, feeling frustrated, have to search for somebody who can help them out of their anguish, they don’t want opium. This is why the politicians don’t want everybody to become rich, because it is more difficult to enslave rich people than poor. It is easier to purchase the votes of the poor than to convince the rich people to vote for them. The richer a person becomes, the more out of hand he is as far as politicians are concerned… I don't have any interest in the outside world, in politics, but I have immense interest in you. You are living in a world which is ugly, sick, one foot in the grave. And I don’t want you to be drowned with this sick world. That’s why I speak against many things. My interest is in you, my sannyasins. I speak against politics because I don’t want you to remain ignorant of who the real criminals are in this world. That’s why I speak against the priests and religions, because I don’t want any single loophole for you. You have to be aware who the criminals are. The problem is that those criminals are thought to be great leaders, sages, saints, mahatmas, and they are tremendously respected around the world; you would never think that they could be criminals. So I have to insist continuously, every day.”

Another is:

Connecticut Publishes Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON “SM-102 – Not for Human o r Veterinary Use”

Below is the bio of the person dissemination the information. Without a doubt he would be invited to sit at the table with JZK as they both have a sordid history.


While being able to entertain controversial material is important. It would be helpful to include the background of the sources for those who might not be familiar with them.

All that said, some of the questions this whole thing has raised for me are the following and could use some discussion.

How, in such an unprecedented way was global behavior changed in such a short manner of time (literally weeks)? And what has been the consequences of those behavioral changes, pro and con?

As David’s posting of the letter to the British Psychological Society shows, governments seem to be quite well adjusted to the fact that they can manipulate behavior for their own ends.

This is a very disconcerting trend, especially so due to the technology currently available to do so and its rapidly expanding reach.

While most participating on this site are against methods being used on individuals or groups without informed consent, not many are willing to examine the parallels currently existing within our own culture, politics and everyday existence.

I believe ultimately that is what is concerning David and I am in agreement with him there.

However, I do not think covid was created to implement some nefarious plan, I do think that covid has and continues to be exploited and this is not to the populaces ultimate advantage.

The how’s’ and whys of this occurring are well worthy of future discussion.

In MHO, with regard to Covid messaging there are many cultic parallels.

Again, that does not mean they are by nefarious means, but it does mean with so many dynamics occurring at the same time in the context that they do make for a very vulnerable exploitable situation one might wish to examine further.

What I see at the heart of this is a lack of ability for the powers that be to communicate risk effectively to the populace.

Example: Why is it that we have disaster ratings which identify risk easily and yet none for this pandemic? I.E. Fires have ratings, under control, percentage under control, charting movement etc. Hurricanes, cyclones and other storms are identified by intensity by numbers which we all are familiar with. Earthquakes are charted on the Richter scale. All of these things give us an easily understandable knowledge of the amount of risk posed.

Why was this not done for a health crisis???

Also, I have yet to be able to determine to any degree of certainty just how much co-ordination of messaging was going on globally, yet since co-ordination globally should not really be a bad thing, one must recognize that this is really one of the first times the speed and effectiveness of such co-ordination has ever taken place. That simply makes me a bit weary.

Some of the things this co-ordination has wrought is the extreme politization of this crisis in particular. It just appears that the way the information has been presented has served to help form identities in people that serve various political agendas.

The idea that corporations have the proxy ability to be a government censor is abhorrent to me.
As much as I might dislike, feel discomfort, be adamantly opposed to various forms of speech, I am a firm believer in maintaining the individuals’ right to have and voice their views. To censor this is a line that should not be crossed. Without competing views, the need to think, consider, rethink in light of new information is seriously diminished. Chief Justice Earl Warren said, “The censor’s sword pierces deeply into the heart of free expression” (one of my favorite quotes.)

The fact that this whole crisis has had this ambiance of corporate control gives me the chills as I cannot think of any better way to facilitate further consolidation of power then to have an almost complete control over the messaging split into 2 seemingly polar opposites.

Firstly, for those of you who may think I am wearing a tin foil hat. I do comprehend that there are, historically have been, might always be conspiracies that have and will affect people, governments, eco systems etc. I speak of facts, not theories.

I guess I should step down from my soapbox now that I have had a bit of a rant.
"I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education."
-William Mizner

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Unread post by David McCarthy » Mon May 24, 2021 1:21 am

Great post..Thank you JTR.. :idea:

Why so few responses? I'd say fear and confusion.
The psychology of using fear 'in my opinion' has been deliberately used by our Governments. Its the Milgram Experiment getting played out on a monumental scale. This so called pandemic has clearly exposed how the medical-political-corporate complex cults... have merged forces to create a pandemic emergency using psyops programing using fear and divisiveness..Yep..I truly believe this... :shock: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_operations_ (United_States), making RSE a kindergarten in comparison. The constant ramping up of fear increases their control while undermining our humanity and critical thinking..http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/ ... actics.htm .
they (The medical-political complex) have created a massive tsunami of fear that has yet to run its course.
journeythroughramthaland (JTR)..... I have come to find out that some users of EMF have taken offense
I came across this this recently.."In cults, and in larger totalitarian societies. It isn’t usually the Gestapo that comes for you.
It’s usually your friends and colleagues..
Obedience, Power, and Leadership – Principles of Social Psychology – 1st International Edition
https://opentextbc.ca/socialpsychology/ ... leadership
Unbelievable verbal abuse has been directed at me...An EMF 'friend' suggested I should be banned from Facebook!
his venom shook me, started comparing me to JZ Knight, no amount of reasoning would calm his vitriol.
He was the proverbial frog slowly getting boiled alive while attacking those trying to warn him. Irrational fears and unquestioning obedience to authority had crushed logic and reason, a place where the truth becomes too hard to bear, so easier to shoot the messenger and his horse..:-(
JTR.. David and I would have some contentious discussions on the draconian measures...
Whats wonderful here and I appreciate JTR very much is that was can disagree and still hear each others point of views,
it may well be I could change my mind on certain issues, but the important thing is we can share a conversation,
even share a chuckle or two 'in the darkest topics of conversation..
That's what EMF is all about,,, We can share, debate and hopefully learn on incredibly volatile and diffiCult issues.
"We" ask everyone to be civil and a willingness to explore different points of view without the vitriol and malice.
Cults do not want this.. it will undermine their power,control and FEAR over us.
JTR..I would like to see more of an inclusion by David of the countering arguments.
Sure JTR....I'll do some digging.
JTR...my post...DIY Guide to to Evolutionary Bottlenecks....http://enlightenmefree.com/phpBB3/viewt ... =79&t=2929
I shared this post as perhaps a more 'metaphysical perspective' with much 'tongue in cheek' comments...:shock:
Yep..I'm still cringing from his Osho references..I'll be meeting 'Platon' soon as he lives local... I will put it to him..WTF with the Osho BS... :?:
Re: JTR..The idea that corporations have the proxy ability to be a government censor is abhorrent to me.
The lever of censorship in NZ by our Government and big tech' is truly shocking....Our healthcare professional dare not speak out, they stay silent in fear of ostracization and loosing there jobs. Already our 'first line covid defense workers are getting fired for refusing the jab.
Just a quick point about my living in paradise..:-) Tiss true....However..NZ had the most draconian lock downs in the World, military checkpoints just up the road, people getting arrested for taking a walk on an empty beach..thats the level mass ignorance, hysteria and fear we need to overcome and start taking back our lives and draw a line in the sand to stop this insane control by cult billionaire sociopaths who feel its their God given mission to rule the world.
Again journeythroughramthaland (JTR) ..Thank you for sharing.
Hopefully this will encourage others to post on EMF.
But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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