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Please forgive any typos or if I switched tenses sometimes. It is all I can do to try and get these out in a timely basis, as it is it looks like I will be one day behind the action, but being as the importance of this case I felt the need to have a complete narrative so those can really get a fuller picture of the processes that were at work.

Testimony continued today from Nicole (who became one of Allison Mack’s slaves) a witness for the prosecution.

If I had not mentioned it before the jury consists of 8 men and 4 women and 4 alternate jurors with the sexes divided evenly.

The prosecution began by going over the emails Nicole had been told to send by Allison.

Nicole got no response from the first one and asked Allison what she should do. She said to send a second and that if she did not get a response Raniere would make her take a cold shower ( am imagining they are long) if Nicole did not get a response by 8am the next day. Allison was Raniere’s slave which made Nicole his Grand-slave and him the Grandmaster.

There was another admiring email saying in part, “I love the work I am doing with the Source….”
“…. How does one grow and learn and face their fears and be joyful and enjoy their life at the same time?”

No response from Raniere.

The next day because Allison had told her she needed to keep trying she wrote in part,….”I have no idea how to befriend someone I have never met, especially someone as intelligent as you….”

This time he returned the email, saying in part,…”Also, the thing with Allison in the shower is not a good lever for me…”. “….How committed are you to working to get this answer?....”

Nicole reported the answer to Allison. Allison’s reply was “Good job!”
The next day communication continued.

Nicole: “I am very committed to getting the answer.”

Raniere: “You had to struggle with the pain, it was necessary to grow”

Nicole was thinking “Why, life gives me enough struggles.”

Raniere continued: “love is only moved through pain.” And then there was a discussion of weight.

All during this time Nicole was feeling stressed out, confused. Allison was being nice to her.

Life was intense for Nicole, she would be traveling from her night club job in NYC to Albany and back, spending a few days at a time there. Her round trip was close to a hundred dollars and the money began to add up adding to her pressure. Nicole was becoming exhausted from all of this and the pressure. When she mentioned it to Allison, Allison said that “It was important for me to be up there, it was part of her commitment.

She shared a bed with Allison at her house but nothing sexual was occurring. Alison had a nice house welcoming and warm, but Nicole never knew what to expect when she would go up there.

One time when she was waiting for Allison to get home She saw Keith Raniere walk by. She had never met him yet, but she thought she should go out and say “Hi” He said “hi” back and then asked her if she would like to take a walk with him.

She said “Yes”, she had heard a lot about walks with Keith. He said, “I had earned the walk”. At a certain point Keith asked her how much she knew about him? He gave her his history and then asked her if she knew how to get back to Allison’s.

“What did he just say?” Nicole thought.

He asked her if she was ok? “yeah, ok” she said, He asked her if she would like to go on another walk. Something made her uneasy.

When she returned to Allison’s place. Allison asked, “How did the walk go?” Nicole felt like there had been a plot to get her up there for 2 weeks.

Allison said, “it’s a really good thing you came, trust me enough to tell me that”.

Nicole wanted to trust her.

She would have more walks with Keith.
He would text her at 1-2-3-4 am

Keith told her she got the first walk because of Allison. Keith would talk around things, he kept talking about commitment, it was a very engaging time for her. She had no reason to believe he was part of the women’s organization.

Keith kept talking about getting closer to enlightenment and trust and commitment.

She took the bus up from NYC often, at first Allison would come and get her then soon after she would have to make her way to the “park” on her own. To get around the area, she would either walk or take Allison’s car for groceries etc.

Keith would ask me a lot of things on these walks, and he would also provide the answers. All this was taking place over a few weeks. He would ask her questions like:

“What’s the worst thing you have ever done?”

“What are you afraid of?”
“What would be the hardest thing to tell him?”

From everything he was telling me, it sounded like he knew about DOS.
Allison kept telling me that DOS had nothing to do with NXVIM.

Allison gave me an assignment:
I was to go outside and when I went for a walk with Keith I was to tell him that I “would do whatever he wanted me to do”.

She sent her off saying, “now go and be a good slave.”

On the walk, she was too nervous to say it. Finally, she just blurted it out She didn’t want to say it it was because she felt she had to.

Keith said:
“I don’t think you mean it”.

She said: “I don’t”

Somewhere during that walk, he said she had to come back when she meant it.

He asked, “what was the worst thing he could ask her to do?”

She felt scared, “what if he asked me to jump off a roof?” She started thinking about all sorts of things like hurting herself or someone else.

Something sexual was not the worst thing, never being able to speak to her family again, committing murder. She let him know what she was thinking.

He said:
Do you really think I would ask you to do those things?

At the time she was feeling like something sexual might be going on, but by comparison to the other thoughts it would not be so bad. He said that she would break out when she needed it.

When she came back to the house she reported everything to Allison. She had to recount everything her thoughts and feelings.

Allison said;
“OK, you’ll go back out tomorrow.”

On the next days walk, Keith called Allison and then Allison came to Nicole to tell her to go.

It certainly sounded like many of these walks would be called in the early A.M. hours.

Nicole went out the back door.

(Breaking down during her testimony)

She was scared. Keith said “Hi” and they walked..

Nicole turned to Keith and said, “ I will do anything you ask me to do .”

Keith replied, “You mean it?

He took her to another house directly across from Allison’s back door.

He took her into the house by the hand, there was not much in the house, a table.

Witness sobbing:

He told her, “Trust me about what is about to happen. Trust me”.

She said, “Yes, I would do anything he asked me to do.”

“Take off your clothes.” She did.

He said that he was surprised; that it didn’t seem like her nature.

He said, “That’s ok, that’s what you liked.”

(Witness breaking down crying)

Keith told her, “Put your clothes back on”.

All of a sudden, things started to click with Nicole that Alison and Keith had some sort of sexual relationship, she put her clothes back on

Then Keith blindfolded and duct tapped over her eyes. He said they were going somewhere in the car.

They drove to somewhere, Nicole could not really pin down a time frame, but thought maybe they drove for 10-15 min. They stopped and he took her through the woods, she could hear twigs cracking as she stepped on them. They stopped and she thought it was a cabin of sorts.

Once inside, he told her to get undressed again. He led her to a table, told her to lie down, she felt it to be cold, he tied her wrists.

She recalled thinking she was, “Super vulnerable and exposed and hoping that this was going to be all.

Somebody started “going down” on her, She thought it was Keith. She was having trouble processing what was going on. Then Keith started talking and she was “…So confused…”

She thought, “What is happening??, “Holy shit!!! There is somebody else in the room!!!”

It was terrifying. 2 people??

“How many more people are in the room right now?” She thought.

She was trying to stay calm, Keith was circling the table, talking, asking her questions

She recalled having “….No sense of time…”. At the moment all she felt was terror.

She understood there was a women in the room.

He told her there was a women in the room and that” ….I would never know who it was…”
He started asking her questions; “Did you ever have a threesome?”, Lots more questions about her sexual history.

The he began performing oral sex on her.

When he was finished, he helped her to put her clothes back on, and drove me back, blindfolded.

He took off the blindfold, he had her sit down, the sun had come up and it was bright.

She was in shock. He asked her, “Am I OK?”

I said “Yes”

He wanted her to know that nothing bad had happened, that she was not in a relationship.

The thought bubbled to the surface of her mind that Allison had set her up.

He kept on talking about trust and “…How brave she was…”.

“Can I go?” She said.
He told her not to tell anyone what happened, that it was ok to tell Allison though.

She returned into Allison’s house, showered and then sat in front of a fireplace.

She told Allison what had happened. At first, Allison had seemed “…Freaked out…”

Then she told her she was very brave.

Then she had to go back and go to work. Keith texted her, she had no idea how he got her number.

The day after, she let Allison know she had questions and did not understand what was going on.

Allison wrote back that she was filled with anger, that she “chose to be angry“ . That she had “given in to survival mode”, That she was not doing anything that is working towards her her commitment to acting or her purpose.

She felt differently, but because Allison sounded so angry she didn’t want to aggravate her. However she wanted to be honest with her so that she could help her. She was conflicted.

She was the only one she could talk to about the incident, but she didn’t want to do it via email.

The day before the incident, she had written in her journal, “ She wanted her body to be stronger, she just felt puffy and uncomfortable in her body.

One can really track the subtle grooming process that had been taking pace from her emotional testimony.

Nicole had just moved to a new place prior to the incident. The day after the incident Nicole wrote in her journal, “I am just getting to bed and am insanely angry. Crying. Beyond angry. Because once again I have to go back to the city and my life is a mess here. I am excited in evolving through the “”VOW”” and working more with Keith.”

Once home, she didn’t want to go back to Albany. She had moved to a “….New place…”.

She didn’t want to talk about it, nor, think about it. She was emotionally upset.

Allison’s response to her expressing her feelings was, “Same pattern as always”, “It’s not freedom to be enslaved to your life.”( referring to Nicole thinking her life was a mess), “You are attached to your physical comforts, it’s merely spoiled and entitled, grounded is the opposite of vulnerable.”. “ But choose what you wish”.

“I love you”
“I miss you”

The last six words being the salve to applied to the wounds she just caused. It becomes more understandable how controls are used to adapt the behaviors of Nicole towards Allison’s and Keith’s agenda.

From Nicole’s understanding she came to believe because she had made it through that experience, that she had passed some sort of test.

She was hopeful that somehow this would all turn out to be a “..Good thing…” .

In the coming days, she and Keith were walking around the park then went to the library. It was an older building which at some point had ben being rebuilt but now was an abandoned construction site.

A spiral staircase led upstairs to the section where the books were. She liked libraries. She liked books.

There was a white board on the wall, a long table, a stationary bike,, all the windows had been blacked out and there was a bunk bed.

Keith said he had stayed there sometimes when he gets “Death threats” That it was his “Safe place”. She would have to ask permission when she wanted to stay there and “Nothing can be removed.”

Nicole went to move the material blocking the view to peek out. Keith freaked out on her.

He said that he had created “The VOW” and that he was Allison’s master which makes him my “Grand-master”.

He wouldn’t tell her the exact number of slaves he had, but put it at between 7-12.

Sex did not occur on all her encounters with Keith. He told her he :Didn’t want her to think it was all about sex”. She didn’t really understand that.

During a walk, he started babbling on a bout a boy she had said she had a crush on. She explained that he had no need to freak out as she had explained her Vow of celibacy to him.

On another walk to the library, he asked if he could kiss her.

When she had found out he was Allison’s master, in a way she was relieved because it stopped all the talking around things. She thought “I knew it!”

“If I could make his (Keith’s) life easier, it would serve a higher purpose.
Nicole knew that Allison and Keith had been talking about the incident together.

Once Allison had said, “…Isn’t it cool that he is working on my sexuality through you?”

After every walk with Keith, Nicole was to report to Allison. Allison would question her about what had happened, her mental state, as well as al details. This was important for Allison. Nicole felt that Allison’s relationship with Keith was the most important.

Nicole knew and understood that her behavior reflected on Allison. Allison had told her that.

Allison instituted a new demand; Nicole would have to answer her texts and Keiths within 60 seconds. If she did not she would get into “Trouble”.

One time, when Nicole’s phone had run out of juice, Allison called her manager at work and made a big deal saying there was an emergency at home and she needed a return call .

This is but another one clear example of the behavioral control Nicole was constantly being exposed to.

This then escalated to othe “slaves’ so now there was a compition as they all tried to reply within the 60 seconds.

A couple of months after the original incident, the oral sex eventually turned to intercourse. Maybe 3-4 times. Keith’s preference was oral sex.

She had confusing thoughts about the sex. She felt uncomfortable. She felt Stuck in Dos. Keith was the head of DOS. What if she broke out?

She tried to commit suicide a couple of times.

She was not allowed to talk to anyone about her relationship with him except Allison. She had nobody to talk to, to ask , “How do I handle this?”. She had no body to bounce things off of.

Keith, being the one she had to go to to discuss this, would say things like, “If I kept going, it would become more comfortable”, “I was just learning to love him”, “It’s like an arranged marriage, you learn to love”, “Things will get better”.

One time he told her that Allison too had been uncomfortable with being with him but she really trusted the women around her.” He would tell Nicole that her concerns were “Unacceptable”..

On that particular walk he said he was disappointed so they walked instead of having sex.

( perhaps he was just unable to perform?)
He asked me to keep in touch while I was away. While she was away from Albany, she spoke a bit with her best friend. She talked around things. It was her first chance to talk. She told me I “Didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to.” However, she didn’t understand the circumstances Nicole was in. The whole thing. The Master, Grand-master, sex, etc.

Being home was easier for Nicole.

Keith kept continuing his explanation of her relationship with him, That she was a “ different relationship for him”, “She didn’t have enough life experience, relative to him”, So that the sexual component was giving him access to a “short cut”, That she couldn’t relate to him without being sexual.”

Nicole testified tha having sex with him was “Awkward”. She was frustrated and would have “Meltdowns”.

Once when she was being like that in the library he said, “I don’t need you, I have plenty of beautiful women to have sex with. Another time, in a talk, he said she “…was being defiant..” He explained in the Army, they would have someone who was defiant scrub a tub with a toothbrush etc.

She recalled thinking briefly , “Yeah, but I’m not in the Army.”

What she got from him was that he needed to break her in order to make her a stronger woman.

At times she felt literally broken, a battle raging in her head, trying to figure out what was happening. She was having trouble making sense of things.

Somewhere in February- March, she met someone. She told Keith about it. He was a friend of the family. She was attracted to him. They did things together.

She told Keith of her pain. He said he understood her pain. But had she been loyal this never would have happened..

There were times when she pushed back. She told him she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him.

He said, “Just give me a year and then I will help you find a partner”.

She felt she couldn’t make it through a year. Yet, she also felt that she just didn’t want to fight it anymore, that she would make the best of it.

She was always told to reach out when she had problems an would be encouraged to make it work with him, find something that she could love.

She tried to make the best of things.

Sometimes he was kind.

He asked her to make up a pet name for him. She called him “Luv”

Her job was to be supportive of him. Keith said “Life was difficult for him, everybody needed something from him.”.

DOS for a lifetime, one year with Keith, she found it hard to separate. Once he had said a year she felt a kind of relief because she knew it would be over.

She became more compliant. When she would have a “fit” Keith would say she was “exhausting on his body”

Keith complained that everyone wants/needed something from him. There were jealousy issues where the women would need to be punished.

He said Allison and her were similar. He spoke about Edgar Broffman, there was an issue with someone who worked for him. Keith didn’t like him. Keith said he was a “Bad person”.

One day, she had a full breakdown. She needed to go to A for work for a week. She was not seeing how DOS would help her.

One day in the library, Keith pulled out of a drawer, a plastic bag with $10,000 in it. He asked me if it would help. She said “Yes.” He gave her $1,000.

She started telling him that DOS was just not for her. He started telling her the story of “Billy Bud”. And how she would need to “Follow the code”.

The code of DOS had to be upheld.

After that conversation, she started thinking about what had happened in DOS. She felt she had been like when you put the frog in the water and then slowly turn up the heat so the frog really does not realize what is happening to him. Damned if she did, Damned if she didn’t.

Nicole was continuing to cry through her testimony.

Damned, because if she left it would hurt her family. She thought, “Maybe if I just disappear, then DOS would not have to be destroyed and that her Collateral might not be released.

She remembered they had to hang Billy Bud (favorite movie for Keith) to save the many.

She really saw this as a way out.

There was this guy Robby, for some reason, Keith wanted to keep tabs on him and she was the one assigned to the job. Keith wanted to see how he would react to her. Robby was supposed to report to Lauren Salzman if he was attracted to a girl.

Keith told her the assignment was to run into Robby. To go to the track, run the track and start a conversation.

She was to give out an alternate number. When she ran into him on the track she said “Hi, do you know what time it is? My phone is out” they ran the track together a couple of times. She thought he was cute, nice.

He emailed her, “Next time you are up in Albany, let’s run together.”

Keith wanted to know all the details of what happened. She told him she was nervous about it.

He told her she was “Born to do this”. He told her that eventually she was supposed to hand him over to someone else. But for now, just get him to like her. There was to be no physical contact allowed.

At the end, Keith would tell her word for word what to write to Robby. He wanted her to goad him, insult him. She was increasingly nervous.

She thought that maybe Robby was in the “community”. His step dad was.

She eventually met his family, she felt really bad because she was setting him up and lying to his brother. When she explained this to Keith, he told her that he “…Understood how she was feeling and that he was really impressed by her because he would never be able to lie to anyone…” She was told she wasn’t supposed to meet him in person only text.

She met Robby one more time in person and he told her if she ever needed him to reach out to him. Keith has stressed that she needed to get him to trust her so that she could hand him over to someone. She thought it must be someone in DOS.

Her assignment was to text him and get together so she could have him meet the other women. Robby was getting ready to join the armed services.

As it got harder to do, Keith would have Allison push her, letting her know that she was disappointing Keith and that she was not following through on her assignment. She said it sounded crazy, but she did not want to follow through on the assignment.

The mission was only partially successful.

Allison wrote her an email:
Subject: Project X

“: OK, so this is what Keith and I have constructed.”

She told Robby that there was a woman, Mistress Akira, whom he should meet, in veiled terms she made it seem seductive. He wrote her back and explained that the commitment he had mad to enlist was his first priority, but perhaps when he returned he would be more open to the suggestion and thanked her.

Nicole started t hang around Allison’s house. One time she had done something wrong (again….), she had been going back and forth from LA to work and make money but all of this pressure was really getting to her. She found out later that India was one of Allison’s “slaves”.

She had a sinking feeling like “I knew it!”. She felt a bit relieved to know that she wasn’t the only one. She was not alone any more. She and India began to get close. India talked her off the edge.They looked out for each other.

Calories were a discipline, Keith set the amount to be consumed and it was to be strictly followed and weight monitored. Nicole did not have any problem with the weight assignments because she was already thin, However, India was trying to get down to 107 LBS.

India had set her word to become 107 and so was restricted to 500 calories a day. Sometimes she felt that Keith wouldn’t want her unless she lost weight.

There were 4 of them, Allison’s slaves. They bonded together sharing this intense experience. They would sit on the floor at Allison’s feet while she sat in a chair. They had to all talk about where they had failed. Then Allison slipped up.

She let on that Keith was well aware of DOS “He could tell our state of mind by how are faces looked”

They had to take “Family photos”, Nicole hated it.

She felt she had to do it, it made her feel unsafe. Allison would have them do it at any point she wanted to. What they had to agree to was that what was the most empowering was to take off their clothes and submit to a man.

No one cared how Nicole felt and it didn’t matter.

Allison’s demands for more Collateral continued.

By 3-4 months after the original blindfold incident. Her collateral became more invasive, a self sex tape, one masturbating naked. Allison Mack had it and made sure that she understood that all areas would be affected should she break her Vow to DOS. Now there would be monthly Collateral that she would need to provide..

Nicole did not want to bring her family into it any more then she had, so instead, she gave them her credit card number along with authorization forms for Allison. She had to tell her how much was on the cards as well as her credit limits. She also wrote a letter saying that she had her grandmothers wedding ring which she vowed to give up should she do anything wrong.

On Michell’s birthday, she and Sam drove to the Berkshires. It was supposed to be a bonding trip for all of them. Exploring towns, dinners together. But also, after dinner, A exclaimed,
“This should have been a bonding trip but it is not, I’m going to take a close up pictures of all your P*^%ies.

Nicole thought “NO! ,Absolutely not!”. Broken and lost, she despised Allison. However, Allison insisted, “No, you are doing this”

They had just finished another “family photo”. Then Allison had them all ine up, Nicole was last, to lie on the couch with their legs spread so Allison could take the photo.

Keith said “Beautiful Honey!” Nicole thought “What?” She was grossed out and angry. He made some comment like “It wasn’t so bad….”Nicole swallowed her words.

Allison told her “Are you still throwing a fit there??” All Nicole knew was that she felt angry and unnerved. She knew the photos were being sent to Keith.

As part of DOS, they had to read 50 essays of Keiths’ and report on them. Each one could take 1-1/2 to 3 hours to read. They were told to keep in touch to let them know what their progress was and then rate them through a “questionnaire”.
Then Allison told them they would have to , as part of DOS an assignment which was to text every hour and report in.

When they went home, Allison gave them each a 10 page sex survey with very intimate and probing questions.

Then came the branding.
India was first, they were to be held down on the table while a Dr. branded them. Nicole was told it was a symbol, air, earth water, sealed by fire.

Nicole thought in her head when it was her turn, she was doing it for her family, she concentrated on her brother so she didn’t feel the pain.
She disconnected from her body. The photos were sent to Allison.

Allison wanted them to recruit for her into the “Life time agency”. They were to go after the ones who weighed the least.
Allison wanted to know how much it would cost to pay for Nicoles time for one year in Albany, Nicole said she had been making 60-80,000 a year.

She was told “everything you build will be for your master”. Whatever she wanted they should be able to have at any time. If she built a company, it would have to in some way support Allison.

She met someone named Jay. She had just given up everything in LA to move to Albany. Jay was living in one of the rooms in Allison’s house.

Nicole had counted on making some money recruiting students into “The Source” It wasn’t easy though, it took a lot of time to develop a trusting relationship with people and seel them on the idea, really hard to make it work.
Meanwhile Allison was alternating between kindness and being mean. Causing Nicole even more conflicting thoughts.

Jay went down to play volleyball one time in her bra, she got reprimanded. It was not ok to show off ones figure. Nicole thought how weird that was, that we couldn’t wear things that made them look good with all the other stuff going on and the couldn’t look sexy???

The first person to leave NXVIM was Mark Vincente.

It was a big deal that he left given his position. At first they all were saying that he left “honorable”.

Then it turned a different color.

Allison said he was causing problems, that he is destructive.

Nicole though to herself “How could this happen?, why is he being “destructive”, He had enrolled in PSE and you don’t get to leave if I don’t!” These were just some of the thoughts running in her head. She felt glad that he had left, it highlighted for her just how much she wanted to be him!

India told her that someone had seen her brand and that someone else had given up her collateral she had signed away. Then India and Allison said that Jay had left.

First they said her grandmother had been sick, then that Jay had spoken to India’s mother.

When Jay left, Allison said, “you can leave, but you will destroy everything.” “I am not going to leave and destroy anything” Nicole thought. The reality of Jay leaving put that in her head.

By now there was a lot of stuff going on , India and Allison were trying to do damage control. Then Suki left.

Suki’s leaving was a big one for Nicole. She thought Suki was in as deep as she was. She had been in for over a year. Their leaving gave Nicole some strength. SAhe wished she could leave.

Allison snapped at her, “leavers are destructive, she lost her temper, “If you want to leave, why are you still here?? Nicole thought “Is she for real? Is she telling me the truth,? I can really leave????”

Then it was India’s birthday. Nicole headed back to Brooklyn. She didn’t trust Allison. She didn’t believe her. Next she told Allison she didn’t want to work at Source any more. The whole company appeared to be imploding and she didn’t trust Allison.

They were losing their power. A blogger was blogging about NXVIM and DOS. That had not been on her radar before. 2-3 days later, an article came up on line saying she was Keith Raniere’s sex slave.

It was just enough to give her the courage to see how nuts the whole thing was.
“How did it go from being a women’s empowerment group to being a sex slave???”

She saw a window of opportunity and took it. She wrote Allison a letter and told her she was out. She had been with DOS a year and was through with the giving and taking of love.

She didn’t want to hurt India or Allison. She really didn’t understand until much later just how abusive it had all been. She felt her Collateral would be ok.

She called her mom to let her know she would not be going to Albany anymore, she told her room-mate.

She was 3 days from her 30th birthday and her little brother was in town. Shee would just say she didn’t want to have anything to do with Albany anymore. It felt really lonely.

She made it clear to Allison that she had said she wouldn’t release the Collateral, Allison tried to get her to go back to Albany. She wanted to leave with integrity, her word.

She thought the best way to deal with it would be to go up there and face them, that would be the most empowering for her. Plus, she had left her stuff up there.

Allison said she “owed it to the girls”. Nicole told her room-mate enough without going into all the details. She then rented a car because she wanted to make sure she didn’t have to depend on anyone and that way she would have more control over the situation.

Her room-mate took the address and phone numbers and made her say when she should be expected home, a good buddy system. She said she would wait up for her.

Allison told her to come up on a Monday and that they would all be free after 8pm. Nicole arrived around 6.

Allison was pushing her to tell Keith personally.

We all met at Allison’s house, they were all sitting on the floor. Allison said I had to sit on a chair since I was no longer a part of them. (not that she minded).

They each asked her why she was leaving. She said, “because I want to take control of my life, Allision said my Collateral would not be released.

Allison said, “Look at what you are doing to India. You are breaking your word, breaking the circle. That I had no integrity. How could I do this to them”.

II just kept in my head “I’m Leaving.” I spent 2 hours with them.

India said “Keith needs the Collateral in order to trust people.” India gave m back my keys.

I had texted Keith to tell him I would be up in a couple of hours. He texted back saying “Oh, I thought you had meant 10am.”

He told her to wait for him. She waited till 12 midnight, then 1, 2, 3 am then she said “It’s over!”
Then he texted he was coming over. She met him. First thing he said was , “I can tell from your body language you are leaving.” He asked if it was the girls. He kept on going on about how disappointed he was. Then he said, “Are you going to give me back the money??” “I gave it to you, you broke the meaning of taking it.”

One of the last things he said was “Am I going to talk to you again?? “Probably not” She said.

He asked if she was going to speak out against NXVIM.

She got in the car after a grueling 24 hour day, she had to get out of Albany and go home. Her room-mate stayed on the phone with her thewhole way home She had asked Keith why did he do it? He could have called it anything he said “1-2, white Blue” SO why not master/slave. He said “You guys think you have it so bad, this is nothing compared to other alternative groups.

She still did not want to have any problems. She told her mom and dad and grandmother. Not what was involved but that she had been “Brainwashed” ( The judge ordered Brainwashed struck from the record.)

Nicole was really crying now, When asked if she eventually opened up about what happened, she said “No”.

She told her room-mate about it but did not really begin to understand until she entered therapy.

Her parents found out through the media.

And the Jurors went home for the day.
"I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education."
-William Mizner
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