Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

The RSE teachings The Days To Come "TDTC" would have us believe that the world is going down the tubes with all sorts of doom & gloom.
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Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

Unread post by seriously »

This is just one of many examples but on 3/31/2011 JZ, acting as Ramtha, told her audience to pull all money out of the stock market and banks. Use those funds to go to the highest mountain away from prevailing winds and tsunami waves and build an underground. I'm paraphrasing the last part but that's exactly what she meant.

Dow Jones levels
3/31/2011 12319
6/2/2014 16735

As you can see, taking that completely uninformed advice would have cost you serious money. If you're in the school, do what you like but please don't give others advice based on JZ/Ramtha teachings. JZ/Ramtha reads the conspiracy blogs and regurgitates BS. I could be wrong. Maybe Niburu did destroy the earth and tear apart the solar system and I'm just living in an alternate universe. Maybe aliens did reign down from the sky and I slept through it. Maybe Japan did fall into the ocean and created a massive tsunami. I could go on and on.

As long as I've been aware of Ramtha which started in the mid to late 80s, we have always been on the verge of economic collapse. If you, as a R$E member, want to continue to buy into the idea that JZ/Ramtha can accurately predict anything, fine. Just don't give advice to others.

I think I might log onto my 401k site and see what the balance is.
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Re: Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

Unread post by Ockham »

RSE = Really Stupid Example: when it comes to giving financial advise. Ramsters I know told me that Ramtha supposedly recommended they convert their financial investments into silver and gold.

Let us suppose a ramster had USD $20,000 on December 31, 2011 that she wanted to do with as Mr. Ramtha recommended. (December 31, 2011 was a Saturday, so markets would have been closed on that day.) If our ramster had the $20,000 in market securities, there would have been sales commission to convert into cash for purchasing precious metals. Further, no small $20,000 investor gets to purchase metals at the, "spot," price. There is a commission in the $2 - $3 per Troy Oz. charged by the broker. I'll ignore the commissions for the comparison

Start with $20,000, buy $10,000 of silver at $30.30 per Troy Oz., and $10,000 of gold at $1,566.40 per Troy Oz. The ramster bunker is thus stocked with 330 Troy Oz. of silver and 6.4 Troy Oz. of gold.

Fast forward to June 1, 2014. Our ramster finds out that C+E didn't save her from ovarian cancer, and she needs to pay some huge medical bills because she's uninsured thanks to the conspiracy theories she learned in RSE classes. Time to sell that metal from the bunker. As of June 1, 2014 330 Troy Oz. of sliver = $19.73 * 330 = $6,180.90 and 6.4 Troy Oz. of gold = $1,247.40 * 6.4 = $7,983.36 for a total cache of $14,124.26. Actually the ramster would receive less cash than that because she would have to pay the broker's commission to convert the metal back into spendable cash. Thanks to Ramtha's advice, she lost almost one third of the value of her nest egg.

On the other hand, suppose our ramster had listened to JZ Knight's kid, the computer whiz, instead of Mr. Ramtha. JZ Knight's kid probably knows a thing or two and could have recommended investing in Apple Computer. On December 31, 2011, Apple shares were $405. The ramster could have bought 49 shares of Apple and kept $155 in change. On June 1, 2014, the Apple shares could have sold for $633 each, or $31,017 plus the $155 leaving a total of $31,172. Apple also would have paid a few modest cash dividends along the way too.

Our hypothetical ramster would have been a more than twice as wealthy by not following Mr. Ramtha's advice.
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Re: Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

Unread post by Vanilla »

How is this company with its large board and self proclaimed millionaires going to keep supporting this RSE RAMTHA industry, they stake their names and ( some have lied about it) reputations on? They have so many board members who need to play golf. SO many who need to buy their wives nice monster trucks. What are they going to do, Dec 21, is gone and went. The Pacific Ocean didnt swallow us all, like Ramtha promised. SO what do they do now? How are the new flashlight flickering disciplines going, not too popular I hear, or the DNA test kit, or the lotto losers, I hear they are growing and angry.. the app that tells you the future, or the pills that make your blood cells fill with red wine.

You would think the school would have grown, since they added on so many masters to control the school, but its absolutely dying. Because you are as smart as the dumbest member when you have a board controlling a business.

So that was the worst decision they could have made, was to sell the school to a bunch of people, and none of them are giving any of their money or time, they just take.
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Re: Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

Unread post by Ockham »

I figured there was something more to the DNA thing. I heard from ramstrers that a big deal was made about Judy Knight's DNA at the $1,500 event of March 2015. Ah yes, it is all a marketing scheme to sell test kits to see if you are related to Ramtha.

People should check the notes they took from the Power Point screen presentation in the horse arena. What was shown on the chart were Y-chromosome haplogrouips. You can look up Y-chromosome on Wikipedia and read that you only have one if you are a man. Sorry folks, Judy knight doesn't have any Y-chromosome haplogroup of her own unless she's got some original male body parts to show for it. Neither of the the two haplogroups that are cited on the chart are any more than 20,000 years old, thus not helpful in proving any relation to someone theoretically 35,000 years old. About the only thing the scheistrer that made the chart got close to, "right," is that those haplogroups originated in central Asia. If anybody even really did a DNA test at all on Judy Knight, the results more likely show that the sample was contaminated with DNA of two different Chinese men due to poor cleanliness in the laboratory that processed the samples.
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Re: Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

Unread post by Angelette »

the newspapers say that when she channels ramtha someone of american indian and viking descent comes through bfut when its jz being tested, its just plain old Judys genes. If the newspaper says this then it must be true. i cant believe the other writers in the newspaper tolerate this clown who writes these stories and tries to hide his name all the time. why cant they bring people up, raise people up, talk about real issues and real changes our state is going through, and have debates fairly written out...and every article have the opposite side ackowledged as well...too instead of saying look ramtha is everywhere so just accept it. Its being forced down peoples throats. This is normal the paper says, its harmless, look, its ramtha. its ok to be in the rse school, its normal.

hey maybe everyone here is wrong, if the nisqually valley news says ramtha's dna proves he is a viking then its true. we have all been wrong and right now rse masters are actually creating new things and ideas....yeah right!! have you seen mike wrights car? thats your future people. slave to jz with the promise that one day she will give you her money..wooppplol

people in tents only allowed to eat ramen noodles because thats all you get is boiling water out of the water facuets. there is no kitchen nothing. thats your wealth, talking about your god, standing up in between shows and dancing away to ramtha music, while everyone joins in and moves to the music of the big god roaring through your bones.. thats your future forever in the school.
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Re: Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

Unread post by Rooster »

They really sold DNA kits to see if you are related to Ramtha? Seriously? A chiropractor running DNA tests? A chiropractor? really? Where are the Doctors and scientists? A Chiropractor???
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Re: Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

Unread post by Ockham »

So, suppose you followed Judy Knight's advice and cashed out all your money in December 2011. After you pay about one third of your savings to the goverment in early liquidation penalties, as above let's say you were left with $20,000 and you bought silver and gold. You would have 330 Troy ounces of silver and 6.4 Troy ounces of Gold if you had spent $10,000 each on the two metals. Actually, you,d probably have less than that because there are sales commissions and state taxes imposed on your purchase.

So how are you doing now? At spot prices of today, your silver is worth $5,239.50 and your gold is worth $7,648.00, or total worth of $12,977.50 for a net loss in value of $7,022.50. Lucky you! Also keep in mind that if you sell your metal, you,ll lose around five to ten percent to commission and fees, so you'd walk away with about $11,500.

Going back to the example if you had kept your money in the market, you could have left it in your IRA account and not had the government abscond with one third of your money in early withdrawl penalties. None the less, let's say you still had $20,000 to work with. If you had bought shares of Apple Inc. stock, you'd have received 49 shares and kept $155 in cash, less $7 commission if you had bought the shares on Scottrade. Apple split the stock seven shares for one in 2014. You would have received about $1,800 in dividend payments. Today you'd have 343 shares at share price $126.85 would be worth $43,309.55. Your account would be worth about $45,637.55 and you'll continue to get about 3% or about $1,305 in dividends every year. If you want to cash out, you'll only pay $7 in commission. If you wait, then there won't be any early withdrawal penalties.

If you listen to Ramtha you have about half of what you started with. If you listen to me, you have more than twice what you started with.
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Re: Ramtha Fail: Dow Jones hits all time high

Unread post by FreeNow »

I am so glad I sold my gold at $1900!
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