Clyde Hood was the founder of the Omega Scam that was promoted at RSE by JZ Knight/Ramtha.
It never paid off, and Hood is in jail. Share your experience about RSE scams and ponzi schemes here.


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Triple-Cross Fraud: The NESARA-Ekker-Al Qaeda Scam (continued)

In the series of articles entitled the Texas Two Step & The Billionaire Boys? Club, she detailed the ways in which a select group of corporate leaders and politicians tried to create an "insiders? only" club for doing business in the whole of the western world. She has given precise details of the murder of her husband, Colonel Herrman.

She has revealed that the two Ekkers, who were long-time scam artists operating under various corporation or partnership names, created an entire mythology of a "Spaceship Commander" from the Pleiades -- named Hatonn -- who communicated by a special radio frequency that only Doris Ekkers could receive. She has discussed how the creation of the Global Alliance Investment Association and other groups which may use a similar acronym -- GAIA -- are the "financial muscle" behind this cult mythology. She has related to RMN readers how this self-styled channel for the "Hatonn" has also reserved the alias of Germain, as in St. Germain, the Ascended Master who was also a man of noble birth who lived in France prior to their Revolution.

V.K. Durham has provided extensive documentation and made the links to show that the Ekkers? scams have netted them something in excess of $17 million in gold and that they left behind some $5 million in gold coins, when the skedaddled out of the United States in late 1997. She and others have provided information linking the Ekkers to scams run on elderly U.S. Citizens, like Betty Tuten of Nevada, who lost $402,000 to one of their "investment" plans.

An article published in the Sunday Telegraph of London in 2001 revealed that the Ekkers took a fortune in gold coins from a retired mathematician in Austin, Texas, one Dave Overton, by selling him on the reality of their spaceship commander -- Hatonn. He was a mathematical genius and a notable eccentric, and a Nevada court determined in 1994 that Mr. Overton had been swindled by the Ekkers and George Green, their one-time business agent. After he died, his estate was probated and some of the money they took from him was returned to it. Through it all, these two Ekkers have conducted their business -- which is nothing more than scamming, selling mythologies and dreams of interstellar glory, and falsified gold bonds and instruments -- with the help of a bewildering variety of corporations and partnerships. The Ekkers even founded a church and then used that Church to sue themselves !! Why? It was done in order to get publicity, to create a ?victim status,? and to keep the readers of their publications "involved", that is to say -- using "Ritual." Throughout it all, they have somehow won and held the allegiance of a variety of people with many talents.

The latest and deadliest scam, based on yet another improbable mythology, is the "secret law" called NESARA or the National Stabilization And Reformation Act, which has been ceaselessly propagated by one who calls herself "the Dove of Oneness". The mythologies of NESARA all revolve around the legitimate losses and the truly tragic swindles of the Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s. Hundreds of thousands of farm and ranching families and rural businesses were drawn into the whirlpool of bankruptcy and foreclosures, and from that long-running tragedy was generated a movement which has been called The Farm Claims.

The Dove of Oneness, who claims to receive messages from the Ascended Master St. Germain, has taken many opportunities to link the origin of NESARA as a secret law reforming the whole of the United States? tax code, abolishing the income tax, to then moving the country into a gold standard. Whether this individual knows it or not, the so-called Master is none other than Doris J. Ekker, who has registered the alias of St. Germain.

NESARA is not just a mythology. It is not just a scam designed to build an e-mail list for later use by other confidence men, fraud experts and flim-flam artists. It is an incredibly dangerous and insidious trap, a psychological warfare tactic, designed to ensnare thousands of good and patriotic Americans, and to taint and sully the whole of a group of people who have become known as "the Children of Light."

This message arrived just two days ago, while the Rumor Mill Forum was still down, and it comes from an impeccable source:

"E.J. Ekker has been a Navy intelligence asset for almost 30 years."

Talk about turning on the lights. The plan is to destroy the Children of Light, before they ever see one dollar of prosperity from any program or any fund of any kind.

Talk about selling out the Children of Light, for the benefit of the Dark Agenda, as Dove calls it. The question immediately redounds -- how can a man who is a Naval Intelligence asset operate in the clear, as a scam artist, working both traditional forms of confidence and creating an entire "spaceship mythology" with a virulently anti-Israel and anti-Federal Reserve System bias, continue to enjoy his success while in exile? Why does E.J. Ekker seem to have complete and absolute immunity, even as he and Doris J. Ekker float their false instruments to leverage gold and funnel monies to the Al Qaeda network of terrorist groups ?? Which side are they on ??

The answer is shocking and shockingly obvious: The Ekkers are on both sides. They are Triple Agents, the most skilled and skilful operatives ever known, and they have very nearly succeeded in selling their entire NESARA ~ Farm Claims ~ Prosperity Programs mythology to a monster-sized audience. But why ?? Why pull a Triple Cross on the people of the United States and Canada, and all the others who have put money into prosperity programs like the Bergavine, the SBC, the Treasurygate and the mighty Omega ?? What is the purpose ??


Enter another piece of the puzzle, courtesy of V.K. Durham. In questioning her about the creation and evolution of these prosperity programs, and the Farm Claims, certain facts came to light. Colonel Russell Herrman and V.K. Durham first heard of the Farm Claims in 1993, when they were contacted by Rick Martin who was inquiring about the supposed participation of Cosmos Seafood Energy in providing the funding for this redress of grievances.

The problem was made clear at that time: V.K. and Colonel Herrman, the CEO, had suspended the operations of their Cosmos Seafood Energy corporation in April of 1992, precisely because there had been so many look-alike and sound-alike groups registered in Nevada !! After several inquiries by different persons, it was made clear to all that the true Cosmos Seafood Energy and the true signatory of the Bonus Contract 3392-181 were not involved with the Farm Claims and had not started them.

Over the next few years, the constant stress and struggle between the powers that be in Washington, D.C., and the people of the western States, and especially in the northern midwest, grew more acute. The massacre of Branch Davidians at Waco was not in any way helpful. The passage of the Brady Bill with its draconian structure for making gun ownership a trap for criminal penalties, further alienated the rural population. And after the disastrous Tesla weapon strike on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, the Clinton administration tried to paint all right-wing talk show hosts and their listeners as being "the enemy." It had the opposite effect. More and more people began to ask about the Savings And Loan crisis, more and more people began to read about the militia movement, more and more people began to feel that everything about the federal government was corrupt and crooked.

V.K. Durham helps to connect the dots. In asking about the Bergavine and the Omega and the Farm Claims, she remembered seeing some important documents. Created for President Bill Clinton -- with the connivance of Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania -- the participants in the Farm Claims and the various prosperity programs were all put on dissident lists. This is the infamous "watch" list assembled by Janet Reno and her minions in the wake of the Oklahoma City fiasco and cover-up.

The people who are most closely associated with the Omega and the Bergavine have been identified as being "potentials" for domestic terrorism. Never mind that the threat of terror activity has been -- for over a year -- centered on the Al Qaeda and their supposed network of training camps in the ruined landscape of Afghanistan.

The events of the last six months, and the micro-nuclear blast which destroyed that nightclub in Bali, on the island of Java, shows clearly that the hub of the Al Qaeda operation is in southeast asia and the islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines !! And where are the Ekkers now ensconced, where is their headquarters ?? In the P.I. at Makati City, where they have actively supported the Moro insurgencies and other Muslim fundamentalists !! The linch-pin for understanding this triple cross and the devilish planning it has required is the fact, proven in an almost constant stream of propaganda and messaging over the last nine months, that the purpose of the Dove of Oneness has been to build her list. Build the list ! Build the list ! Why ?

More than 300,000 people are said to be registered participants in the Bergavine, the SBC, the Omega and other prosperity programs. They have been anxiously awaiting news of the funding of these programs for years, some for more than ten years.

The key to understanding the motives of the Dove is to know that the Ekkers? are now irretrievably tied to the Al Qaeda terrorist, and Muslim fundamentalist movements, by their actions and by their false deeds of assignment. They have floated trillions of dollars in phony financial instruments, with the Bank of China, with the Saudi bankers, and with Islamic banking groups in Malaysia and Indonesia. The Ekkers are providing the intelligence which "the Dove" has been using to build her lists.


The impeccable source also informs Rumor Mill News that E.J. Ekker was one of the most brilliant operatives ever to appear in the world of "cloak and daggers." When connecting the dots, it now appears clear, very clear, that he is a Triple Agent:

*** the Ekkers, and E.J. in particular, are Triple Agents and the NESARA mythology is a scam, but more than that, it is a Triple Cross

1. The first purpose of Faction 2 has been, we are told, to bankrupt and destroy the Federal Reserve System, which is the private banking cartel and the oppressor holding sway over these United States ( and Canada, too ). What E.J. Ekker was conniving to do, was to bring in those gold-backed bonds and gold certificates and to bring the cash that the phony Deeds of Assignment were used to create, to whack the Fed Res Sys into pieces. No doubt some of what Ekker has assembled in the portfolio of GAIA is legitimate. But most of it is a forgery.

2. The Faction opposing the New World Order has been linked to Naval Intelligence, and to men who are loyal to the Constitution and the organic united States: now it is clear that the Ekkers were tripling-up -- working their bona fides as F-1 agents and representing themselves to Faction 2 as having ?defected in place?. V.K. Durham confirms that Doris Ekker has often represented herself as "working for a higher authority" than the President !! In reality, the Ekkers have been working for F-1, the Satanic New World Order at a much higher level !!

3. The drive for nine months or more, with the Dove, et al., has been to build the list, build the list, build the list. Clearly, the goal of F-1 was to allow F-2 to use those false Deeds of Assignment, along with many legitimate instruments and other gold assets, to bring those Trillions said to be in the prosperity programs back into play. To do what is right and proper in making "whole" the great tragedy of the farm and ranch foreclosures and the ruined lives that spawned the Farm Claims.

4. Now, to bring these assets into the country as financial instruments convertible into monies, would be a good thing if they were not based on the fraudulent Deeds of Assignment written by the Ekkers and using -- among other things -- their false front Cosmos Seafood Enery groups. But the money is coming in from abroad, that does make it subject to federal oversight, and so what happens next ??


The Bush administration has done what the Clinton administration could not or would not do, which is to establish that the Al Qaeda network of terrorist and fundamentalist groups is a serious threat to the safety of the United States. And that it is specifically a threat to the security of "infrastructure," and that the Al Qaeda has been laundering money in a variety of ways around the world and inside of the United States.

So what comes next ?? The Ekkers will be revealed in the mass ( controlled ) media as being the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Momma of the Al Qaeda !! Then, just when the Trillions of dollars which the Ekkers have ginned up by selling falsified gold instruments, actually move into position and the program recipients are given access ??

Then -- the Children of Light would be tarred with the brush of having taken money directly from the Al Qaeda Headquarters in Manila, and by way of Islamic banking operations which are holding debentures !! The Federal Reserve System would be tasked to seek out and seize or freeze all of these funds ( thus, sacrificing the Ekkers ), and federal law enforcement and Anti-Terrorist units would then proceed to use the Dove list !! They would then seek out and arrest the most prominent supporters of these legitimate Farm Claims, thus destroying the nucleus of a true political opposition by decapitating and ruining its most ardent advocates.

The gravity of the situation cannot be underestimated !! Whereas it is not practical to arrest 300,000 + people around the world in one or two day?s time, it is not actually necessary to do that at all !! The purpose is to take down the Farm Claims activists, not to take the properties they have already lost, but to turn them into confessed criminals or indicted co-conspirators !!

The people on the Dove list would be arrested for "financial terrorism" as soon as they got their monies in their accounts, and sought to access. Meanwhile the Children of Light would either be sullied and made pariahs, or set up for indictments, too. The monies -- all of the Trillions -- would then be seized or frozen or sequestered, and the Fed Res Sys would be made liquid again by keeping all those assets in place in their member banks. We know from experience that it takes years to get seized assets back, the legal costs are immense, and what assets are the Farm Claimants going to have to use ?? None.

V.K. Durham estimates that the liabilities for bad paper and bad derivatives investments, accruing to the Federal Reserve System are at or in excess of $31 Trillion dollars. Then, consider that the total said to be moving into the Omega, Bergavine, Farm Claims and other related programs is in excess of $37 Trillion dollars USDA. That leaves a nice "skim" of some $5 to 6 Trillion in gold-backed monies for the use of those who are on ?the inside? with this brilliant Triple Cross.

It is a Triple Play, in the parlance of baseball, and every runner is put out, and all the bases are cleared. The impeccable source reporting to Rumor Mill News said this about E.J. Ekker, as a spy, a confidence man, a planner -- "... his skills alone are some of the best around and he has always surrounded himself with the best in all fields", and that includes the use of the Internet and computers and tracking.

The Ekkers are operating the Dove as an asset, even if she doesn?t know it: she and her crew are a GAIA cell. So, too, is Patrick Bellringer. So ?? So, it does matter, in life and death terms, it does matter !!

The Dove?s legion of followers would suddenly be faced with doing hard time, once they did get their monies; and their defense would be the illusory NESARA law, which nobody has ever seen in print. Furthermore, the Children of Light would be both disenfranchised and "targetted" as supporters or co-operators with the Al Qaeda, and the now-bankrupt Fed Res Sys would be given new life -- albeit a new life based on the fraudulent Deeds of Assignment, debentures and other instruments faked up and phonied up by the Ekkers and their crew -- but a life that they could easily continue to live and enjoy !!!

Triple Threat. Triple Cross. Triple Play.

If you are on the Dove?s list -- YOU ARE IT, and YOU ARE OUT.


Something Called NESARA - Truth or Fraud?

07/20/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Time to address this thing running around the internet which shouts "follow me...follow me" as if they have some secret mystical knowledge the rest of us need to understand. It is called NESARA which stands for National Economic Security And Reformation Act. Gee, sure sounds like an official and powerful name. Surely, there has to be something to it.

Well not so fast! It didn't take long after just a short time of research to find this organization is nothing more than a self-proclaimed spiritual group which would like to see our world change. They see themselves as the "Robinhood" of the new age movement. After just a little digging, I am finding they are more along the line of "hood" rather than the robin.

They go by the name "Dove of Oneness". Now how cute and spiritual is that. Gives one the feeling of warmth all over. Well it appears our soothe sayers are nothing less than con-artist. Their names are E.J. Ekker and Doris J. Ekker. It seems the Ekker's are quite popular with US and Canadian Law Enforcement.

The mythologies of NESARA all revolve around the legitimate losses and the truly tragic swindles of the Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s. Hundreds of thousands of farm and ranching families and rural businesses were drawn into the whirlpool of bankruptcy and foreclosures, and from that long-running tragedy was generated a movement which has been called The Farm Claims.

The Dove of Oneness, who claims to receive messages from the Ascended Master St. Germain, has taken many opportunities to link the origin of NESARA as a secret law reforming the whole of the United States' tax code, abolishing the income tax, to then moving the country into a gold standard. These so-called Masters are none other than E.J. and Doris J. Ekker, who has registered the alias of St. Germain.

Folks, what really burns me up about people such as these clowns, is the fact they "intentionally" prey on honest seekers who are looking to better themselves and the planet. I can't imagine what their karma has in store for them. Perhaps there is an unknown gift through such evil deception. Perhaps we can use this as a lesson to show the danger in carelessly giving our power away to those who proclaim secret mystical powers or knowingness. It just sickens me to see pathetic individuals use beautiful entities such as St. Germain, Jesus, Buddha, and yes, even Mohammed in such a manipulative and self-seeking manner. I can tell you it is hard for me to use a word like 'evil', but this was the first word which came to mind.

Here is an open invitation If someone from the "Dove" organization would like to come on the show and tell their side of the story, I will be willing to facilitate an interview. I promise I will not contact law enforcement authorities as to set you up in a trap. But you wouldn't have anything to worry about, or so I would assume, since you have accepted my offer. If I find I am the one who has been mis-led, I will apologize "live" on the air. I will even go further, and promote you on my site. Or, if you wish to use this opportunity to confess your sins and ask forgiveness, I would be willing to facilitate this as well.

Now before you attempt to use that old 'bait and switch' routine telling everyone I am a secret agent for the US government, sent out to discredit or trap you, let me say right now it has been documented such scaming con-artist(s) have used this song and dance on many occasions. So I expect to see this used again. Oh yes, I am fully aware I will be attacked for my strong statments. I guess somethings are simply worth fighting for.

For all of you reading this article, I would encourage you not to offer one single penny to this organization until you are absolutely satisfied of their integrity. Oh don't worry, you will have several more chances to use your gift of "discernment". As stated previously, we are in a time when many will be coming forward yelling "follow me...follow me".

A reminder to us all. Do not follow my truth, or anyone else. Follow "your truth". Seek and you shall find. Find What? Your Truth! Sharpen your gift of discernment, you will surely need it. ?

Mitch Battros

Producer - Earth Changes TV

Anyway, here is an interesting link of RMN articles: (go figure! ;-) And the one about VK's fingering the Ekkers which I've copied below. ... read=27038


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:P I have insomnia - Your Not Helping!

I thank a higher power/providence/my lucky stars that I have never heard of those organizations.
I thank my parents, I always felt I had enough, and valued other things above riches. and always felt, if I was to become wealthy, I would have to work for it. And, it's amazing how little I can live on. Or maybe, just maybe, it's a good thing I didn't have money to invest. anyway, people call and e-mail me all the time with "get rich quick schemes" - usually I shut them up right away. "I can't afford it, and, I don't want to be able to afford it...My money is spoken for". Really, they never call me back.

Somebody wake the sleeping watchman. Avarice, greed, rank selfishness, the pride of Lucifer, are loose in the world.
"God Sees the Truth But Waits" - if I wasn't so tired I would hunt through my Enlgish lLit. notes for the name of the radical Russian Author who wrote that.
Starting to see a real genius behind the vow of poverty taken by Monks. They won't get embroiled in stuff like that.

Seriously, stop reading that stuff. How do you sleep nights? And what can be done to stop this EVIL.
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Does anyone know ?...I was told that Dove is a woman who's a student (long timer) at RSE. She's an older woman, and I was even given her name, but I won't post that on here. Has anyone else heard that ? I know people in RSE who are STILL waiting for their money to be paid out. I was in an audience in 2005 when "Ramtha" talked about the various scams, admitting they were scams, except for Omega, which was supposed to pay out but didn't because of things going awry. So, "he" didn't know that in advance ? Well, "he" actually talked about two Omegas; one was a scam and the other one would/could pay out. I'd have to get my notes to quote him on that. I'm proud to say I invested nothing into that !

Unread post by wolfman »

Lost In Space........
Nice comments but hit yourself in the head and get off this site and go to bed.

This post was to the many involved in OMEGA....which I was one. And I don't need comments from lost in space people telling me how stupid I was for being involved with RSE. I obviously am aware of what I have done and thats why I am here.

I had my own personal reasons to believe in Omega........but I am not telling this board any of those reasons.

For the most part I forgot about Omega when I was in audience at RSE and Ramtha said he was the one that kept us from getting our money. Half his staff would of left if Omega came, he said.

Omega came into my thinking again when I started to hear and investigate about the Leo Wanta Story, which I am convinced has some merit and truth but I do not have the whole story on that either.

If the principles of the Wanta story is true then I justified that Omega was possible and real. (research Wanta. I'm not telling you folkies anything that you can't research for yourself.)

And then their is the Four Winds 10 site and Patrick the Bellringer and those Tehachapi folks who talk to the Galactic Federation gods. Yes yes yes.......scams all.......but a much higher level of scam going on here.

The above post I sent is important because of what it says.

The Wanta story in a nutshell is that Wanta is responsible for bringing down the Soviet Union during the Reagan Administration through "currency manipulation". And as far as I can see this makes more sense than the likely hood of Tyger and his 007 frog men trying to destroy the Soviets. In case some of you don't know. Money IS what makes the world go round.

The above post basically says that foreign interest namely Al Queda are responsible for terrorist activity involving currency manipulation in this country using the same methods as Wanta used against the USSR.

And Omega people are guilty of supporting Al Queda.........At least in the eyes of National Security Administration and Home Land Security.

I suggest all of you stay away from this chat room and rse.

You are being watched. Ha ! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Find a nice new age sand box somewhere to pee in.

I told your judi is CIA.........

Christian Intelligence Agency..........

Whatcha........thanks for the comment about there being 2 omegas.
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Dear Wolfman:

Kay, hitting myself now. Ooops, I'm at work.

"This post was to the many involved in OMEGA....which I was one. And I don't need comments from lost in space people telling me how stupid I was for being involved with RSE. I obviously am aware of what I have done and thats why I am here. "

I really was deliriously tired, or I would have expressed my thought better. A translation for Volpines - I DID NOT GET TAKEN IN BY RSE< OMEGA or any other such organization, not because I'm superior, or supersavy, but because I"M BROKE. There now, is that better??????
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