Please Read This Before Posting In Any OFF TOPIC Category

Please be sure to read our Rules and Agreement terms before you post.
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Please Read This Before Posting In Any OFF TOPIC Category

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We have a new folder, for "off topic" posts. These are posts that may still be good conversation, but have strayed off the topic of the thread. This is to keep some level of efficiency, and save readers from having to wade through off topic material. It isn't intended as a place to start new posts, please.

We have also created a folder for general chit chat related to RSE. It is also under the General Information category, and is titled, General Chit Chat & Social Forum. This is the place to start off topic threads and posts.

There is also a folder for laughter and lighthearted chit chat. So you have options with regard to off topic material.

Please post carefully, and be mindful of staying on topic with your posts. This saves readers time, and it saves the moderators their volunteer time such that they do not have to babysit posts that are off topic, and relocate them. It's the responsibility of the poster to use the right thread.

ALSO, please be aware that the software for this forum has a pruning function. Idle "off topic" posts will eventually, automatically fall off the forum during a housecleaning function of the software.

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