wolfman's entire post has been removed due to flaming.

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Unread post by aussiegirl »

Wolfman can howl as much as he likes, it doesn't bother me. I wouldn't swap my life for anyone's elses, I live in paradise and the fact that I have an RSE partner just makes my life all the more interesting. I've dealt with enough men like Wolfman in the boardroom and the bedroom to know exactly what he is like, let him puff out his chest and strut around. I used to like his arrogant attitude (always been partial to a bad boy), but he lost me with the conspiracy theories. Each to their own but Wolfman don't put down the other ex-Ramsters on this site, you were there once too remember, sucked into Judith's world like the rest of them.

Moderators, I understand if you don't post this.


Unread post by wolfman »

---Moderators comment---

wolfman's entire post has been removed due to flaming.

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Unread post by EMFWebmaster »


You will be banned from EMF if you continue to flame and to attack other EMF posters.
If you do not agree with the posting guidelines then this forum is not for you.
Please take a moment to read the following.

The Moderators.



The short version: NO flames allowed.

The longer version: Read below?

Responsibility of the Posters

EMF is discovered by people who are coming from all walks of life, having their own unique story to tell about RSE and, some of whom are very much in need of support. This forum is intended for them to have a safe haven for posting their experiences without being attacked or judged for the content of their posts. This can be done without flames.

Obviously, this is due to the fact that people that should be posting on EMF, who are either ex-members who are not proselytizing for RSE, or have family who is in the RSE, who need support and information.

These people may not be at their emotionally strongest point in their lives. What they need at EMF is support, and information about the dynamics of cults, mind control tactics, and recovery resource materials. Then, they can work toward their recovery and reintegrating into a healthy lifestyle, or helping their loved ones and themselves as affected family and-or friends.

What posters, as well as readers, don?t need are people who refuse to restrain themselves. Such posters apparently think they are entitled to their judgmental, arrogant, condescending, hateful, intolerant, angry attitudes. That comes biting through in posts that flame people, instead of addressing issues.

Posters should expect that since we have all had different experiences, share different viewpoints, and have different personalities, that you will be reading posts that you strongly disagree with. There are no "conditions of belief" for EMF posters. When you read a post that you think is opposite what you believe, perhaps it's best to respect another person's right to see things differently, and ignore the post. If we all feel the need to chime in every time we disagree with a post, we'll eventually have reason to find fault in every person. If you disagree with a viewpoint, and want to refute it, feel free to do so WITHOUT FLAMING THE PERSON and "making them wrong", or trying to "make yourself right". There's much to be learned from other people's perspectives, and who knows - we may even expand our own.

We can be angry at a poster's comments, or RSE for the scam, or JZ, or "Ramtha" etc., but we can't be hypocrites who come on here and post by calling people swears. That only makes us as guilty as "Ramtha" when we criticize how "he" talked to students during the so-called "Truth Teachings" in wine ceremonies. We want a higher standard that that, here.

Posters may or may not agree with these posting guidelines. If they do not, they are at risk for having their posts edited to fit these guidelines, or deleted. Repeatedly ignoring the guidelines puts posters at risk for being temporarily or permanently banned from this forum entirely. If these actions are taken, they may also occur without notice.

Responsibility of the Moderators

To be the arbiters of those who choose not to restrain themselves and need or want to post in a manner that is judgmental, arrogant, condescending, hateful, intolerant and other related flaming attitudes.

Flame posts are going to be deleted. If you have a post deleted, kicking and screaming and name calling toward the moderators isn?t going to work. The rules are posted. If you cannot or will not honor them, go elsewhere. This means YOU.

Experiences of the Moderators
The Good, The Bad and The Fugly

EMF is controversial; that?s a given. Over the past year, we?ve experienced people who have wanted to ?help?, but whose ?help? came their own agenda. In the guise of ?help?, what they were after, was control. EMF IS ?owned? by certain people, with a certain goal, and they have a right to that. Every website founder has a right to uphold their vision for creating it.

The moderators have endured harassment, threats, lies and more lies, attempts at manipulation, attempts at character assassination and similar bully tactics.
Calling us names isn?t going to budge us. It?s only going to alienate us from you.

Sometimes the support that posters need is beyond the scope of what EMF has to offer, because people?s issues are so serious, that they need the positive experience that a professionally trained counselor can give them. EMF is not a replacement for professional therapy. It is a support and information website with tools that can be used for the cult recovery process.

The good part of what we?ve experienced, is those sincere people who wanted to help us with what we needed to uphold the vision we have for EMF. The contacts, many of whom have never posted, who tell us to "Keep up the good work". Not because we need the accolades, but that we're aware that the site is doing what it set out to do.

We've also heard from a lot of people who have given us information to follow up on, but who don't post.

What we have experienced that is appreciated is sincere efforts to help us with what we need, such as when people ask ?What do you need that I could help with??, and they follow through on their word. The good is that we know we?re helping a lot of people. That is healing for others and for ourselves, too.

It?s one way to make lemonade out of lemons.

To contact the moderators of this forum, email: messageboard@enlightenmefree.com
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Unread post by Whatchamacallit »

hi aussie,

just want to let you know, and other readers, that the post that was pulled, written by WOLFMAN, was an attack toward you and i. it was highly sexualized, and an insult to ALL females.

since this forum clearly states that vitriolic posts IS a reason for being banned permanently WITHOUT NOTICE, this is currently being discussed.

we do not condone abuse on this site; we're not running wine ceremonies. the post was abusive, cruel, and a total slam to women.

aussiegirl, if you would like a copy of the post, please contact the moderators and it will be sent to you.
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Unread post by G2G »

Methinks Aussiegirl, you had him pegged. Some people are not mentally equipped to handle the truth about oneself, imo, and this wolfie appears to be one. I do so hope he receives the help he so desperately requires.

It takes all kinds.

"I never really understood religion - it just seemed a good excuse to give" - Ten Years After circa 1972
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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing....!

Unread post by David McCarthy »

I do so hope he receives the help he so desperately requires.
My sentiments also.

I am sure everyone on EMF would be equally appalled to have read wolfmans divisive and degrading
post, It need not see the light of day.
Such demeaning and lashing out at women unmasks a weakness within that man... reducing him to a mere predator.
When we ?men? understand our own strength and responsibilities, we also recognize the unique strength and beauty in all women,
and to love and protect them? all the more for it.
May that day come soon..

But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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