EMF POSTING GUIDELINES Registration Agreement Terms

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EMF POSTING GUIDELINES Registration Agreement Terms

Unread post by EMFWebmaster »

Dear JZRamtha, RSE.Inc..
If you feel you have been a victim of unfair criticisms or errors of fact on EMF.
Please feel free to contact us by email enlightenmefree@gmail.com
We will correct all errors of fact, mistaken claims, or unfair criticisms straightaway.

EMF Admin.


The short version: NO flames allowed.
Please post in the appropriate topic threads :idea:

The longer version: Read below.

Welcome to the Enlighten Me Free Message Board Forum. This forum is primarily intended for former members of RSE.
It's a place where they can discuss and share experiences and receive support within a sense of community & network with others.
Let there be no misunderstanding The Enlighten Me Free (EMF) website has also been created to make public the destructive, deceptive
and illegal activities at (RSE,Inc)
Families and friends who need, or can provide support are also welcome to post.

Responsibility of the Posters
This is a moderated forum. Post using maturity and respect toward others, in particular when you don't agree.
We're all entitled to our viewpoints, and posting our viewpoints.
However, be sure you disagree with issues, instead of attacking people.
Vitriol toward ANY group or individual is uncalled for & may result in a deleted post, and possibly being banned from further posting.
EMF is not concerned about political or theological issues but instead are concerned about the psychological, physical, social and economic consequences of RSE involvement.
The continued posting unsubstantiated claims or false information will be removed without notice and the poster banned.
Religious, Political, Personal Proselytizing of any kind will be deleted without notice.
Furthermore, Solicitations & Advertisements will also be deleted without notice.
The RSE "supporters" debate forum
** Rules For Posting **
The RSE supporters debate forum is the ONLY place on EMF where supportive based posts regarding the philosophies and concepts of RSE JZK/Ramtha will be tolerated.
This means that all posts that cast a supportive viewpoint of the RSE doctrines and practices will be moved to the RSE supporters forum without notice.
JZ Knight/Ramtha quotes may be deleted without notice.

EMF is discovered by people who are coming from all walks of life, having their own unique story to tell about RSE and, some of whom are very much in need of support. This forum is intended for them to have a safe haven for posting their experiences without being attacked or judged.
This can be done without flames.
Obviously, this is due to the fact that people that should be posting on EMF, who are either ex-members who are not proselytizing for RSE, or have family who is in the RSE, who need support and information.
These people may not be at their emotionally strongest point in their lives. What they need at EMF is support, and information about the dynamics of cults, mind control tactics, and recovery resource materials. Then, they can work toward their recovery and reintegrating into a healthy lifestyle, or helping their loved ones and themselves as affected family and-or friends.
What posters, as well as readers, don't need are people who refuse to restrain themselves. Such posters apparently think they are entitled to their judgmental, arrogant, condescending, hateful, intolerant, angry attitudes. That comes biting through in posts that flame people, instead of addressing issues.
There are no 'conditions of belief' for EMF posters. When you read a post that you think is opposite what you believe, perhaps it's best to respect another person's right to see things differently, and ignore the post.

If we all feel the need to chime in every time we disagree with a post, we'll eventually have reason to find fault in every person. If you disagree with a viewpoint, and want to refute it, feel free to do so WITHOUT FLAMING THE PERSON and 'making them wrong', or trying to 'make yourself right'. There's much to be learned from other people's perspectives, and who knows - we may even expand our own.
We can be angry at a poster's comments, or RSE for the scam, or JZK, or "Ramtha" etc., but we can't be hypocrites who come on here and post by calling people swears. That only makes us as guilty as "Ramtha" when we criticize how "he" talked to students during the so-called "Truth Teachings" in wine ceremonies. We hold a higher standard than that.
Posters may or may not agree with these posting guidelines. If they do not, they are at risk for having their posts edited to fit these guidelines, or deleted. Repeatedly ignoring the guidelines puts posters at risk for being temporarily or permanently banned from this forum entirely. If these actions are taken, they may also occur without notice.

Guidelines for posting Images/documents
While posting images and third party documentation to the forum is allowed,
we ask that users be considerate of the following guidelines before doing so.
Images posted to the forum should be relevant to the content of the post, topic, and thread they are in.
Do not upload contents under copyright, with obscenities, insults, or any advertisement.
Images that extend beyond the borders of the post area are prohibited.
If an image can get the point across at a smaller size, please consider resizing it

Responsibility of the Moderators

To be the arbiters of those who choose not to restrain themselves and need or want to post in a manner that is judgmental, arrogant, condescending, hateful, intolerant and other related flaming attitudes.
Flame posts are going to be deleted. If you have a post deleted, kicking and screaming and name calling toward the moderators isn't going to work. The rules are posted. If you cannot or will not honor them, go elsewhere.

We applaud anyone who is exposing JZ Knight publicly and encourage our EMF members to use our documentations that expose the fraud and destructive activities of JZ Knight, and her RSE directors.
We do request that in statements made to the media you credit the source of information and assistance you have received from us
if it is drawn from our extensive research and documentations and made public.
This does not include private PM’s or Emails whatsoever.

This serves several important purposes:
1. It honors and respects those that actually researched and provided the documentation.
2. It guides the media, the public and more importantly former RSE members to EMF where they will find support and information.
3. Doing so is not only fair; it is also moral, ethical, legal, and an academic requirement.
4. EMF documentation that may be used in legal procedures please notify EMF admin.

Thank you for your support and understanding,

EMF admin

To contact the moderators
email: enlightenmefree@gmail.com


The EnlightenMeFree 'EMF' Message Board - Registration Agreement Terms[/b]
While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable.
Opinions expressed in this forum are an expression of free speech and are protected as free speech. At no time is any content posted by the forum creators knowingly false. Opinions expressed in articles and files on this forum are those of the contributors and those opinions may not necessarily be shared by anyone involved in the creation of this EMF forum.

You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit. As a user you agree to any information you have entered above being stored in a database. The webmaster, administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

This forum system uses cookies to store information on your local computer. These cookies do not contain any of the information you have entered above; they serve only to improve your viewing EMF. The e-mail address is used only for confirming your registration details and password
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Cyber Manners & Enforce the EMF Rules

Unread post by See&E »

Thanks for the post. I believe you and/or the moderators of the board put it very clearly:
The intent of this particular board (it's purpose) and for those who may not have read them, PLEASE READ THE ABOVE RULES AND CLEAR EXPECTATION FOR THE ABILITY TO READ, POST, OR USE THIS BOARD on EMF. My only suggestion might be to somehow enforce those rules by the moderators. When combined with the previous one or two sites of information, there has been considerable sharing and time/effort into this cause.

As this is a completely FREE (complimentary) GUEST priviledge board, without subscription costs, or any shared burden of the expenses for firewalls, the hours to support and keep the site as free from spam, trojans, worms, viruses, and other threats, I believe anyone here should treat this site as a guest in someone elses home, or with respect.

I also recognize that the audience of readers you are addressing by your most recent sharing on the behind-the-scenes (with scary music included (smile) ) work required to keep this site safe, may be those who either rarely, seldom, or even never post on this board.

There are many boards, public forums, skeptic/scoffers, debunking sites, where one might go to vent or repeat one's hard feelings about various individuals, scams, organizations.
For those who feel the evangelistic compelling urge to convert any/all here to their own point of view, religious, agnostic, atheistic, or political affiliation, there are surely other opportunities than for a site dedicated to what this is.

As this is not the purpose of this site, and the rules were already made, disclosed before the very first post, I don't think being overly concerned with anyone who is tracking mud, dirt, and disrupting the purpose of this site --should be regarded as someone wanting to help support, assist, comfort or understand the process, thoughts, feelings, challenges, and fears in contemplating their relationship to an organization, of any kind.

IF the intent of this board, however, is to encourage DEBATE on various topics of religion, cults, following, dogma, politics, science vs. theology, morality, etc. THEN, the freedom of speech, at the expense of others, and pre-judgements, generalizations, and condescending remarks fuel the atmosphere for a cyber "Jerry Springer"esque board. Then, by no means change it (smile)

It is clearly the perogative and privilidge of the owners/moderators/founders of this site. It, after all, is their idea, concept and investment in time and money.

For those that want this site to be something other than it is, perhaps they can invest their own money, time, diligence, and hard work on a different sight.

Originally, I thought it might be beneficial or of interest to have a live chat-room associated with this site, but given the attacks, judgments, slander, and general disregard for whatever one's opinion might be, I think we have a good idea of how that would turn out.

Another observation is, that those who may have been with a particular group, or organization the longest, would theoretically be justified in having the hardest feelings? However, the opposite is true here: based upon the sharing and interaction, and kindness shown between posters here, there is more tolerance, and reflection of other vantage points. It appears that those who have either never been part of the particular groups/organizations/followings or have only second hand, or concern, love for their loved ones, or a single/short time who seem to have so much to say. It would be curious, but that is similar to those who judge movies, books, and attibute them to all manner of wrong/unjust/evil interpretation without personally ever knowing, reading, or watching them.

The benefit of those who were members, or even still might be, but are polite/ but are seeking answers to their doubts, fears & observations of inconsistencies could/would potentially benefit from the interaction and sharing of those who actually have experienced, and know what the real experiences were, and are.

As you shared, it is to be expected there will be strong feelings, emotions, opinions, and even anger or hurt being expressed. However, as no one that I am personally aware of is currently attacking us from any of the organizations, it gets back to being kind and considerate-- to respecting the experiences, thoughts, viewpoints of others for any of us as guests.

If it were my own home, I would not invite guests in to share only to have them be batted around, or demeaned, or judged for being anything less than a fellow human being. Especially, again, if I had expressly explained the purpose for the gathering, the rules of conduct, and expectations.

If the site isn't a place where one can express their feelings, share their experiences, and feel safe in doing so, then what purpose does it serve?

Otherwise, those who might desire to share will stop sharing--- or perhaps there are a few or more, than rarely or ever post seeing how anything can become literally political, judgmental or cause for ridicule.

I'm sorry that after the expense, the board and moderators have so much going on behind the scenes.

Enforce the rules that it was started with, perhaps? I don't know how you enforce them, unless this becomes a by-invitation only (password protected) site, and one has to share an email to the moderators of their story first before becoming a member, and then, that could be posted. I don't really have any other suggestion, but I guess this explains why so many sites go to password or members only type of boards.

Thanks again for your efforts, and to each and everyone who has shared and has respect for the feelings of others.

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Unread post by David McCarthy »


Thank you for your feedback and support,
Much food for thought.

Here are few of my thoughts...
There have been occasions when the moderators have let a "rogue" post stand...
This has brought about some intelligent and helpful debate and information.
The danger is that it may backfire and cause harm, and of late we have experienced just that.
Our challenge is to find the balance between two seemingly opposing forces of
Freedom of speech and Freedom of purpose. One thing is for certain... some posters have fled EMF feeling a deep disappointment that their safehaven has been hijacked and corrupted, and to some extent this has happened.
Then there are other posters who fled because EMF is too controlling, they see the moderators as mini dictators stifling freedom of speech.
Although EMF strives to be a safe haven, it should not be, and cannot be completely safe.
And safe from what? Sometimes unmasking a lie is extremely unsafe?
But the prize is perhaps.. the very thing we came seeking 'enlightenment' at RSE.
It is as you say See&E,
EMF is our living room where muddy boots must be left by the back door.
Give us a warning before posting RSE shit.jpg

David. :)
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Freedom of Speech

Unread post by voidgate »

p.s. Getting rid of people with their own agenda for an ulterior motive is not being a mini dictator and stifling the Freedom of Speech. It is merely emphasizing that those people need to go to a "neighbourhood" they are magnetized to.

People have the right to choose. They do not have to put up with RSE nonsense. It is pure common sense that one has the right to choose who's company one keeps and who one wishes to communicate to.

RSE enhances insecurity, greed and control of others by example.
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Posting Guidelines Update

Unread post by EMFWebmaster »

In doing some housekeeping recently, we've chosen to make the following updates for the future:

1) The configurations for all posters have been updated (this is not doable individually, fyi), so that editing or deleting posts can only be done by the moderators. This could potentially make more work for us, which we do not relish.
But in fairness toward sustaining the integrity of the threads, we've reached this decision.
If a post is deleted, after other posters have already responded to it, it negatively affects the integrity of that thread,
looking confusing to readers who come along afterward.
Please be sure that when you post (everyone), you are certain you want the post to remain intact.

2) If the moderators find it necessary to edit or delete a post, and a regular poster/reader questions why...
they are welcome to email us at enlightenmefree@gmail.com to discuss the situation further.

We don't like editing or deleting people's posts, and walk a fine line sometimes, upholding the integrity of the posting guidelines,
and giving people as much leeway as possible toward that end.

We realize that this decision will possibly cause ALL OF US some inconvenience, but we have goals to attain.
One is to uphold the integrity of the forum, and in doing so, we have to work within the boundaries of the options given to us with the software we use with a phpBB forum. This is the best option we have at this time.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

The Moderators.
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Unread post by Marie »


Thanks for the board and all of your unpaid efforts thereof...

We don't all always agree -- such is the spice of life!..... :lol:

But I am glad to have someplace to go to read and connect with others about rse issues... .. which wouldn't be possible without this board and the people behind it.
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Unread post by ordinarymind »

I agree with Marie . ..this site is helping me come to terms with my 15 years at RSE more than anything else I've tried ...so helpful to hear other's stories and to see the similarities with my own experiences
Thank you for being here
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