The Cult Vault RSE - a Father and Daughter Perspective.

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The Cult Vault RSE - a Father and Daughter Perspective.

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The Cult Vault Podcast Interviews. Part 1 and 2
RSE - a Father and Daughter Perspective.
For those looking for personal stories directly from former members of RSE and their loved ones on the outside, who watched bewildered as a family member gets pulled under the cult leaders influence.
Bob and his daughter Alexandra share their fascinating and personal stories to help us understand a cult’s psychological control
and the power of love to break the cults spell and heal from the psychological and spiritual scars inflicted by a religious cult.
One gentle step at a time and with great courage of heart and mind.
Thank you so much for sharing Alexandra and Bob :idea:
I chat at length with Alexandra who grew close to a family friend before deciding to follow him out of state and into the clasp of a high demand controlling group known as RSE. Alexandra tells the story from her perspective, allowing us keen insight into what attempts at connection made by her father truly worked, and what could have been done, if anything, to help Alexandra come home sooner.
A Daughters Perspective

In this 2-part series, I first chat with Bob about his experiences losing his daughter to a high-demand group. Bob speaks about the heartbreak and difficulty in working out the best way to navigate the situation - from losing all contact to treading carefully to maintain a relationship with his daughter, waiting for the day she comes home.

A Fathers Perspective
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