very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Many experiences have happened during these techniques, known as disciplines, at RSE. People have been hurt physically, emotionally, and otherwise. Post your experiences.
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very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by naturegirl » Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:04 pm

I do agree with you about Jz expressing power…

Power can be used on many levels. The one thing, I learnt in rse that is very powerful and it works - is the mirror…
Which is an old, old, discipline called Scrying– some call it Black Magic, divination. Some do it with a mirror – a black mirror, crystal ball, water, etc.

The bottom line it is a very powerful tool – I heard Jz/ramtha say one time when she was drinking – it was her favorite discipline, she didn’t say much of anything else, except it was her favorite and I know why.

But it was not what jz said one evening; it was the energy in it that caught my attention. She knew the power of this tool and she also knows that some things are best not to say because if her students really got into the mirror – the most powerful tool she barely introduced to the school – the students would be gone – they would take back their power and run.

That evening, shortly after been introduce to the mirror and experiencing what I did in the mirror the first time doing this tool, I knew there was something there, I ask a few people if they knew more about the mirror, they did not know too much and most were afraid.

Well, not me, I went home and begin to study and research on using this tool, Scrying, once I knew it's proper name.

Of course jz has trademark mirror work most likely – but she didn’t discover mirror work.

It is from the 16 century and beyond – the century of Nostradamus. They used water as the magic mirror, or a black mirror, crystal balls, etc. to perform this tool… It is very, very powerful, so a person can become powerful and this power can be used for good or bad…

Two of most powerful things I received attending RSE was Scrying and tuning into the Orbs. But of course she was not the first on the Orbs, she just shared… Orbs are nothing new!! We are all ORBS! Just open up they are all around us, I have 1000’s of pictures, but it is not the pictures that I care about – it the energy and energy behind the orbs and the communication… Taking pictures are pretty, - but it is such a bigger picture.

The bottom line, nothing jz has taught was original!!! She research and taught it and that is not a bad thing, but she needs to come clean and stop with the trademarks and this Original teaching nonsense. I left the school in 2001, shortly after I moved from CA to WA. I have not been in the school or around RSE, so I had very, very little contact. But if what I am reading about jz urinating and throwing up on people is true.

I truly can't believe a person would think so low of themselves to allow this to happen is beyond me, I love me way too much and thank God, I left that neighborhood!!


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Re: Eddie: My RSE Experience & Red Flags

Unread post by seriously » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:18 pm

Hey naturegirl. Thanks for your contribution to EMF and I applaud your decision to leave RSE Inc. However, in my opinion, you still have some delusional lines of thinking. You believe you're an orb or can become an orb? Does this mean you can physically transform from flesh/blood into a ball of light? Does your body remain while your soul/self/life force turns into a ball of light and exits your body? If you believe you have this power, are you cognizant of your surroundings while in orb form? Do you have motor skills while in your orb form? Can you move through walls and other physical objects or does the orb light not travel through objects?

You said you live in WA. I live in WA. If you want to prove your powers, I'll offer you money to disprove my disbelief. We could come up with a simple test. I'll write down a number and place it in a location where it can't be seen by your physical body but allow for the limitations of your orb powers (ex: if necessary, no walls, well lit, etc). Of course, the test would be conducted in a place where you feel safe yet I would be assured no cheating could occur and you would be welcome to bring a companion.

The only stipulation is I ask you a few questions about your powers and your belief system and if you tell me the correct number I have written down, I'll give you $2000 in cash.

Scrying: What benefits do you get from scrying? What revelations have you had? Can you see into the past or future? Have you ever considered the possibility you see things because of smoke, shadows, variations in shades of lighting. Your brain naturally attempts to fill in gaps which sometimes allow you to see things that aren't there. I've experienced this before. You see a shape in the distance or through fog/haze and on occasion, for a split second your brain tells you what it anticipates the object to be based on past experience. Once you focus and take a longer look, you know what the object is but your mind can play tricks on you from time to time. I would say you're seeing variations on the surface of what your looking at and you're making it into something that isn't there but something you want to believe. That's just my opinion from having a wikipedia level understanding of scrying. I have no experience with it.

I'd be interested to hear your response. If you'd like to take the orb challenge, send me a private message and we'll set something up.

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Re: Eddie: My RSE Experience & Red Flags

Unread post by naturegirl » Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:44 am

Seriously, I never said that I can turn into an Orb; I said tuning (feeling) into the Orbs, there is a vibration with Orbs, this is nothing new.

American Indian has been talking about the spirit of orbs for centuries.

I personal feel that Orbs are spirits and the ones that are around me are my loves ones, I can feel there energy. We can call them orbs, angels, whatever term works. Surely, you believe in spirits.

As far as Scrying – it is one of my personal favorites. I am not talking about seeing dark midst that would not be very interesting if one only saw midst. But this is my personal space and I have no reason to share because I don't see how it would benefit anyone, this is my journey - the Spiritual is a alone path is one thing I truly learned.

I would never, never allow myself to follow another jz or anyone like her again. I learned my lessons!!!

I have no malice toward jz- it would serve me no good… I am out and never, never returning. I am fully aware of the suffering and pain this school has caused many people and these feeling are real.

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Re: Eddie: My RSE Experience & Red Flags

Unread post by ex » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:36 am

hi ng. what did you find out about the black magig- rse conection?
i googled once the word seal and ended up on magic sides. it just made me curious why jz aka ramtha makes such effort to change the wording for chakra into seal.
all the 'miracles' at rse are mostly fake. the whole rse thing is jzs power game. the disciplines are just for making you feel special and r more or less brainwash techniques to make you depending on a spiritual high. what worth has something you cant share? how can you be sure not to be delusional? i just ask this because i had a hard time to separate the gordig knot[+&-of rse]. i liked the approach just to cut it.

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by freemysoul » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:59 am

Hi Naturegirl, and welcome to EMF.
I was curious and concerned about your post on 'mirror work/scrying' or whatever it is called, and your comments on 'Orbs'.
On this site, most people are working at detaching themselves from rse/jz knight's harmful practices and everything they experienced there, because of the psychological and personal nightmares they experienced there. There are many here who have, after months, if not years, come to the understanding that JZ Knight is a charlatan, and rse isn't a school at all, but a cult, like you expressed in an earlier post. Many also come to learn that the 'disciplines' that JZ Knight pushes on her 'students' are meant to enslave, undermine and brainwash, and the only redeeming value they have, is to distract people from JZ's deception and keep their minds occupied from thinking critically. JZ's disciplines, like you posted earlier, aren't even her own, but she has taken them from others and put her own spin on them. This is her way of trying to legitimize these concepts by convincing people of their 'authenticity', totally contradicted by the point that she has stole them in the first place. If you put lipstick on a pig, it doesn't make it any less of a pig.
I hope you understand Naturegirl, that I am not trying to judge or change or berate you, only to help you understand the potential fallout of advocating practices that have destroyed the lives of many people, and possibly help you see for yourself, how dangerous this can be.
I appreciate your experience and your point of view, but see justifying delusional ideas like 'scrying and orbs' to be just as troubling as JZ Knight espousing her harmful rhetoric. It takes time for everyone who has experienced something like rse to come to terms with that experience and deal with the fallout in their own way, so I hope you can take my comments in the positive and helpful way in which they are intended.
Thanks again Naturegirl

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by seriously » Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:34 pm

hey naturegirl. I don't mean to offend. After growing up inundated with mysticism, having family in RSE Inc for 20+ years and attending RSE Inc myself, I lost my ability to think logically. It took a long time to regain my critical thinking abilities. Because of this, when someone makes a statement like we're all orbs or I can communicate with orbs or spirits, I would like some proof to back up those statements. I don't believe in spirits but would gladly pay $$ for someone to prove me wrong. Due to my skeptical nature, I don't believe you would be able to provide concrete proof of spirits, orbs or scrying. If you think you can, let me know.

As long as you're not hurting anyone, believe whatever you like and I wish you well.

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by naturegirl » Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:23 pm

Freemysoul & Seriously - if my post have upset you or has cause you any pain or suffering. Please have David deleted it. It was not my intention to cause you any suffering.

It is my own personal experiences and I am not going to say that the years that I spent at rse or my studying was a complete waste. It was just not for me - nothing that was taught at RSE was original.

People from centuries have expressed Scrying - I read about divination long before the school.

Now the way and how JZ uses these teaching is a whole different story – this is the part that is hurtful and harmful!! I do not support it, let me make this clear.

I left the school early in 2000 -after I moved my entire life to WA for this school – went to free event in 2011 to see how she was going to put more fear into people after 9/11 attack. Never went back.

I have no knowledge of what she is teaching or have I communicated with people in the Ramtha world.

I got out early – so I truly don’t want to take my lessons or my stories and create any harm to people on this site. I want people to heal.

I enjoy Scrying – I enjoy the Orbs… It is my personal thing… I am creating no harm to anyone.

But, please have David deleted my post – if it is creating more suffering, it is not my intent. I am not here to support jz – but at the same time, I am not here to say all of the teaching – taught me nothing! That would be a complete lie. It was not for me!!

Enough about divination and enough about the Orbs, it is my own personal thing.

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by Eddie » Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:17 am

orbs are dust particles photographed by lousy cameras.

If your body consists of a trillion cells, then you have approx 10 trillion living bacteria cells (parasites) in your gut, and approximately 100 trillion living bacteria cells (parasites) on the rest of your body.

If you can't feel bacteria ... how can you feel imaginary orbs?

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by seriously » Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:01 pm

Sorry naturegirl. You have not offended or injured me in any way and I would never ask any of the moderators to remove a post. My mother inundated the family with mysticism (auras, past lives, premonitions, seals, channeling, spirits, etc etc etc) growing up. Then, the RSE Inc "teachings" were introduced to her which had its own spin on mysticism along with doomsday theories and disciplines (C&E, etc). The whole family bought into it and made the trek to Rainier, WA. That was about 25 years ago. The whole family is still in RSE Inc except for me.

I have resentment towards RSE Inc but not you. Honestly, believe whatever you like. From my perspective, you talking about Orbs and scrying is the same as a devout Christian coming up to me and telling me the earth is only 6000 years old, creationism is real and dinosaur bones were placed on the earth by Satan to test our faith in Jesus and the bible. In my opinion, just like the devout Christian's claims, your beliefs don't stand up to scientific scrutiny.

I am just attempting to interject common sense not necessarily for you but maybe for other readers. Because of my upbringing, I now have a hard time just shaking my head and accepting what I perceive to be illogical beliefs that are stated as fact or my truth. This is a general statement and not targeting you Naturegirl but stating something as My Truth is BS. There are facts and there are scientifically provable theories in our world. "It's my truth the world is only 6000 years old." Well, it can't be anyone's truth. You can believe it if you want but there is concrete scientific evidence that contradicts that belief. So, I would suggest reevaluating your belief system.

I'm sorry you had your life uprooted by JZ. It's her business model. If you give up everything and go to Yelm, WA, the probability of attending additional events increases and your longevity at RSE Inc also increases. I won't post any additional comments on this thread Naturegirl. I don't want to offend you or come across like I'm attacking you. I wish you nothing but the best. Thanks for sharing and contributing to EMF. I truly believe it helps current and former RSE Inc members.

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by Tree » Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:09 pm

as Virginia stated, there are varying stages or degrees of leaving a cult.

I think there are varying stages of where people are at who post here.

Some think the "old Ramtha" was a sweet, divine being and the "new Ramtha", a very
dark Lord or presence.

Some who have been schooled in some new agey or mystical or Gnostic ways prior to coming to RSE
have those filters prior to and exiting RSE.

Some want to take jz knight down for all the money in china and them some.

Some just want their life back and want to re-cover.

I have never been an orb fan, even while in RSE. I always thought they were a crock of *&^*.
But some have claimed that some orbs are their deceased relatives.

This brings to mind personal experiences one had while IN RSE.
As Virginia stated ( and I agree), do NOT give any of these practices or experiences to jz as credit.
You might have been fasting.
You might have been very focused like a Yogi.
You may have been previously coached by Anthony Robbins (whom Greg was an apprentice to and marketing

YOU did these things.
Whether jz trademarked them as her OWN is a whole 'nother narcissitic issue.

My .02

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by Vanilla » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:25 pm

Does anybody remember using mirror focus on other people, the discipline where we stared into our partners eyes? Instead of using a mirror. I remember this. I also know that this is used in landmark est.

I hear you tree and I hear you nature girl. I do.

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by Tree » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:39 am

We stared into our partner's eyes to bond with them for all disciplines.

Some people, via an on line chat, took it a step further with a mirror, but nothing that was specifically taught.

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by Kelku » Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:13 am

Just looking at the headline of this thread makes me shiver.
Whatever we personally experienced and whatever opinion we now have about the disciplines should not be advertised with remarks like "...and it works..."

Of course mirrow work is an old thing, Scamtha even said so and as far as I know the mirror is not trademarked.
But researching on mirror divination or the orb phenomena we find that there are a bunch of different opinions out there.

I respect any personal experience but please, can we not just point out that it's personal, an opinion, instead of stating it as facts?
“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”
- Sophocles

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by Robair » Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:18 pm

Hello Everyone
It is very very rare that we would delete a post, it has to be very vicious and using very profane language with not value to this site for us to do so.

This subject is in its proper place under RSE disciplines , if it become more about promoting RSE it would be moved to the RSE support Forum.

I Value Things Not For What They Worth But For What They Represent

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Re: very powerful and it works - is the mirror…

Unread post by freemysoul » Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:22 am

Here here Robair and Kelku,
Its one thing to claim personal experience and a whole other to claim success and power from the ridiculous things that JZ Knight has used to bind and enslave her 'students'. I know there are the excuses that "JZ didn't invent 'mirror work' or 'scrying' or any of her 'disciplines'", but the reality behind them, in my opinion, and the permanent damage they cause, nullifies any possible redemption. Just because JZ didn't invent it, SHE DID USE IT, and used it in a callous calculated way against those she claimed to 'uplift'. You cannot excuse years of abuse and manipulation at the hands of these 'disciplines', just because they weren't invented by JZ. A gun used by a psychopath is no less dangerous because he wasn't the one who made it or invented it, it is still a lethal tool, and when used inappropriately, as JZ has used these tools, become tools of the trade in mass brainwashing or mind control.
To claim that these hazardous tools of a sociopath 'work', or to find goodness in any minute way, overlooks ALL the destruction, mental anguish and abuse suffered by JZ's enslaved multitudes, leaving a reader here on EMF the WRONG impression. We do not condone JZ Knights many manipulative ways here, and we will NEVER sit idly by, without comment, when someone else does so.

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