Is JZ moving to Chicago?

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Is JZ moving to Chicago?

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I don't live in Yelm but an acquaintance who has business dealings in the booming metropolis, told me they heard JZ was moving to Chicago. This person has zero affiliation with R$E. However, the info was relayed from a business person in the community that has a lot of contact with Ramsters and the indigenous Yelm townfolk.

I have no idea if the rumor is at all valid but would like to know if anyone else has heard anything.

Happy New Year. It might be a very Happy New Year if the crazy B*** moves and my family stays.
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Re: Is JZ moving to Chicago?

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I have not heard any rumors. I would think my parents would have been upset if J.Z was moving. She has threatened to move many times. I say threaten as to take away from the followers. She was going to move to South Africa at one time...ect...Ramtha is leaving...ect. Unfortunately, it just never occurred.
Hope all is well with you! I know you are still dealing with pretty much a lost family as well.
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Re: Is JZ moving to Chicago?

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Hi Seriously,
No rumors of a JZK/RSE move to Chicago either...
But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....
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Re: Is JZ moving to Chicago?

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I found out from a realtor in Montana that JZKnight had bought property in southern Montana this was back in the early 90's. Was later verified my someone else.
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